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  1. It's interesting that you would recommend the easier language over the one's you started out with. I'm fairly new to programming and would like to know, do you think it is beneficial to learn C first, because it is more basic and I hear it lacks comfort stuff like garbage collecting. For example you learn how to allocate memory yourself and release it in C, so you gain a better understanding of programming, or would you rather say it doesn't matter if you learn it, when you use a language where stuff like hat happens automatically?
  2. Sorry to hear it, in general I made it a rule to stay far away from those programs, that "boost performance" "clean up your drivers" and so on. Sometimes they will delete files that are important to the operating system for whatever reason, so I think it's best not to use them at all. Here are your options: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/recovery-options-in-windows-31ce2444-7de3-818c-d626-e3b5a3024da5 Good Luck!
  3. Try to reseat your RAM and if you have XMP profile enabled on it, disable it and run it at stock speed for a while, see if that helps.
  4. That depends on what you will do with it and how attached you are to your money. If you think about the RM 1050, what else would you do with it? In the current market it seems to be a great price so I would buy the PC. However if you think well if I buy this I can't afford that other thing I wanted, whatever it may be, I would maybe buy the GPU instead. Especially if you only play for example csgo it won't matter, you can just go with the 960 then. The 1060 will give you a better experience in more demanding games. Just try to look at your use case when you make decisions like this.
  5. Maybe I understand it wrong, but you should not plug a monitor into your motherboard if you have a dedicated graphics card.
  6. It says data transfer cost 0, maybe google data transfer isn't free? The first screenshot seems to be an estimate, so I guess it could be more expensive depending on how you use it, that's what I would look into if I were you.
  7. I would only replace it if it's unreasonably loud or hot.
  8. Well you shouldn't deactivate it, it scans your computer for malware and makes sure the most recent windows defender is installed. I would just run Windows Update.
  9. I would try to run windows update and see if it fixes it. For some reason antimalware service executable is taking up a lot of CPU, could be normal though I have never looked too closely at it.
  10. Would be interesting to know what process causes these spikes that you can't see in the task manager.
  11. So out of curiosity I looked into the windows performance monitor, and it should show you what process is using your CPU. You can run perfmon to open it, then you press the green plus and add process - processor time - all instances. Your graph should show all processes now in real time and you can read what causes those huge spikes by hovering over the lines. In my example the short spikes are from my browser.
  12. That looks very weird, you could try to run services.msc and disable the print spooler service, see if that helps. (note that you can't print anymore then) Otherwise I would try the usual windows stuff like run sfc /scannow, or see if updating your drivers will help.
  13. YoungBlade is right, but in general I don't think the difference between the 2 will be life changing in any case. To me it's just a matter of do you like to tinker with it or not? Going with the 9700f at stock speed would also be more power efficient.
  14. I would also recommend crucial mx500, it's good quality and if you are patient you can probably get it for 80-85€, where similar quality Samsung 1TB would usually cost 95-100€.