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  1. It's not that I have a hate on for clear side panels, but the last case I ordered came with a dent in it and a hole in the box from shipping, I fear to think of what happens to some of these cases with glass side panels. It's been probably 15 years (give or take) since I first saw a case with a clear side panel (it was a spiderman case with a web cutout on the side panel) and what I'm pretty sure was plexiglass, whatever happened to using something more durable than, well, glass?
  2. I don't think they do backorders, just setting up alerts. No holding it if it comes in stock.
  3. Since the clusterfuck that is the 30 series launch is expected to last right into next year I figured I'd compile a list of places where you can put in a order and not have to worry about a scalper bot swiping up the card before you even knew it was in stock. So far these are the sites/stores/partners that have been providing backorder/queuing, keeping in mind that some will have requirements such as once your order is up you have to confirm it within a few hours or even having to place the order in person at their store (memory express/canada computers). EVGA: https://www.evga.com/products/wheretobuy.aspx Adorama : https://www.adorama.com/l/?searchinfo=rtx 3080 Memory Express: https://www.memoryexpress.com/Information/GeForceRTXUpdates.cm.aspx CDW: https://www.cdw.com/search/?key=3080 Canada Computers: https://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?cPath=43_557&sf=:3_5&mfr=&pr= Overclockers: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/search?sSearch=rtx+3080 B&H Photo (prebuilt with 3080) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1592644-REG/cyberpowerpc_prodv2202bhv2_content_creation_gaming_desktop.html Ebuyer: https://www.ebuyer.com/store/Components/cat/Graphics-Cards-Nvidia/subcat/GeForce-RTX-3080 ComputerLounge: https://www.computerlounge.co.nz/shop/components/graphics-cards/desktop#!categoryId=470&page=1&q=&scid=-1&isListMode=false&Filters[0].Key=Sort&Filters[0].Value=1 Scan (They turn off backorders when they get to high): https://www.scan.co.uk/shop/gaming/gpu-nvidia/3175/3176/3177 Techswich: https://www.techswich.com.au/publications/announcements/nvidia-rtx-3070-3080-3090-wait-list-allocation-pricing-faq/ Scorptec: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/geforcertx3080 PLE computers: https://www.ple.com.au/Categories/1152/Graphics-Cards/Nvidia-GeForce/RTX30-Series Mwave (samecase as scan): https://www.mwave.com.au/graphics-cards/geforce-rtx-3080 Proshop: https://www.proshop.de/ PC Case Gear: https://www.pccasegear.com/category/193_2126/graphics-cards/geforce-rtx-3080 If anybody knows of any others let me know I'll add them to the list.
  4. Simple cross-referencing, same address? Same credit card? Void all but 1 order. I have no idea how to quote a message from another thread so I'm just going to use a screenshot. Nowhere in my post did I say a retailer, or even name of a chain. They even used my suggested method. I won't bother screenshotting/ "quoting" anybody else since you're the only one who seems to have cared enough to reply, but no you weren't the only one shooting down what I said. Just the most vocal.
  5. https://techarim.com/news/2020/10/06/evga-enforce-queue-based-ordering-method-for-nvidia-rtx-30-series/ I think it was a week ago I mentioned this and got told it can't be done, even though it is for other things. Seems common sense won out in the end.
  6. The main reason I did it (with the breakdown) was to dispel the myth that youtubers are rich. Maybe if you're a solo act and selling out to every person you can (we all know the channels) otherwise they are decidedly not rich. The first paragraph was just 30 seconds of curiosity during the video. The rest was just me simply hating that people assume because you're running a successful business you're absolutely loaded. Shit costs money and that's just all there is to it. While linus is certainly getting along, he gets way to much uncalled for flack from people who assume he's "ballar hallar get dollar" because LTT is susccesful. The main take away people should take from it is LTT is doing alright. The math may be off because these were just quick and based off personal experience (I worked retail for 7 years and some of those years of having to worry about these very kinds of numbers when running a business, overhead can be huge) as well as quick lookups of costs on their side of the country but should be in margins close enough to give people a idea of what it's actually like to run a business, it's not all fun and big paycheques. With that I'm done, I'm tired for the night and I usually don't give anything I've posted attention past the next day, if anybody wants to move the numbers around to make it more accurate or just straight up slander me for having a bit of fun with math (some of us just enjoy this stuff for no damn reason, it's just like seeing how high a score you can get in 3DMark with a OC, it's just fun to us) while trying to show people who want to get into things a bit of reality, they can.
  7. You know you made me realise something, I fucked up my equations, I did this all in canadian dollars and costs. That's fine for the costs but for the income that's wrong because if I recall adsense pays out in USD and the store sells in USD, safe to assume sponsors also pay in USD, the revenue before taxes is a bit more, and the take home of the staff is probably more as well, but aside from that, no these were all based on actual knowledge of costs and a few quick lookups for local costs for them, since I'm on the literal opposite side of the country from them. I won't do any arguing with you if you want to pick it apart but I will thank you for making me realise there was a error, I'm not going to go back and fix it because I don't really care (it was one of those in the moment sort of things) and you should know net worth does not = personal bank account.
  8. This started as a comment on the youtube video when somebody was indeed complaining they didn't know the exact amount, and then spiral'd into this after somebody made a reddit post and remembering a reply somebody had made to me about taxes on youtube. That said I don't actually care and this was just me geeking out over math for a solid hour and after having put in that much work felt I didn't want it all to disappear into the void that is a mostly ignored reddit thread never to be seen again, so I'm posting it here. The first part is just a straight copy/paste from youtube. Did the math for you. From the WAN show we know LTT does about the usual $1 from 1000 views, given the odd exception because something might be brand related and get certain ads directed to it. So with LTT at 1 billion views a year=$1 000 000 a year in ad revenue. Put that at 26% of total revenue that's just under $4 000 000 a year in revenue, ignoring the other channels. Add in the revenue from other channels you've probably got at least another half billion views all of them combined (lowballing) so likely between $4 500 000 and $5 000 000 a year in revenue. There now people can stop guessing. This is of course, ignoring taxes, knowing what I do about how tax brackets work, and also living in canada we can say roughly 15% of LTT's revenue goes to taxes, assuming linus has done the taxes for the business correctly. Assuming it's at the $4 500 000 mark for their revenue that's $675 000 in taxes, bringing after taxes revenue to just under $4 000 000 or $3 825 000. Now onto costs, running a business costs money. Assuming the LTT warehouse is about 20 000 square feet it's probably costing them around $500 000 a year to rent. That's $3 325 000 remianing. Move onto power they're probably spending $10 000-$15 000 on power, that's $180 000 a year, so we're at $3 145 000 left. Let's move onto staff shall we? Assuming linus pays his staff well (at least compared to the rest of canada) let's assume they're making $60 000 a year each at what looks to be 30 or so staff (they're always hiring). That's $1 800 000, we're down to $1 345 000. Now we move onto upkeep, constantly attaining new equipment, training, software licenses, maintenance on current hardware (The Vault/servers, etc), spending on shoots, travel, buying stuff just for shoots (let us not forget the massive bounties he puts out on rare hardware) You're probably looking at another $500 000, so now we're at $845 000. Tack on insurances and general amenities (pizza parties for staff, weekend retreats for them, christmas bonus's and nat) with all that expensive AF equipment you're looking at probably another $400 000 a year in expenses. End it off with what him and yvonne take home that's $425 000 split between the 2 of them and after personal taxes in BC canada you're looking at about $170 000 for each of them. Sorry if this crossed any lines (LTT staff/linus&yvonne) I geeked.
  9. Thank you, this is what I'm saying. If even small places are able to do things like this, there is no reason major tech retailers can't.
  10. In terms of tax's being a issue, surely they could just do a system such as "we notify you when you're order is up, you have 24 hours to submit payment or it goes to the next person" no payment is made until the card is in, preventing the refund issue as well. On the bot thing, you can simple say "maximum quantity per address" or name, or CC number, etc, stores already do that. And for keeping track of orders, letting customers know their place in line, delivery times, etc, already exist and are all just automated pieces of software. This would also help when place orders from vendors/warehouses because you'd know a actual rough number on how many you're actually going to need instead of just assuming they'd sell. The reason I asked these questions is not because "oh hey this is so simple I can't believe nobody has thought of it before" but because other people have thought of it and these very types of systems are already in place around the world. They just amazingly don't seem to be in place when it comes to consumer tech which is astounding because, oh hey, "tech" industry.
  11. After witnessing the recent clusterfuck that is the 3080 launch I had to ask to myself, why is isn't it they just take orders from people and have them wait in line, filling orders as the hardware comes in. Yeah it's sorta like pre-ordering but if you've got that much a shortage of hardware surely it makes sense. Rather than have everyone pissed they can't get a card and having sites crashing when they all rush to get one can't be better than this. FYI. This is just my 2 cents, I have no stake in getting a 30 series card, that's money I don't have.
  12. I went back through the channel about 5 years (took a hot minute, stupid "one" design with it's infinite scrolling instead of pages) and it looks like you're right, but also wrong, 5 years ago they didn't do same day uploads but at the start of 2016 (funny enough that's when I started watching the channel) to just recently there have been same day uploads as WAN. Some were just reviews but a lot of the videos seem to be the genuine tech videos. Maybe with moving a lot of the "ad" content over to short circuit there was just empty space so they decided to let WAN have it's own day altogether. Could have answered my own question to when but that would require going through looking at ever WAN show for the last year, may have watched em, don't feel like doing it twice.
  13. I've noticed this for a while now but never really put any thought into when the change happened. Was it to cut back on the video workload with covid?
  14. I don't have time to go photoshop a logo onto a scarf because I'm doing dishes and stopped just to post this while watching the WAN show at the same time, but think about it, it's so easy, and being canadian it just fits. White scarf, orange frills, have the logo at each end. It's so simple.