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  1. Opposing nazi ideologies does not mean telling people what they can't say on the internet. Instead of trying to police people's use of language you should go outside and do some volunteer work at a refugee shelter. That way you could actually fight for some good in this world and show the world that racism sucks and that you embrace every human being. Good on you for doing something. I believe in you.
  2. Depends how good of a friend they are
  3. I think gaming is cheaper than it ever has been, if you are willing to make a few compromises. You can get a 400-500$ PC or something and get an Epic games account and they will shit free games on you. All they want is your data or something? I dunno, free games. Humble Bundle is a great source for games if you don't have too much money (they even serve them to you in steam keys made out of real gold). Those 2 methods will not give you your favorite game that has just been released, but they will save you A LOT of money. You were mentioning CDs in your original post, I don't t
  4. Your best bet is to try both configurations and look at the same stress test.
  5. Yeah I did the windows color calibration and that asks you to adjust colors and contrast and so on. I also have overdrive set to medium.
  6. It looks a lot better than the LG 24MB35, which is my old 60hz monitor. I watched a lot of reviews on the AOC model and it seems to live up to what they promised. Not like I have much else to compare it to, but I'm happy with my purchase. Motion clarity and colors are better, which for me were the main selling points, and my old monitor is my secondary now. I was using 1 monitor for a couple months since another one broke, so having 2 monitors again is great too.
  7. Yeah press Windows key + P and select your option.
  8. Maybe the insulation failed, from what I understand sparks are just electrical discharge through the air, which shouldn't happen if it is properly insulated. If you wanna know more I found this video, at some point they said it's often an overloaded mosfet:
  9. Both models are good, the gaming x has a better cooler, the sapphire one is usually available at a better price. The differences between the cards are very small, so I would get the cheaper one, which in your case is the gaming x. Someone already mentioned it but you can look at this if you want more details: I'm not sure where they got slower memory from though both models run with 14Gbps afaik
  10. I'd go for this instead https://fi.pcpartpicker.com/product/JHWfrH/silverstone-essential-550-w-80-gold-certified-atx-power-supply-sst-et550-g but the rest looks great.
  11. I'm sorry about being rude I get hotheaded sometimes and I agree that for most people it won't make that much of a difference. But what about if you have 2 people using the same computer 5 hours a day each? I just think your general perspective without even asking about their habits is inconsiderate. The only clue they gave was it is running 24/7. So yes of course I also give you exaggerated examples to show you the opposite can be true. You may call it cherry picking but are you not doing the same then if you give exaggerated examples? I already said the truth will be somewhere in the middle.
  12. Damn epic launcher really needs a lot of work. You can try to set Windows to English instead, see if that helps.
  13. Again you're just assuming stuff, what if they are streaming video games to pay the bills? Not everyone has a family and a 9 to 5 job. Of course if they live at home with their family they can also just not worry about it because their parents pay for it and that makes power free right? Am I following you correctly there? Intel would be out of business? What are you even talking about, I thought we were discussing the power draw of low end vs high end GPUs. At this point who cares though right? I feel like you're just trying to win an argument for the sake of being right, without even trying t