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  1. Hi What you are trying to achieve is this and Should Go Like this: Game console to mixer on a channel 1 or 2 Mac To Mixer on a channel 1 or 2 and if you want to add a DAC you go from the out of the mixer to dac and then headphones what you would need and i suggest a yamaha mg06 mixer 6 channels, wich is enough and 2 3.5mm Aux To XLR cable That go to the xlr ins on channel 1 and 2 on the mixer and connect to the console and Mac and also doing this on the xlr channels 1 and 2 has a bit of eq for making it sound as you like if you want more lows or highs. and the headphones out from the mixer to a dac if not use the headphone out with a adapter for the headphones they usually bring one. and if plug speakers use the xlr or line outs MASTER so you have independ control of headphones and your speakers and they are just accesible on the knob as well as volume. And Please Suggestion You Dont Need Phantom Power On This Mixer for what you are doing so make sure the light beside it is not turned on on the mac and console dont play the volume completely why? because you will be feeding more power to the channel and audio and its not going to sound great play the volume of mac and console on the middle if not lower and the first white knob is gain keep it in the middle and if you need more volume and its at the top the main volume on the bottom part i suggest turning up a bit the gain not too much but a bit until it sounds ok and tip to know if you are passing the loudnees limit,on the channel 1 and 2 knobs theres also a light wich turns on when its recieving loud signal and its making it sound like crap so turn it down on the computer and check if the gain is in the middle at 0db
  2. hi bro hope you are well i just want to know if you solved and got what you needed if not i would suggest using the blackmagic design atem mini is a switcher 4 HDMI Inputs 1 HDMI out and 2 3.5mm Mic jacks for audio also it has picture and picture has actually a lot of flexibility and has a capture card built is a usb C output and is a really good price im getting mine pretty soon but have already used it because i rented one for a activity and was wonderful to use if you need any help im here for that
  3. Hi Again 1) We revised everything like that and diferent family houses with diferent wiring and it did not work. 2)We did not try and pass it trough different circuits because we know it would have not worked. 3) One Of the neighbors to one of the family houses had the same issue but his would work sometimes and something it would not even work. he was using the router box with the powerline adapters that did not work for him and us and we told him that his solution would be mesh he still has it and does not regret buying it
  4. or powerline Or Mesh System Whatever you so choose prefer i have tested wifi mesh systems and they are great as long they are not a cheap knockoff but i have not gotten to work any powerline at some sort never and also tried diferent homes from family and did not work. so i dont usually recomend them and for those who are wondering: yes i did the procces right about 4 times in each location. looked for various youtube videos from that model wich showed that succesfully worked but for me didnt. and all houses were built in diferent times and some of them with different wiring across the sites we went. also tried diferent brands
  5. thats the thing that is not working they are a combined jack on the headphone side and not splitted so only it would need one port instead of two. Is Your Setup A Laptop or A Desktop? if it is a desktop you should plug the speakers in the back ports of the motherboard and on the front ports to the headphones on the case ports thats how they should be used.
  6. No You Cannot Connect A Camera Thru The HDMI Input On a Computer because its not a input its an output and the camlink is what is better know as a capture card they connect your video signal and convert it to USB for something the computer can understand and can go to the elgato software or any third party software like obs,slobs,vmix,wirecast,etc.
  7. hey man really the only is this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/610980-REG/Delkin_Devices_DDMOUNT_SUCTION_Fat_Gecko_Dual_Suction_Camera.html and a mobile gimbal like dji osmo https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1497924-REG/dji_cp_os_00000022_01_osmo_mobile_3_smartphone.html they can be controled without the app and can be controlled with the joystick i have not use it by myself but you should try it first if it suits your needs.
  8. Hi Again couple of things: 1-Wifi Boosters And Wifi Range Extenders Are Not The Same Thing. 2-Range Extenders And Wifi Boosters Are Not AP's They Are Boosters And Extenders Yes they do create a ''second network'' wich you can make it look like an Acces point but its not the same. 3-What I Meant about the ethernet thing I Mean from The LAN Port From the ISP provided box to the "supossed wan port" on the booster/extender they are not for wan they are supposed to be regular lan ports. 4-also wifi boosters and extenders work separetly acces points are meant to be used a least 2 on the same building or house,etc because they work with eachother kinda like mesh wifi systems. 5- And to be honest with you probably the wifi booster or range extender doesnt give you te full sped and low latency that a acces point,router or mesh system does.
  9. hi i just want to know something really quick are you trying to use a ethernet port from your isp router and plug it in to the extender? if its not a wan port is not going to work and also the range extenders dont work that way and they are what they advertise they will be xtenders not routers or ap's they just extend the signal but at the price of : -Yes It does Extends Your Wifi at the price of speed so higher latency and lower down and up speeds wich can be critical when doing gaming on pc or console. -they are just not reliabe. -sometimes dont look good and its sticks out of the outlet and sometimes even taking the two outlets because its too big and bulky and sometimes does not match your astethic or colors of the wall etc. -and do not handle a lot of clients especially in a crowded bands area (something really bad specially in apartments) And areas with a lot of devices even changing the bands on the initial configuration or later change of settings and config. - they have the stupid SSID_ext on both bands and can not be changed or merged to the existing network. -Also they dont change seamlessly with devices so you will have to manually go to the settings of the device and change it manually. What i did Run ethernet cable from my main router to the area i have no signal in this case master bedroom to my room and on that space of my room i used a netgear router AC100 Set it up as acces point and switch because it has 4 ports in the back i set up a main network for me and my devices did a channel band check with wifi analyzer on my phone i choosed the best band for my acces point and also set up a guest network so when i have friends and family over i dont have to give them acces to my private network including lights,printer,chromecast (also Have the chromecast Setup with the guest code so we can share stuff on my tv) and a google home. If you cannot do this because for wathever reason can run a ethernet cable i would go with the option of a home mesh wifi system i have friends that have it and its a great solution just that we did not do it because it was expensive. and also the reason for not doing mesh is we have the wiring for a later date nas setup for editing on the network locally. im always open to disscus it as long as it is a friendly discussion.
  10. Just A suggestion Can U Use setup AP's Or mesh system in the house but you would be better off using wired ethernet even when you get your gaming setup because if you live in a crowded neighborhood or apartments (even worse case) the Wifi gets saturated pretty easily on 2.4 & & 5ghz and its just not reliable for what you are trying to do and achieve it doesnt do it now neither in the future. i live in apartments and we just needed to do ethernet we dont have any issues as of installation with it no one has a problem using it since we got the ethernet cables we just leave wifi for mobile devices and tablets,chromecast and devices that dont have ethernet ports and a guest network for friends,family and friends from the neighborhood that come to our apartment almost every weekend to hangout (not now with covid) but we have it setup that way. we spend on 3 cat6 50ft ethernet cable $11USD each from home depot and a $70USD netgear router AC100 from office depot and i have my separate network and the guest network is mine and someone of the neighborhood says its the router is slow but it actually works fine And good speeds and everyone is connected on wired because of covid at home thats why we have 3 ethernet cables instead of one my dads work desk on the other side of the apartment and one that comes from my router to my brothers room for his gaming and school pc but it has worked perfectly we have no complaints about it. Note We earlier had Ubiquitis AP's they were aweome we dont regret buying them we just got this solution wich is here to stay and we have a bit more flexibility when in a later date my dad decides to set up a nas on home for a plex server and important storage and get blazing speeds when i work from it to edit videos on my setup. so basically we just gave the APs And Set Them Up At My grandfathers house he now has some pretty sick coverage around his home.
  11. yeah but do they have image 1 or img 2 And also are they using the web version or the app downloaded on the computer from zoom.us/downloads And what operative system are u using ChromeOS,MacOS,linux or Windows And What Version
  12. hi 4 things: 1.Are the accounts created on school and provided to students or the accounts are just students accounts from them or their parents logging in to the class. 2.are they actually signed in on zoom. 3.Whats the hardware of the computers (if you know it) and if tablets what tablets are using with models name for reference. 4.Are They Using Something between their devices and network routers settings can be changed and if they are using vpns or dns services like have they tried to disable it. Also you mention that you have tried zoom and teams if you do what is the main platform because teams is a lot different when it comes to accounts,setup,groups (if you are on teams as a main platform)
  13. i totally understand it but then if they have their equipment then why do they go to a professional studio to record their songs because a lot of artist are composers and they have their home studio not the size of professional studio but they have it and know have some basic knowledge about it and know how to operate it and even if they are the only one in the shot there can be people in the background working on it and you will not notice it Also they dont care about the space most of them have the space on their home and thats why they have it in first place because they can and most of the time their producer and engenieers are with them all the time on their home studio and when they go out to a professional studio. also this is a live performance they have to move and if it sounds great and they have a good engenieer behind the camera and its actively doing what they need to do they can move all they want.that is the reason why most of them with their engieneer pick xlr mics because you have the flexibility to control what you want to do with it something that is really common in live production enviorements and something that is not common on usb mics if u can control the gain on a usb mic thats a miracle. and thats why they choose xlr mics because they have a lot of flexibilty with the simplest thing a compressor,mixer and the audio capture card if u tell me that you are a begineer streamer or you just want the mic for recording and their voice and calls even if is something homemade like a movie i will tell you go ahead with a usb mic. and im not against them to be clear once again. but when it comes for something like a live at home performance,recording at studios or OPs intention i will tell you to go with a xlr mic because there is all the flexibility you want and you can make it sound however you want knowing what is best for you and consulting a professional studio or people with sound engieneering in their background because it doesnt mean that for you to make sound effects you need a hole professional studio you just need the right thing and with that correct piece of equipment you can achieve your original goal without any problem but just because someone uses a mixer to create effects or any other kind of audio does not mean you will need the same thing every item has a purpose usb mics:begginers,youtubers,discord,streamers xlr mics:concerts,proffesional studios,home studios,etc and the list goes on but im not going to mention it all just the common things.
  14. im trying to understand what the crap is the point of all of this because Me (coming from a live sound enviorement) Artists sometimes use usb mics for recording on their home studio but when they come to a professional studio to use xlr mics all the time.usb mics yeah they are great they work are simple fairly straight forward and sometimes they sound better than a xlr with a ton of crap in it to make it work but when it comes to the perspective of reliabilty,use case,etc they just not are that great in the past years i used usb mics at my desk but i had to change them 3 times within a year so every 4 months i had to change them i took care of them i do not remember the brands and model because it was like 3-4 years ago. then i switched my setup to xlr mic,mixer and interface they are still working and have had no issues with them great sound a bit better than the usb mics and i liked the usb mics they were simple easy to use fairly staright forward and i didnt have any issues beside the fact that they breaked pretty easily and they stayed on my boom arm every single time but they would just simply break and i didnt like that. in conclusion from my perspective im not on the xlr side neither the usb mic side but when it comes to professional use wich is OPs intention i suggest to go the xlr route you have more capabilities than a usb mic does usb mics have a use case and so do the xlr mics but when it comes to what do you want to do you are not going to get the most out of a usb mic and they have a trend to break easily from my perspective and my past experience with them. and when it comes to the usb thing if it has usb or not is not relevant enough for me to talk about it and dont care of the discussion you have of the usb on a mic if it has or does not offer one. im open to discussion always but always with respect if i dont see respect on it coming from another person to me dont bother quoting me or asking me to answer because respect for me is a must and im not going to fall on the hole of a disrespectful conversation. hope everyone is doing well and having a nice day.
  15. linus itself on the ltt twitch luke on his personal twitch but not that often but colton does on caltane's twitch his personal channel thats who i know of that stream