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  1. I am not sure on the subject matter myself but I had this very same issue but with a different router/different IPTV provider. The solution was my old TP Link Access Point. It screwed with IGMP. Unplug all devices, plug them back in one by one and check when the error comes back.
  2. What are they doing with the other 4 workstations? I can recommend Office365
  3. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade
  4. That's not correct. Just disconnect the strands at the end and swap them around. It's not damaging.
  5. Whoever owns the domain can point it's mx record (that's where the mail is delivered to) to whatever server, gateway, maninthemiddle device they want. So if you use anybody elses domain for mail (even gmail or yahoo) they could see, read and save it.
  6. Those spam emails are pretty common in the recent weeks. "we have your password ......, we hacked your camera and have footage of you <YouKnowWhat>. Give us BTC". Change your passwords. Use a password manager. USE DIFFERENT PASSWORDS!
  7. Do you have a proper PTR? SPF, DKIM, DMARC? Are you running an on premise mail server? Does it even support TLS? Are you tring to send out marketing newsletters filled with 5MB bmp images to 10.000 customers?
  8. Why not check HPs page? https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03309624
  9. If those use all 4 twisted pairs you can simply connect a RJ11 cable to an RJ45 port.
  10. When 1Gbit/s Internet connection become common. Before that there isn't much point in investing in it honestly.
  11. Check if you get IPs by DHCP. Check if the DNS Server you are getting is up and running.
  12. I am just gonna drop you a couple of links and you can pick what suits your needs best: https://pypi.org/project/speedtest-cli/ https://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/probe/FTPtransfer.en.html http://loggger.com/
  13. If you are working HR you should do what you do best: Hire somebody.
  14. If the OBS destination has a know IP actually: yes. All the VPN does to your routing table is adding routes Open up a command prompt and check with "route print". Try setting a new default route with your normal interface with a lower metric and a route to your VPN interface with for the IP of the destiation with an even lower metric.
  15. If you are looking for 500Mb/s without UTM even the low end models can do that.
  16. Acedia

    Fortinet Resets

    The default username/password is admin/empty. The 1000C is about 2 Generations old and went end of life in January. The latest possible firmware IIRC is 5.2. It's the lowest of the high-end devices. What do you want to know?
  17. I have no words... thank you for this...
  18. No, and from your post I can clearly see who the dick actually is. Your new boss is paying for the internet connection, not you, so he get's to decide who can use it and for what. Size all action against that or it will be you who is out of a job.
  19. Why reinvent the wheel? Samsung has a great lineup for digital signage https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/solutions/signage-solution/magicinfo You can set up a management server, you can create different shows and add the displays to the groups you desire.
  20. Robocopy is build into windows now...
  21. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/plan-and-deploy/system-requirements?view=exchserver-2019 I know Exchange 2013 runs with less, I haven't checked our own Exchange 2016 and so far we don't have an Exchange 2019 under support, but at least the docs require it.
  22. Could be a corrupt normal.dot file
  23. From your title I assume you mean Microsoft Office files?
  24. Hyper-V host needs about 4GB RAM. DC+File Share can be run with 4GB RAM aswell. Exchange 2019 has a 128GB RAM as minimum requirement.