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  1. We love Linus and all the crew. Never miss the Wan Show or any LMG show. We also love watching Hot Ones with Sean Evans. Please help me by tweeting @firstwefeast and @seanseaevans to get Linus on so we can see how he handles the challenge. I know he likes buffalo flavored jerky, so maybe he will finish without dissolving into a puddle. This would be a great opportunity to talk about LTX too. Thanks! ***EDIT*** This would also be a great floatplane exclusive with the crew or channel super fun.
  2. My son is a huge fan. He is begging me to go. He has talked about going to Canada for over a year. He is 14. Will there be a lot of other teenagers? I have seen posts complaining about "children". Are they complaining about Teens or younger? I just want to make sure he would be welcome or if we should cancel.