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  1. I think when it gets closer we should start a thread with each of the times and if people want to ride share we can. Does Canada have party buses? Because that would be super fun!
  2. Elektra57


    Thanks! I did and it worked.
  3. Elektra57


    I just got this error as well. Did you ever figure it out? I do have Asus Aura.
  4. I want to start doing some stuff on YouTube. Last night I did a test stream. Playing TF2. I was wondering if anyone else did that could give me pointers or if we want to support each others channels?
  5. Thank you! It is my first, It has been a good learning experience. Cable management is coming. I still have more things on order.
  6. Not jerky, chicken wings with hot sauce. You must watch First we feast hot ones, especially the Gordon Ramsey episode.
  7. She is a work in progress. I used a leftover Graphics card, PSU, and CPU from my sons build. I use it for work at home and some gaming. After I pay for Hotel and Tickets for LTX I will be able to upgrade. I also want to upgrade my Keyboard to a Razer Mercury.
  8. It was my first post, lol. I was introducing myself. Sorry.
  9. I have the ASUS VZ239H-W 23 inch and I LOVE it. It is the Eye Care model so it helps with fatigue. The Alienware is made for gaming. I would really just look at reviews.
  10. You live close to the event? So we can all come stay with you. lol.
  11. LOCK IN!!!! lol Those used to be fun when I was younger. Probably not so much now. I get cranky if I don't have at least 4 hours sleep.
  12. I think what OP is trying to say is that he wants to spend the night at the convention instead of getting a hotel as well as watch the dreamhack event. There are Hostels within walking distance that are super affordable.
  13. We could start a challenge on https://www.dietbet.com/ You win money. I would join. I was already planning on getting in shape for the trip. @CPotter If LMG set it up you would get a kick back.
  14. I love his laugh! Who HURT you? If you don't like them, why watch them or post in their forum?
  15. Vlogging equipment Or camera, sound, lighting for someone wanting to get into doing YouTube videos.
  16. @CPotter Made a thread for questions today, you may want to pose your question there.
  17. https://builds.gg/builds/rebellion-battlestation-8263 You all can go like it if you want to
  18. @CPotter Merch idea! LOL. You all could stamp LTT on these and they would sell like hotcakes.
  19. I was wondering about luggage too since we may try to fly back after the convention. This is one of the reasons why renting a car will be good. I can just put everything in the trunk and not worry about lugging it around the convention.
  20. AirBNB seems the best bet. I will start looking for outside of Vancouver. I had thought about Surrey. I need to pull up google maps and see how close it is to the venue. I want to stay a couple of extra days to really see and do Vancouver since we are already spending a lot of money and haven't been to Canada before.
  21. I have a feeling those with a BYOC ticket will not be sleeping, lol.
  22. Hey guys! My tickets are purchased. I am still looking for a place to stay. What is everyone else doing? What area are you all staying in? This will be our first time going to Canada so I am pretty lost. It will be my son, sister, and I. I would love to have a view of the water, but it looks like that is the most expensive option. I would also like to be in a safe area. The Canadian stereotype is that everyone in Canada is really nice, so I don't know if there is a dangerous place. Thanks!
  23. So, I got everything today and starting building. I ran into an issue. I couldn't plug my usb 3 and hd audio cord into the mother board with the graphics cord mounted. I had to order an extender, I will get it in a couple of days. I am just aggravated. I also couldn't get the i/o cover to work. The motherboard would not line up with the cover on. I am going to take everything out and do a video when the extender gets here so you can see my issue. I don't know if this is just a common complaint with the Corsair Carbide case, or if it is just something trivial that I don't understand because I a