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  1. Yeah in my opinion an absolute necessity. I remember I had an old case for a while with a plastic door that vibrated on the metal because of the HDD, it was horrible! Going from that to a completely new PC with SSD only was a real quality of life improvement. Noise pollution can be ignored, but when it's gone you really notice the difference.
  2. I think it's worth it for the sound alone, because HDDs are loud. Depends on your setup though.
  3. Yeah I would agree, nothing wrong with used hardware really, there are a lot of good cheap parts out there. I would always make an exception for the PSU though. Imo it has to be good quality for the longevity of all your other parts and maybe get an 80+ gold model to save a bit on the power bill later on.
  4. Well a cheap power supply can cause all kinds of trouble and is generally not recommended. I would say it is more likely that the GPU was defective since it was B-stock, but that's just my guess. I don't know too much about it, but I think nothing you can just find in your kitchen drawer will help you out here. If you had a device like in this video you could test the individual parts: https://youtu.be/hLWFJ91gKSo You can look at the tier list for a recommendation, or maybe see if you find your current model on there. If you have a cheap no name PSU I would suggest replacing it eit
  5. 100($?) is a tough ask with the currently inflated prices, but maybe you can find a used 1050ti if you are lucky, depends on where you live. Around here they are more like 150€ not sure what your second hand market is like.
  6. Opposing nazi ideologies does not mean telling people what they can't say on the internet. Instead of trying to police people's use of language you should go outside and do some volunteer work at a refugee shelter. That way you could actually fight for some good in this world and show the world that racism sucks and that you embrace every human being. Good on you for doing something. I believe in you.
  7. Depends how good of a friend they are
  8. I think gaming is cheaper than it ever has been, if you are willing to make a few compromises. You can get a 400-500$ PC or something and get an Epic games account and they will shit free games on you. All they want is your data or something? I dunno, free games. Humble Bundle is a great source for games if you don't have too much money (they even serve them to you in steam keys made out of real gold). Those 2 methods will not give you your favorite game that has just been released, but they will save you A LOT of money. You were mentioning CDs in your original post, I don't t
  9. Your best bet is to try both configurations and look at the same stress test.
  10. Yeah I did the windows color calibration and that asks you to adjust colors and contrast and so on. I also have overdrive set to medium.
  11. It looks a lot better than the LG 24MB35, which is my old 60hz monitor. I watched a lot of reviews on the AOC model and it seems to live up to what they promised. Not like I have much else to compare it to, but I'm happy with my purchase. Motion clarity and colors are better, which for me were the main selling points, and my old monitor is my secondary now. I was using 1 monitor for a couple months since another one broke, so having 2 monitors again is great too.
  12. Yeah press Windows key + P and select your option.