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  • CPU
    Core I5 3450
  • Motherboard
    Intel DH67BL
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Geforce GTX 550ti
  • Case
    generic full tower
  • Storage
    250GB WD Blue SATA SSD x1 1 TB Segate HDD x1 1.5TB Seagate external USB x1
  • PSU
    raidmax hybrid 550
  • Display(s)
    dell ultrasharp 24 x2
  • Cooling
    stock HSF
  • Keyboard
    logitech Elite Multimedia Keyboard ( HAS DIED! I got like 15 YEARS out of this thing.)
  • Mouse
    logitec generic
  • Sound
    onboard going out to a pioneer 5.1 reciver powering large floor statnding tower speakers
  • Operating System
    win10 Pro and some times linux through VM.

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  1. That could be the washer, I had a washing machine that simply loved to eat clothing, it was getting tugged by the agitator. replaced the machine with a new HE machine that has three little fins instead of a big agitator and no more holes in clothing.
  2. Did you get it from official Microsoft channels? If so Its probably fine. If you already installed it then kinda late to be checking the file integrity. **EDIT**This might help you a bit more. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/189000/how-to-verify-the-checksum-of-a-downloaded-file-pgp-sha-etc
  3. Where are you getting this? In advanced power options in windows 10 "maximum processor state: On Battery 100%" This would allow the laptop to use 100% of the CPU power.. the OEM isnt going to use a sub par battery that wont allow full power use. I will concede that in the default state it may not run at 100% but it most certainly can.
  4. Adobe CS is an entire suite of products that has been built from the ground up to work seamlessly together. You also need to factor in the time to uninstall the adobe software (time that no work would get done, lost revenue) then time to install the new software (more time that no work gets done, also lost revenue) then every one has to learn the new software (reduced productivity, and lost revenue) deal with any bugs/glitches that pop up (again lost productivity, and reduced revenue) From a business standpoint this is just not acceptable. Linus is not a one man show, he isn't doing the editin
  5. windows based laptops can do that too, you have change the power profiles.
  6. my 560ti was able to play destiny 2 in 1080 at barley 30, at 720 is was getting 35-40 ish. would slow down during large amounts of battle. I have not played it in a while though. (i also OCed the card for that game.)
  7. We are in the same club! I'm rocking a 560ti it plays what I need it too..
  8. I honestly believe a good part of the "shortage" is marketing. What better way to hype of a product then to not let people have it. It makes it exclusive and some how better. If they really wanted to have inventory on launch day, they would simply move the launch day (or announce it) farther back so that they have inventory. They could have easily build up a supply, and then made the announcement that it launches in 2 weeks. BUT they wont, because then every one would get it that wanted it, and there would be no hype to keep people looking at and watching to see what comes next.
  9. In August of 1997, Gates stepped in and saved Apple, which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy. ... The world's a better place," Jobs told Gates after the Microsoft exec agreed to make a $150 million investment in Apple.Aug 29, 2017 (source: cnbc)
  10. I mean, M$ has tried to make windows on ARM more than once, and it fails almost every time. They are finally trying to get x64 emulation working with win10ARM and surface pro X but I have not kept up on that. (I also think M4 will simply create a linux distro that has native windows app support some time in the next 5 years, and roll it into the yearly "365" subscription ecosystem. They wont be charging for windows it self, but for the security updates, support, and emulation tech.) I think the only way M$ will need to worry about arm is if Intel and AMD start pushing it, which will force the
  11. There are generally xmas trees in walmarts that have needy kids christmas lists on them. I have helped out at least one kid every year for the pas couple years. It feels good. I normaly only have enough spare money to get stuff for the younger kids, but if I had the money to get the stuff for the older kids I would, I know what it was like being the kid that didnt have stuff in middle and highschool. This would also make your parents feel good knowing that they raised a kid who cares about others.
  12. geil (i used their RAM back in the Core2 days. it still works to this day arpox 12 years later. (along with the gigabyte motherboard)
  13. If you have the money, and its what she wants, from my experience, make her happy. Then if it doesn't work the way she wants it to, you can be like "I tried to get you to buy a windows laptop, this is why." I would also point out, to never buy the first generation of ANYTHING (cars, trucks, Pogo sticks, it doesn't matter) the first gen is where they will work out bugs, etc. Here is an article (from 2006 mind you) "Why first generation Apple products suck" That was from a google search of the terms "first generation product problems" It was 3rd in the list. (full disclosure I have not rea
  14. I like the looks of this one: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Bn648d/cougar-panzer-max-atx-full-tower-case-panzer-max compatible CPU coolers: https://pcpartpicker.com/products/cpu-cooler/?compatible_with=Bn648d
  15. Thats the thing though, this apple silicon is not just a CPU. its an SOC(system on Chip) the CPU,RAM, GPU, memory controler, etc are integrated into one unit. They basically took the ipad pro hardware, upgraded it, and slapped it into macbooks. Even if they do show up more powerful than their PC counter parts, being technically better wont necessarily win the day. betamax vs VHS, BLu-Ray vs HD-DVD, Sega Dreamcast etc. It will be interesting to see what apple does have in store though, for all we know you could be right and they might be planning to try and take over other industri