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  1. What is connected on the other side? Is the switch port / router set to 10Full?
  2. Their are appliances or SaaS like FortiSandbox which do that. For you the easiest way would be to enable Hyper-V on your machine, set up a VM with Windows 10, create a snapshot and after you are done with your poking around apply that snapshot.
  3. raise the domain functional level?
  4. Acedia

    Need wifi solutions...

    Don't f*** around with the IT equipment of your company without consulting IT first
  5. Acedia

    network usernames?

    For the user accounts: Active Directory For the software: they don't. You got a machine, which has software X installed. Otherwise they install it on a terminal server and let you access it through that.
  6. Acedia

    [HELP] Dunno what to name this.

    Well there are just so many things it can be when you cross out the rest. You said from your main pc, so I assumed it can't be on your router or general setup. What can it be on a single machine? IP, Cache, DNS, Browser. Over half a year you'd probably clear your cache and switch your browser. Depending on your DHCP lease time or static IP your firewall/router could make a difference... but what do ALL developers do when creating something new? Testing with edited host files....
  7. Acedia

    How to remove windows defender?

    You mean "cracked"?
  8. Acedia

    [HELP] Dunno what to name this.

    Do you, perchance, have set up some records in your %windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file for testing?
  9. Acedia

    Connect Domain to IP + Port

    RFC 2782 which would allow for that is sadly not implemented in Firefox/Chrome/IE IIRC.
  10. Is windows activated? I had the same error on an old unactivated VM running eval.
  11. Acedia

    Help me set up a small office network - 10 Computers

    A small NAS (Synology/QNAP) is probably the cheapest, easiest and yet best solution. I'd advise option 3 aswell.
  12. If you are in a professional environment you can set up a Remote Desktop or RemoteApp server. Other than that... replace the devices.
  13. Acedia

    Win10 Pro Bootable USB - Which Software To Use?

    I've used Rufus for years but recently it messed up two different usb sticks of mine. I switched to etcher.
  14. Did you set the DNS of your network connection to your DNS server?
  15. Acedia

    How much do you need to host a small site

    About a raspberry pi.
  16. Acedia

    Mesh vs. Acces Points

    Nah. You just get an electrician, tell him I need 200 drops and hook up those APs while you're at it. Connect them to your PoE switch and the APs get controlled by your WiFi Controller.
  17. I was just using what I know best as an example. I am sure, Dells SonicWall, PaloAlto, Watchguard, Juniper, Sophos, Barracuda, Meraki etc. etc. etc. all offer those features now.
  18. This sounds like a perfect case for Sharepoint Online from Office365.
  19. Well if you were my customer I'd sell you a FortiGate 60 or 80E with 2 FortiAP 221Es. Get a second internet connection. Set up SD-WAN and use the existing devices as modems only if required. Set up Traffic Shaping for favorite SIP Traffic, set Sharepoint Online/OneDrive to low, and use SD-WAN rules to route VoIP over one connection and any Cloud Drive Traffic to the other. Check if you current switches properly support QoS and handle DSCP flags correctly.
  20. Acedia

    How to get thumbnails and images back in Windows File Explorer

    Is this on all files or just *.png? For all files try these steps: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/18834-enable-disable-thumbnail-previews-file-explorer-windows-10-a.html For only *.png try this: Open regedit (regedt32.exe) To to HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\.png Export the ShellEx key for backup Delete all keys listed in ShellEx Reboot
  21. Acedia

    Am I being DDos/DoS'd?

    In my experience "Getting DDoS'd" is bullshit. It's one of those gaming myths. Unless you are a high profile streamer or running services nobody is gonna bother and most of the time not even able to track you. Most ISPs have DDoS protection incoming and outgoing these days.
  22. Acedia

    Help with CCNA

    Try getting your hands on Packet Tracer and a few IOS files. IIRC it's behind a paywall. It's been a long while since I did my CCNA. GNS3 is also an alternative.
  23. Acedia

    building my own router

    Any reason for not using pfsense?
  24. Acedia

    Running Ethernet in my house and need a switch

    An unconfigured managed switch simply becomes an unmanaged switch I am a bit worried about the price tho. $30 for an 24G+4 Dual personality SFP sounds cheap. Really cheap.
  25. Acedia

    Accessing FreeNas Network Remotely

    If you plan to VPN to your home network to access your nas you need to set up your own vpn. No normal subscription based service will offer "Access to the devices at your home". Stay away from PPTP since it's inherently unsafe.