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  1. @Electronics Wizardythanks for the tips, that's a good start to know what i should kinda look for!
  2. Hi all, I have a lot of spare 6-8TB drives left over from upgrading synology servers. I want to use a 2U space I have in my rack left to put in a 2U server hopefully with room for about 12 drives. This will be a very simply file storage (possibly plex serving) server , won't be running lots of things on it. Just to backup the synology stuff Im looking for something cheap (sub 500$) that i can just plug in the drives, possible an SSD/NVME boot drive and 10gig networking. I don't want to build it from parts if i can avoid it, something from ebay or surplus would
  3. I'm in since i'm already doing it. Was 317 last august and am down to 280 atm. Think i can make 230 by LTX? gonna try!
  4. I can't wait to meet you! Been following your shenanigans since i found your videos after buying some things from NCIX in 2008 when i moved to the USA from Holland to be with my then GF (now wife Funnily enough we got married in 2011 to (april) and now have a 4 year old who sometimes likes to watch your videos with me. Can't wait till he starts building with me like your kids.
  5. I refreshed like mad and the first time i click on them they said sold out but i had already hit f5 again and it went through! Clicked my card and bam! I'm going. To say i'm excited is an understatement. I missed the first one due to a planned trip. Then the second one i was sure i was going to go, but to make a long story short I ended up in the hospital nearly dying and it took over a year to recover So that i can go now as a VIP is pretty damn awesome! See you guys there!
  6. That sounds reasonable. I was already starting to research getting another rad + block for my GPU. I may just re-purpose the 240 for the GPU since that should be enough and just get a 360 for the CPU
  7. Oh i wholeheartedly agree. But i ordered this system in 2018 when ryzen was close but still outdone by intel. By the time i got a fully functional system (june 2019 a full 6 months later :P) i wish i had heh
  8. Hi everyone, im hoping some knowledgeable people can help me figure this out. Small background. I have a digital storm system that had tons of issues and has been back twice to get fixed and finally is "working". I OC'd the i9900k to 4.9 ghz (any more and it overheats and crashes) and it runs stable on that. I am also a noise nut so i dont run fans at max but mosly at about 40-60% on idle and let them ramp up to full if im rendering and the CPU goes over 90 (which it does. Handbrake rendering a x265 takes it to 99c very easily and sometimes crashes). During a n
  9. If you own any kind of mac you can get an app called "phoneview" , it does NOT require a jailbreak and works with itunes and can do exactly what you want (including also exporting notes, contacts, photots etc). I've used it since my iphone 3g and it has literally a 100gb database now of every iphone ive had's messages + media content.
  10. I have noticed this same thing after updating windows 10 to the latest version. For me it takes a day or 3 and then slowly anything connecting to the internet just times out, first websites in browsers, then things like steam and wows launcher. Only a reboot fixes it, but there is not errors i can find
  11. That's a good idea if it works for your situation for sure. There isn't any difference in speed or anything between indoor/outdoor cables. Our HOA simply required it Oh and for price don't buy on amazon, im not sure if you are in canada or the US but monoprice.com has amazing cables (im sure @LinusTech will agree) for much cheaper. @Electronics Wizardy is right it normally takes a long time. i should have mentioned i live in Las Vegas and the cables i ran would have been in direct sunlight without the piping. And with most of the summer here being 110+ that means cables wou
  12. Last year I did what you are talking about because i was sick of slow speeds. Our net comes upstairs so i ran cables from my server room there down to my office. Although you say you only "need" Cat5e (which would carry 100mbit internet easily) i HIGHLY recommend future proofing and putting in Cat6a (which can run up to 10GbE vs the 1Gb cat5e). This way you never have to replace it. The other thing i highly suggest if you are going through attics, walls etc is to not run 1 wire, run 4. Even if you only use 1 at a time (i use all 4 with failover) they will decay and if
  13. I usually build my own systems but with a kid and work I don't have the time for it really. I just want a top of the line gaming system that can also be used for my work (photography, videography). Which system builder is the best? With that i mean not necessarily the cheapest but who is most reliably able to deliver a good running system without much bloatware that will run for a few years at least. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Rig name : HorzaCpu : Intel i7-4779K@3.5ghzGpu: Nvidia GTX Titan XRam: 32gbScore : Ready