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  1. After watching the delightful new video "My most painful PC build" I need more of this. Linus building computers with pre teens, elderly, little kids, anyone who is going to give him a hard time. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. This is awesome!
  2. Congrats everyone that won! Maybe next year I will have a better system.
  3. Elektra57


    My goal is to just not be at the bottom, lol. This is my first folding event and my rig shakes in the shadow of your alls. My Grams passed away last year due to Parkinson's complications so I am excited to be helping a tiny bit to contribute to research.
  4. Thanks! I couldn't remember if I needed to for the different levels of badges and I see myself listed so that is awesome.
  5. How do I share my stats again? When do we need to share our stats?
  6. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for when I posted asking about the VIP experience. Hope we are able to snag tickets next year.
  7. So, I may not win any prizes since my system is a pos. I am trying though It's for a good cause.
  8. Paul from Paul's Hardware needs to remove his solar panels asap. CNBC: Walmart sues Tesla over solar panel fires at seven stores. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/20/walmart-sues-tesla-over-solar-panel-fires-at-seven-stores.html
  9. A bracelet that shocks you if you eat fast food, use facebook, or any other bad habit. Maybe Huawei and Zuckerberg can use it to stop their bad habit of spying. Pavlok 2 Habit Conditioning Device with Bonus Habit Change eBook https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075C64GNS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_LrbwDbZ765DBQ
  10. Thank you for answering. We loved going to ltx and want to go bigger and better next year. I am glad you got 1 on 1 time with Linus. That is a really cool experience. You should've taped it and called it "I kidnapped Linus from LTT." Lol. We did the tour of the studio and it was really awesome. Being able to sit down with him and hang out would have been fun.
  11. I was fortunate to receive a floatplane pin from Luke BUT I selflessly got a FP shirt for my son instead of myself (the floatplane acct is under his email). If I had know these were rare collectibles I would have got me one instead, lol. I love the FP logo and am very proud of my pin. I would LOVE FP merch. I think it would be a great way to advertise the platform as well. Have the logo on the front of the shirt and creators on the back. I am proud to be a FP supporter and would love to wear a shirt of a platform that I support. The logo would look killer on hats and really hoodies as well. Not zippered hoodies. Also a tipping feature on FP would be awesome. Luke you're doing an amazing job. Floatplane is great and I haven't had any trouble out of the FP app on my android.
  12. WORK AT HOME OFFICE SETUP AND BEST WORK FROM HOME EQUIPMENT: I work from home for Amazon. During Prime Week I worked 11 hours a day. I have a horrible office/gaming chair. It was miserable. I would love a work from home office setup video. What is the most comfortable chair for long hours. What is the best gaming headset that also doubles for talking to customers, I would also love some carpal tunnel prevention devices reviews. I've seen gloves, gel filled wrist rests, gloves with wrist rests. I am updating my home office so anything that makes working on a computer for sometimes 11 hours at a time comfortable would be a plus. We are getting new Lenovo computers. I would love to know how to set up my desk where I can use my three monitors, keyboard and mouse with both computers. The Lenovo computer is small and I plan on mounting it under my desk. I just hate unhooking my headset, keyboard, and mouse and plugging it into the other computer. Thank you!
  13. I am already planning and saving for next years LTX. I was wondering about VIP tickets. If I am lucky to snag some... did you get time with all the creators? What all did you get to do with the VIP tickets versus the weekend tickets. Was it worth it? Thanks
  14. Thanks I am so excited. We have watched everything LMG for a long time so it will be great to meet everyone.
  15. I still haven't decided on transportation, lol. Guess we will wing it.
  16. I would like to know the LTT Staff's favorite places and things to do in Vancouver. There is so much to see and do in Vancouver but I am having a hard time narrowing it down. I would love to know 3 things to see/do/ or tips from each staff member. I think this would be a great video/wan show/ and blog post idea. Things I want to know: Best food, best drinks, best poutine, best beach, best hiking spot, etc. What can I not leave Vancouver without doing or seeing? The forum has been great about posting their advice, but I want to hear from all the staff. Just 3 things:)
  17. Thank you for this information @graphickal Very informative. I am sad to hear about the rain. The cold doesnt bother me. I will be at the Pinnacle Harbourfront hotel. What method would you suggest to get to LMG studios in Surrey? I am trying to decide between skytrain or cab. Thank you @ElfenSky also, for asking good questions!!! Needed this info.
  18. LOL! I am crying but seriously I need to upgrade my PSU, CPU, and GPU.
  19. @CPotter Can I add the dreamhack on for 30.00 since I already have a two day pass?