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  1. Honestly did not know that site existed, quite useful. I'm surprised avast gets all the shit people give it, it's ranked top 2 for protection. Thanks for that.
  2. Ah the moment I read "pulseway" I heard linus doing the pulseway ad read in my head. Now that I remember that I seem to recall him saying he had one he used to remote into his PC at home but where he said that, I don't remember, maybe a WAN show or a home setup improvement video? I almost want to say he mentioned it in a video while sitting at hes desk in his old office at one point, bu that would be a video from forever ago.
  3. I know this sounds stupid but it would actually be interesting info to know, which antivirus's actually do they're job. I imagine it wouldn't be hard to do either, load up a SSD with 150 virus's, install a antivirus, run and see how many it actually gets, set things up again, different antivirus this time, do it again, rinse and repeat. Actually this sounds like something they'd have anthony do, that sorta stuff does seem to be his wheel house.
  4. Linus has probably done a video or at least a ad for a decent one at some point in time but be damned if I could remember. So what's the best one out there? I've always thought it would be useful and interesting to do.
  5. It's not really for any serious purposes sake, just for a bit of nostalgia viewing some old things, are there any that still support it, at all?
  6. Everybody says how great SSD's are but when it comes down to prices, a HDD is still a better deal.
  7. A friend of mine wants to get a 3080 once stock settles down (here in canada there seems to be a steady flow now since most retailers are doing back-orders with some being in store only and limits per customer) and he wants to make sure he doesn't get one that had the all POPSCAPs issue, even with the driver update having fixed the issue he doesn't want to take chances. I checked gamers nexus since I figured they would have a article listing the ones that did and didn't have the POPSCAPs issue or at least one detailing the visuals of all their torn down 3080's but I couldn't find a
  8. I'm watching the secret shopper 2 tech support part (part 3) and the song playing in the background, is that Tank! by the seatbelts from cowboy bebop I hear playing in the last few minutes? Because man it sounds close.
  9. The offer is expired (probably a max order quantity thing like some other shops do) but it's worth noting since they're the ones officially selling the FE cards now, I imagine the US bestbuy is the same.
  10. I can tell you what your problem is with that, since I had a machine that once did that, it's a bad power supply, probably got a single capacitor that's on its way out or in your case (since it's new) a defect, just pop a new PSU in there and it should start up normally. Leaving it on isn't a "bad" thing but it will add 10-20 bucks to your monthly power bill depending on how much it eats while idle, as mentioned by others you may want to at the very least backup everything on the HDD's if you have any after a couple years because the wear of spinning constantly, the main issue is the type
  11. Funny enough that only happens when logged in, here's what it looks like logged out.
  12. Since I had a old ltt forum tab still open with the old design I decided I would do something interesting, I'd display the 2 different versions for historical purposes. Now I can only do this for the main page but it's still cool to see. So first the old version. And now the new version. If anybody wants me to do a scrolling capture I can, but as you can see there's not really much difference besides all the boxes seem to have got a bit more bulky. Guess that mobile look catches up to everybody eventually.
  13. Department manager at a grocery store, first job where I made enough to even remotely cover my bills so I decided to splurge and get something better than my stuff from 2009 in the area of cell phones (yes literally, I even still have it) camera(s) and a computer. Spent a little over a thousand on the PC since all the parts I got were clearance/used but after seeing the performance specs of ryzen a year later I wish I'd waited. Fx 8350, r7 360, 16 gb of 1866 ram and a couple HDD's and fans, and a 500w PSU. It's bad, but it's still better than what I was using and I don't have to wo
  14. It's not that I have a hate on for clear side panels, but the last case I ordered came with a dent in it and a hole in the box from shipping, I fear to think of what happens to some of these cases with glass side panels. It's been probably 15 years (give or take) since I first saw a case with a clear side panel (it was a spiderman case with a web cutout on the side panel) and what I'm pretty sure was plexiglass, whatever happened to using something more durable than, well, glass?
  15. I don't think they do backorders, just setting up alerts. No holding it if it comes in stock.
  16. Since the clusterfuck that is the 30 series launch is expected to last right into next year I figured I'd compile a list of places where you can put in a order and not have to worry about a scalper bot swiping up the card before you even knew it was in stock. So far these are the sites/stores/partners that have been providing backorder/queuing, keeping in mind that some will have requirements such as once your order is up you have to confirm it within a few hours or even having to place the order in person at their store (memory express/canada computers). EVGA: https://
  17. Simple cross-referencing, same address? Same credit card? Void all but 1 order. I have no idea how to quote a message from another thread so I'm just going to use a screenshot. Nowhere in my post did I say a retailer, or even name of a chain. They even used my suggested method. I won't bother screenshotting/ "quoting" anybody else since you're the only one who seems to have cared enough to reply, but no you weren't the only one shooting down what I said. Just the most vocal.
  18. https://techarim.com/news/2020/10/06/evga-enforce-queue-based-ordering-method-for-nvidia-rtx-30-series/ I think it was a week ago I mentioned this and got told it can't be done, even though it is for other things. Seems common sense won out in the end.
  19. The main reason I did it (with the breakdown) was to dispel the myth that youtubers are rich. Maybe if you're a solo act and selling out to every person you can (we all know the channels) otherwise they are decidedly not rich. The first paragraph was just 30 seconds of curiosity during the video. The rest was just me simply hating that people assume because you're running a successful business you're absolutely loaded. Shit costs money and that's just all there is to it. While linus is certainly getting along, he gets way to much uncalled for flack from people who assume he's "ballar hallar ge
  20. You know you made me realise something, I fucked up my equations, I did this all in canadian dollars and costs. That's fine for the costs but for the income that's wrong because if I recall adsense pays out in USD and the store sells in USD, safe to assume sponsors also pay in USD, the revenue before taxes is a bit more, and the take home of the staff is probably more as well, but aside from that, no these were all based on actual knowledge of costs and a few quick lookups for local costs for them, since I'm on the literal opposite side of the country from them. I won't do any arguing wit
  21. This started as a comment on the youtube video when somebody was indeed complaining they didn't know the exact amount, and then spiral'd into this after somebody made a reddit post and remembering a reply somebody had made to me about taxes on youtube. That said I don't actually care and this was just me geeking out over math for a solid hour and after having put in that much work felt I didn't want it all to disappear into the void that is a mostly ignored reddit thread never to be seen again, so I'm posting it here. The first part is just a straight copy/paste from youtube. Did t
  22. Thank you, this is what I'm saying. If even small places are able to do things like this, there is no reason major tech retailers can't.
  23. In terms of tax's being a issue, surely they could just do a system such as "we notify you when you're order is up, you have 24 hours to submit payment or it goes to the next person" no payment is made until the card is in, preventing the refund issue as well. On the bot thing, you can simple say "maximum quantity per address" or name, or CC number, etc, stores already do that. And for keeping track of orders, letting customers know their place in line, delivery times, etc, already exist and are all just automated pieces of software. This would also help when place orders from ven