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  1. It really is a problem when old machines don't have enough ram to even do many things. Chrome alone has made that obvious. It also eats up a lot of vram if you're using hardware acceleration so a card with low vram will have trouble to.
  2. I swear if this doesn't turn out to be one of their secret give away things I'm actually going to be surprised, that's actually kind of amazing.
  3. Just read the material in the links provided, that's exactly what they're aiming it at. Micheal Geist is a canadian law professor so it's a professional take.
  4. Just off the top of what's been mentioned already, any facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, reddit or tiktok account, any account on a social platform that has publicly viewable content, hell even a forum account falls under regulation with this. Another part of this that I've seen been mentioned but is rarely brought up, with this, everybody who would end up being regulated would also end up labeled a "broadcaster" and therefore have to pay canadian broadcasting fees or run afoul of broadcasting laws.
  5. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/minister-suggests-with-bill-c-10-crtc-could-regulate-online-content-if-account-has-large-enough-following-1.5419170 But it's not, under Bill C-10 the LTT channel(s) alone would end up coming under government regulation, any social media account with a "large enough following or are making enough money" would become government regulated. https://www.michaelgeist.ca/2021/05/guilbeaultc10regulationusers/
  6. Nice to see my little bit of helpful info is actually going to use.
  7. At what point, is it so old and so outdated, so underperforming, do you just consider it junk. It just can't keep up anymore (or in some cases couldn't keep up to begin with).
  8. What are some monitors that allow you to do multiple inputs at once, so you can have like splitscreen, input 1 on the left being by one system and input 2 on the right being another system.
  9. 2-4 million gallons of pure water per day per fab, holy crap I knew it was a lot but I didn't know it was that much. All for cleaning? I wonder if anybody could create a process to recycle even more of that water than already is, if we're going to be ramping up chip manufacturing in the coming years we're either going to need to find a way to recycle that water or start looking for other sources of water, considering how much water people use in general per day. https://www.usgs.gov/special-topic/water-science-school/science/total-water-use-united-states?qt-science_cent
  10. There was a post a week or 2 back from a whistle blower employee from CC about how they were taking GPU's people had already pre ordered/back ordered and putting them into prebuilts to try and make more money by forcing people to buy prebuilts for the GPU's, they're likely just canceling those pre orders/back orders now to prevent another headache like that. The lawyers probably said something about holding peoples money and never delivering a product.
  11. Does anyone have a TLDR on this? What components of manufacturing require so much water.
  12. Linus mentioned the LTT kids books on the WAN show and it gave me a idea, it would be interesting to see if the community could put together a (tech) kids book. Obviously it would never be sold, but just like a way for the creative part of the community to flex their creativity. People who are good at writing could do the text and people who are good at doing art/drawing would do the visuals. Like a different person(s) does every page sort of thing and it all comes together into a single book that people can just be like "yeah I made part of that".
  13. I think you missed the point. The whole point of the VAG (yes we all know it's a stupid acronym, that was the point, it could have been "verified actual person" but VAP doesn't get giggles out of people) program was about equalizing the playing field, instead of the average shmoe having to compete against a army of a hundred thousand bots and hoping by some miracle they come across a card, they can catch a video alert and get a chance to get a card by verifying he is not a bot, but a actual person and charging them MSRP, not some giant markup. It was s system designed to help people like you,
  14. Your free speech is at risk with Ottawa's push to regulate online content, experts warn https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/bill-c10-user-generated-content-1.6007192 New broadcasting bill could regulate all your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube posts, experts say https://globalnews.ca/news/7816226/facebook-instagram-youtube-canada-crtc-canadian-content/ Ottawa's move to regulate video posts on YouTube and social media called 'assault' on free speech https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/ottawas-move-to-regulate-video-posts-on-youtube-and-social-med
  15. Moved to the megathread to accommodate. How we can help the Verified Actual Gamer program by getting more AIB's on board and getting more cards. These are the AIB's that have partnered with the Verified Actual Gamer program. Asus, MSI and EVGA. AMD isn't a AIB but also are partnered. These are AIB's that aren't. Gigabyte https://www.gigabyte.com/Contact Asrock https://www.asrock.com/general/about.us.asp?cat=Contact Power Color https://www.powercolor.com/contact Sapphire