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  1. people this is a bronze PSU even though it 550W its not really. 550W - 18% =451W effective and that's just off the top because of efficiency not including other factors.
  2. i wouldn't on your siverstone one. just because you can doesn't mean you should. you be basically redlining it .
  3. unsungheroist

    Where do I buy a screwdriver with a rubber tip?

    he needs security tab released. i just use a small Flathead on the back side of the gpu to click down the tab.
  4. unsungheroist

    Replacing Ryzen 2400g for Ryzen 1600 cpu

    let it boot when you do hardware changes it will default bios settings
  5. unsungheroist

    Laptop dead CPU?

    You gonna have to open it up and take a flat head screwdriver to jumper start the motherboard where the power cable is.
  6. unsungheroist

    I need help with making a desk for my pc

    Are you dead set on making because this is basically want you want already done. Different colors and sizes for same price Science studios recommended this as affordable deskwear that doesn’t suck. They also have L shape tables AUXLEY Computer Desk Modern Simple Office Writing Desk for Home Office, Double Deck Wood and Metal Office Table (60'', Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DLJ14GR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YQYJCbV83HVVH
  7. if your looking to get more headroom out of your PSU it not the wattage but the efficiency factor. i would recommend a platinum PSU as the power in in general is cleaner. i personally recommend https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/axi-series-config/p/CP-9020036-NA although it's pricey on major retailer i got mine second hand off eBay around $100
  8. unsungheroist

    400W PSU

    im not advocating for people to dissemble for fun or for "performance gain" im just saying in a situation where your out of luck this is a band-aid solution. now as a demonstration of whats inside a generic ATX psu pictured blow you will see the white fan header on the very bottom of of the board away from the coils or other high capacity stuff but, at this point you would of let it all drain out to minimize risk. your only point of risk is plugging in the fan which can be mitigated even further with electrician pliers and/or gloves for added protection. as for the fan is mounted to the top grill of psu as for testing. i made a low tech hot box out of a wood with a heater cut into it the back side with apoxie to seal up air leakage . cheapo thermistor where used and temps are probably with in 5C of error. cheap decibel meter was used Tester: https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00001777 as for load i daisy chains GPU's of all sorts to get the loads i wanted. didn't capture airflow. simply put my goal was to see if this work or not and i was on a tight budget at this time and had to make due with what i had. this is redneck testing at it best. now hold ma beeer
  9. unsungheroist

    400W PSU

    man you act like taking out 4 screws and going to blow up like it had a dead man switch in it. only real safety precaution is let it sit for about a day to let the caps drain and other stuff. i have done my own testing and grated i cant account for every variable however, did test load vs heat vs noise vs auto off functions of some brands mostly corsair stuff using a PSU load tester and several fans up to 140mm which will fit in ATX PSU with zip ties. frankly put if your situation is out of warranty and cant drop $100ish on a new PSU only for a simple fan issue. answer DIY
  10. unsungheroist

    need repair project due in 2 days

    any hope?
  11. unsungheroist

    cs380 woes

    i have https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=709&area=en its HD cooling capacity is well lack luster at best. im looking for another case that has at least 4 external hot swap bays that fits standard ATX components.
  12. unsungheroist

    400W PSU

    most of these PSU use a 92mm fan. you can easily swap out the fans for anything you want like noctua. the fan header is 2-3pin though but the 3rd is not necessarily needed and still controls speed. i done this on several corsair PSU also the mounting holes you might get 50% lined up so i just used zip ties in that situation. no rattle or weird noses
  13. unsungheroist

    Planning an upgrade

    Ryzen 3000 is around the corner i would wait the less than 3 months for launch. also you can almost half your build cost going thru eBay or second hand sites and even upgrade further for less! for example your able to get a kraken x62 (280mm) AIO for $80~ on ebay ASRock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 this is a much better board IF you stay on 1st gen ryzen
  14. unsungheroist

    Thermaltake Core p3

    I suggests Thermaltake Core G3.it does have I/O slot the motherboard will be inverted. also it will come with pcie riser cable. take note there is ZERO cable management
  15. this is not an apple product! you shouldn't reflow the VGA chip like that