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  1. My wife was at home trying to snag a VIP ticket for myself while i was working. And not just once but four times she got to the purchase button for the VIP ticket. All four times the website said "your account has been flagged" and the ticket would be released for someone else to buy. Not saying its LTT's fault or anything but this for sure left a bitter taste for both of us. The website selling the tickets had no quick response for issues like this. It took 3 hours for a response and they said "they fixed the problem." Obviously this was far to late at this point. J
  2. I bought a pair of the "Game zero" headset and found the quality of music from them was horrible along with the base. But kept on doing more research and found that people were saying to buy an audio card. The microphone also broke about a month to two months in however they came with a 2 year warranty. I have yet to ship for a repair since i'm deployed. But will as soon as i get back and hope to have them fully working again. I will say they are extremely comfy though and could wear them all day long and not feel a thing.
  3. Honestly haven't tried any of the products from feenix. However would love to know how they feel!