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  1. I need more Yvonne. She did a great job with the "Apple are you okay?" video. I love her personality and to be honest she is easier on the eyes than you guys ? Just kidding. Please encourage her and tell her we love her and she did a great job. I hope to see more from her soon, maybe tech marketed at girls?
  2. I was thinking that is was probably refunds.
  3. He said it would be announced first.
  4. They mentioned on the Wan Show that there would be additional seats for sale later on. I can't remember exactly but it was like 100 or 150.
  5. I definitely need some game suggestions. I like FPS, and I also like games with puzzles like Resident Evil. I do like playing with other people.
  6. It is a download from a website called ez frags
  7. It is a website called EZ Frags. You download software. You can toggle the hacks on and off. There are wall hacks which lets you see people through walls so you know where your opponent is. There are health hacks and aimbotting. Aimbot lets you get a headshot even if you arent pointing at the right spot or you would miss otherwise. It isn't gaming. Yeah I thought about downloading the software to "join them" but it wouldn't be gaming. There is no skill needed with hacking.
  8. I thought about it, but that's not fun for me.
  9. I am a console gamer and only recently started playing computer, I found CS:GO and I LOVE it. I have really learned how to pc game by playing this game. I am a horrible gamer but playing this game is fun and I like to talk trash with the little kids. Recently though every lobby is filled people hacking. This absolutely ruins the game. I had to go through several lobbies to find one without hackers. Is it better with the premium version? I have reported several hackers but they just create new accounts.
  10. Awesome. For some reason smoking it gives me anxiety but edibles don't. It really helps with my PTSD and IIH,
  11. Tennessee will be the last state to legalize it. I need it for medical reasons. I have PTSD and Intracranial hypertension. It really helps for that. Just flying will be awful but it will be worth it to come meet everyone and see beautiful Canada.
  12. I LOVE the smell. I don't plan on smoking it though. I am more of an edibles girl. For medical reasons.
  13. I am not planning on crossing the border with it. Just wanted to know how it is handled in Canada. I know Vancouver has been called little Amsterdam.
  14. Delete if not allowed. It is very taboo where I live. I live in the bible belt of the USA. In Canada do you just go to a shop and buy it? How does this work? Is it legal for touists?
  15. This is for the tour group at 10am. Is anyone interested in going in on a bus? I have 3 people. 2 adults one teen. https://www.vancouverpartybus.com/ https://www.timelimo.com/
  16. He was diagnosed as a baby. 5 months old. Almost died I live in Tennessee. We are landlocked. I have only been to beaches in the Carribean and Florida. Thanks for the Poutine suggestions. Time is going by fast. I can't wait to get up there.
  17. I googled it for you. I love Japanese food too. It looks like there are several places. I didn't see anything about a little tokyo though. https://www.tourismvancouver.com/activities/sightseeing/vancouver-japanese-culture/
  18. So I have heard there are swimming beaches. Are they extremely cold? Anytime I think of Canada, I always think of freezing temps.
  19. I can't wait to go to China Town. I have read several articles on Pinterest about the food to try in Vancouver and they all mention China Town. I want to try REAL ramen and find good sushi. I also must try Poutine, but since @LinusTech is a connoisseur of all things Poutine, I want to ask him first. I don't want my first Poutine to be subpar.
  20. I do, My kid has a severe nut/peanut allergy so I would feel bad eating ice cream in front of him. I may sneak though.
  21. Thank you everyone! It will be a work in progress.