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  1. https://games.slashdot.org/story/21/06/27/0246252/is-a-sony-ps3-leak-now-leading-to-banned-consoles "Every Sony PlayStation 3 ID out there was compromised, provoking bans of legit players on the network," Threatpost is reporting, calling it "just the latest in a shocking spike in attacks on unsuspecting gamers." tlhIngan (Slashdot user #30,335) shares Threatpost's report:Sony reportedly left a folder with every PS3 console ID online unsecured, and it was discovered and reported by a Spanish YouTuber with the handle "The WizWiki" in mid-April... Now, several weeks later, p
  2. We always talk about the semiconductor shortage but let's be honest, we produce a lot of silicon, so the question is, where is it all ending up? How are we divvying up silicon production? What is taking the lions share to the point even computers needed for cars to function can't be produced fast enough to keep up with demand? Production hasn't changed much over the years, if anything it's only gone up, not down. I think it would be interesting to find out just what percent of silicon production ends up going into what products, this may be at the core of the issue, it
  3. I'm wondering how low coins like bitcoin and ethereum for example have to go before most miners would theoretically not be able to break even anymore. As this is the most likely point where we will see them start to jump ship and get out before they take losses.
  4. A friend brought these up the other day and I was surprised I hadn't heard of them. https://www.intel.ca/content/www/ca/en/products/boards-kits/compute-stick.html Not quite the same power but interesting none the less.
  5. Images from google because obvious reasons, so sorry for the size discrepancies. Tell me sorting by date/domain/alphabetically is not better than what we have with chrome.
  6. Take for example the RTX 3060. It's MSRP is 329. On newegg and various other retailers you can find it for between that and 560, provided you can find it in stock. The GTX 1060's (6GB) relative performance to the 3060 is about 50%. According to ebay the average going price for a used 1060 (6GB) is about 200. Keeping in mind the current market situation does inflate prices of both new and used, going off just performance metrics the 1060 wouldn't be worth any more than 165 new, or taking into account the fact it's used, knocking off 30% of the price you're looking at 1
  7. Remember Pimp My Ride? Well how about Pimp My PC! A series where LTT takes some poor unfortunate souls PC and goes Pimp My Ride on it, and I don't mean just ROG Rig Reboot upgrading it/building a new one. Whole custom fabrication to upgrade the case (or the replacement of the case) to look like something utterly show stopping, just like they would with cars off Pimp My Ride. Of course with some component upgrades as well. This is a series that would primarily be handled by alex and the likes of those working in the shop, and not so much those who just build and benchmar
  8. TLDR Shipping anything in canada is expensive, going in or out no matter the shipping provider. 7 dollars for a deskmat is actually pretty competitive compared to what we're usually exposed to. Canada post is usually your best bet for prices, but the speed can be, variable.
  9. Here's another in depth piece on it from him. https://www.michaelgeist.ca/2021/05/the-bill-c-10-effect-why-canadian-consumers-face-a-future-of-cancon-surcharges-and-blocked-services/ The Bill C-10 Effect: Why Canadian Consumers Face a Future of Cancon Surcharges and Blocked Services TLDR it doesn't look good Here's a similar comment from another site on the matter.
  10. I'm going to sound old but omg I miss when shoes had RGB.
  11. Personally I'm of the opinion not until 2027, manufacturing can't be ramped up any more than it already is until new fabs are built, assuming we build enough fabs to counteract the high demand it will still take 5 years or so to build the fabs, you then need time to build the chips and fill the inevitable backlog of chips that will have already been on backorder for the countless products that require them.
  12. If I manage to catch the wan show live I'll send a superchat asking what their thoughts on it are, it would be a good place to discuss it especially with luke, who's in charge of floatplane, there to air his thoughts to. Problem being there's no consistent time when it goes live and being on the east coast one time they didn't go live till after I was asleep. Here's another one from Michael Geist with what was said that the bill would be intended for, so I think you might be onto something about them having to pay in, but it would seem it's not just their floatplane endeavor
  13. Here's a deeper dive into it from a canadian law professor. https://www.michaelgeist.ca/2021/05/not-just-big-techbillc10/ Not Just Big Tech: Government Memo Shows Bill C-10 Targets News Sites, Podcast and Workout Apps, Adult Websites, Audiobooks, and Sports Streamers for CRTC Regulation Here's the memo for those who just want to read it. https://www.scribd.com/document/508665790/A-2020-00498-Heritage-c10-Digital-Exclusion
  14. It really is a problem when old machines don't have enough ram to even do many things. Chrome alone has made that obvious. It also eats up a lot of vram if you're using hardware acceleration so a card with low vram will have trouble to.
  15. I swear if this doesn't turn out to be one of their secret give away things I'm actually going to be surprised, that's actually kind of amazing.