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  1. This. It's the same with prices on everything these days, I worked at grocery stores where the markup on things like fruits and vegetables would be as much as 4-500% or even more some times, during holidays that turnip you payed $14 for to go with your christmas dinner the store would have payed $2 for. Then you'd have bottles of pop being sold at cost. The only way you see prices on something come down is if they know you can go without and aren't going to pay a fortune for it. Yeah you have to take into account the cost of refrigeration and shelf life with products like that, but
  2. We've all heard the horror stories of people overloading PSU's or giving up the ghost after a while and releasing the "blue smoke" or catching fire, but I can't for the life of me find any videos of someone purposely overloading one just to show what happens if you do. I would have thought somebody like jayztwocents would have made something like this (seems to be a common thing on his channel to test how bad stuff can fail) but not even he has done it.
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/22/22244563/ftc-ticket-scalping-bots-act-first-fine https://gizmodo.com/ftc-fines-ticket-brokers-3-7-million-in-scalping-settl-1846115651
  4. I remember back like 15 years ago that was a thing, if you didn't sign into your hotmail or gmail account every so often they would just turf your account and the contents of it and I'm curious, is that still a thing?
  5. I was thinking about how bitcoin miners and scalpers buy up all the GPU's and how the scalpers still won't give consoles a break and then I thought about the fact the xbox's can run stuff in dev mode and the fact their hardware is also pretty up there, what's the chances we could some day have to compete with not just scalpers but also crypto miners buying up consoles as well.
  6. I've had a few mice ranging from standard office type to "professional gamer" mice with multiple DPI settings, additional buttons and addressable RGB that have all died by the death of a million clicks, ranging from the not detecting clicks, to double clicking and even thinking the left click is the right click when they start to wear out, so my question is, what are some good mice that last a good long time? The only ones I've ever had that I never noticed this happening to were old PS2 style logitech ones.
  7. Honestly think I had that turned on before so is why I wasn't getting them, I recently suffered a crash caused by chrome having a memory leak and it seems that was turned back on, well solves that question.
  8. I was looking more at the case where a company doesn't like your review of their product and has no fear of underhanded tactics (we've seen reviews be DMCA'd, nvidia just straight up try to muscle people into doing what they say, etc) and they just decide "screw all that, we'll just send em to prison". On the matter of downloading music and other things though I don't know if it can be considered stealing as theft implies the loss of a product whereas there is no loss of product and loss of a sale as most people who download stuff aren't the type who have the money to afford it any
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/22/tech/illegal-streaming-felony-covid-relief-bill/index.html https://www.geekwire.com/2020/covid-19-relief-bill-change-future-game-livestreaming-u-s/ https://kotaku.com/covid-relief-bill-still-includes-felony-streaming-act-1845929782 So many ways this could go wrong. It may be "aimed" at "evil-doers" but we all know and have seen how these things can (and will) be abused.
  10. First off let me just start by saying this isn't a world ending problem, just something I want to get to the bottom of. The other day chrome decided to have a memory leak on a tab with youtube loaded (several hour long video, maybe it tried loading the whole thing in at once and caused the issue) resulting in a single tab being 13 GB in size and eating all available memory and even bloating my pagefile. It took 20 minutes just to kill the process for the tab (and all of chrome) and even after that my system was still more or less unresponsive, I could use task manager but nothing e
  11. I saw one of them the other day on steam so I figured it might be a idea to compile them for anybody who wants easy access to a bit of nostalgia, without having to hunt down each one. Age Of Empires: (CDN$ 21.99) Chex Quest: (FREE) This is a HD remake with included multiplay by the same company. Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell: (CDN$ 7.79) The Game of Life: (CDN$ 11.49) Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet: (CDN$ 7.79) Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It'
  12. Not that I intend to play them or anything, just curious to just how many and what ones there were. I still remember playing everything from the game of life to sorry to even stuff like tonka truck games and that captain crunch game back when I was a kid. I happened upon a bunch of them on steam lately and remembered that was a thing. Also a million formerly free flash games but that's a topic for another time.
  13. While we're on the topic of the badminton video, for the streams he should just use youtube, it allows you to do multiple switchable cams on the output so the user (viewer) can just have 1 player/page up and switch between all the cams. Even works in viewing the vods after.
  14. Get a recording of the audio with your phone and upload it as a clip here, I'm actually interested in just what kinda of noise and how loud it actually is, I've never heard of a drive emitting a high pitch noise before, I've heard drives as they were spinning up/down but that's not something that's high pitch. Oh and it's noise not noice.
  15. I meant what it means, not generic grey box, sorry if you interpreted that wrong.
  16. And if you need a example of what I mean, think early 2000's PC case's like this. For the record I actually knew someone who had one like this except it was all red.
  17. GOG is drm free if I recall. And if anybody needs a example of why not to buy it on ps4. My friend was gifted it for free from one of his buddies on steam and on his 1070 it's runs at 30 fps at best with everything maxed, and on high he gets like 45 fps average.
  18. Just randomly remembered this subreddit post I made that I thought I had deleted with a idea that I ironically wrote just like a LTT/Techquickie episode. https://imgur.com/a/nFuv87U So I always thought the way it worked was it doesn't matter what ram you buy, just as long as you get enough at the right speeds, the amount you want, you just stick it in your PC and you're good to go. Boy was I wrong. I'd never built a true highend PC with current parts till now (still havent yet but I had to do some part picking over the last 2 days and found out a lot of things I di
  19. Using compressed air to clean out the fans and heatsinks on my media PC that files I had no other copies of on it including very dear pictures that can never be had again among a plethora of other things, without anchoring the fans in place so they wouldn't spin while the air passed through them. Turns out if the fans spin without being actually powered they can build up a slight charge, enough to cause issues. Upon booting the PC after I was greeted by no display output and after leaving it for half a hour with still no display and hitting the power button to initiate shutdown it
  20. So this is something I've been thinking about today. When I first bought my GoPro hero 5 black I used a kingston SD card (this model to be exact https://www.newegg.ca/kingston-64gb-microsdxc/p/N82E16820242486), it worked for a year, I shot 4k footage, slowmo, time lapses, HDR, everything. The card had no issues with any of it. Than after a year I did the firmware update required to get the app the to work with the camera to control it remotely, and suddenly my card was no longer supported. So I went out and bought this lexar card (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/pro
  21. How is that something that just get's casually mentioned in a video and not brought up before, or had it's own video?
  22. Honestly did not know that site existed, quite useful. I'm surprised avast gets all the shit people give it, it's ranked top 2 for protection. Thanks for that.