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  1. AMD went 4.0 for the prestige of being first... but I kinda think that Intel will bypass 4 for 5 as that's closer than most people think... It's not like the long gap between 3-4 when standards took so long to be agreed upon. 5 has already been agreed.
  2. Why would anyone suggest a 2060 given the 5600XT is cheaper and smokes it?
  3. or just use duckduckgo like all sensible people... and drop chrome and install firefox... I don't know why people still keep drinking from the rancid chrome/google/microsoft trough.
  4. Just checked and I was way out... a cheap 21" monitor can be had for £65 here, a cheap mouse & keyboard combo less than £20, cheap headphones with a mic, less than £20 and a set of speakers less than £20... so that's £125 or roughly $165 USD. Now I specifically said 'basic' parts... not gamer parts, not comparable to laptop parts... so no IPS screens, no mechanical keyboards, no high dpi mouse, no 5.1 surround sound.
  5. Which ever one provides the best performance for the value... which means factor in the cost of buying peripherals for a desktop vs having the inc with a laptop. You'll easily spend 200-250 on a basic monitor/mouse/keyboard + headpones or speakers. More if you want more gaming oriented ones. That takes away from the core system. If peripherals weren't part of the equation... a desktop would obviously offer the better value/performance... but factoring in everything needed... it's a little closer and depends on needs/specs desired.
  6. Specific certs that are only valid for a specific piece of tech/software are a waste of time and money... Generalised qualifications are more valid... I've had specific certs for specific software and those have been worthless for 15yrs now... But the ones I have for other areas will never be. I was lucky... I never paid for the courses... But I know people who got conned into paying for courses (That I warned them were worthless) that would get them into the IT industry and wasted thousands on quals that weren't worth the paper they were written on... and now they' working in warehouses or driving a lorry because they're not qualified to do anything else. It's like other areas here in the UK... you have to be qualified to do electrics, but you need a specific and expensive cert to sign of on electrical installs. So all of those people I know who used to do electrical work and are more than qualified to do it... no longer will because they don't do it often enough to justify the expense of being certified each year to 'sign of and certify the works'... the same applies for gas work... many a plumber will no longer work on certain types of central heating jobs because it requires a specific gas cert... or they simply do the plumbing side and then have a gas cert engineer in to do the rest. You can't even do electrical work on your own house now without having it certified... or you won't be able to sell the house until it is. I can understand the changes in the law, because people have died because of dodgy work being carried out by unqualified people... But getting the certifications is a ridiculous amount of money and unless you do it as a main job all year round... not worth the effort.
  7. Depends on your country, search out the current prices and see how much it would cost to buy it all new now, and then factoring wear and tear use over the last 18 months or so... You'd be taking the piss if you asked more than 50-60%. Some times you'll get a little better prices parting it out.. but selling a whole system complete is worth anything more. edit: Before any one suggests that asking more is acceptable because they're 'allegedly' new parts... It's irrelevant. You are 'NOT' buying from a retailer you are buying second hand parts from a private seller and get 'none' of the consumer protections that come with buying 'new' parts. That alone means that any 'new' side of the argument is moot... I couldn't care less if it's still got factory seals in place... these can be faked and there are no guarantees that what you are getting is actually new.
  8. I've got a BenQ 22" 1080p 60hz LED monitor that I bought about 10yrs ago... Was using it right up until a couple of months ago as part of a triple monitor setup with 2x 27" Acer 75hz... Used it in portrait mode for displaying some websites that still insist on having tiny centre aligned columns only that fill perhaps 30% of the screen and increasing the scale only serves to make the header fill the whole damn screen. But I picked up a 144hz curved 27" as my main screen and shifted the other 2x 27" over to the left... So now it's redundant and I'll probably give it away to anyone who wants it. It's only got VGA and DVI inputs.
  9. I've still got some IDE hard drives kicking around in drawers, not to mention a KVM switch that I used to use about 17-18yrs ago. including all of thee cables... but it's only for PS2 mouse/keyboard and VGA video
  10. Almost any cpu these days can do 4k without any issues... but if you are going to be doing any transcoding on the fly... then obviously the better cpu you can have helps... But my HTPC is running an AMD FX8350 @ 4.4ghz on all 8 cores and is fine. I've actually got a spare AM3+ board 4GB ram and quad core 4.2ghz CPU that I keep meaning to flog. It's been sat in a box for the last 12 months waiting for a new owner.
  11. nVidia Shield TV Pro... the 2017 model is about £150 now and the newer 2019 Pro version is £199... don;t go for the cheaper tube shaped one... it's got a lot of issues and most people tend to think it's garbage. I've got 2 of them.. both a 17 and 19 Pro... the onboard storage is only 16GB so grab a little flash drive.. I picked up a couple of 128GB samsung ones that are really small... and use those as internal storage. It comes preinstalled with netflix and prime... and you can add kodi and a few plugins if you want to go that way... check out reddit r/shieldandroidtv or something like that. There are cheaper android tv boxes... but to be honest... they're kinda garbage... they'll be advertised as having more storage or more ram... but none of them get any updates to android and a lot of them have the shitty rockchip chipset which is worthless. If you want a proper HTPC, then just buy some second hand parts and build a cheap system... fill it with hard drives and install 'emby'... avoid plex... I know a lot of people use it and like it... but they've turned it into a massive data harvest app that monitors and reports back on what you do with it... at this moment... emby isn't doing that... and what plex does poorly, emby does very well and vice versa... so it's personal choice really.
  12. I'm kinda meh with most of the videos they post... some of the 'presenters' are a little annoying to me and most of the humour is childish and not suited to grown adults... and I mean the presenters/writers making them... not the audience. It's kinda like making a dad joke that even thee rest of the dads think is lame. I kinda miss the old days where there was more of a sense of fun, I miss some of the old staff presenting videos and I wish the decent ones they do currently have would be allowed to make more. But occasionally... in amongst all of the useless/pointless/stupid videos... there's a little gem that is very enjoyable. Maybe I'm just getting a little cynical and jaded... maybe seeing a never ending stream of 'look at the great free shit I've been given and is going into my house' videos has turned me against the channel... Maybe it's that they no longer seem to have any understanding of the actual real world cost/value of things... why else do they keep gushing over the latest crap from razer, when they keep complaining about how bad the durability is... because they get it all for free, so don't give a crap about anything that the rest of us has to consider... like dropping a couple thousand on a laptop that is gonna break in 12-18 months, and having to deal with the shitty support... whilst they just get given the next version every 12 months so who cares if it breaks... we'll still gush over how great the shitty quality is. So I don't think I take them for granted... I think I just see through the bullshit now. Out of all of the YT tech channels I follow... the only one I give any real credence to is J2C... The rest come across as entitled and privileged more than they don't.
  13. I keep seeing people mentioning stuff and realising... oh yeah... I've got one of those too. Xbox 360 type controller that I bought way back in 2010, still works perfectly to this day.
  14. Excited to be getting this in a couple of days... had it on order for almost a year. I've read the book... I downloaded the e-book as I have with all of the others in the series... and I buy the paperback as soon as it comes out. They sit on my shelf and will never actually be read... But I love this series and I do believe in supporting the author/artist and I'm not a 'total' freeloader. But there's no way I'm waiting almost a year to read the damn book, and I prefer a physical copy of books and refuse to buy digital copies that could be removed at the whim of the the store like MS did last year.
  15. I've also just remember that I have 2 peripherals that I've had since the early 2000's. An MS multimedia keyboard Model 1.0A that's currently attached to my mediaserver, and the original MS 5 button intellimouse that's currently being used on my mums PC after her wireless mouse started acting up. Both of those have to be around 17-18yrs old and working perfectly.
  16. Yeah I had the good 955 BE with either the C2 or C3 stepping that was a bit of an OC beastie. 3.2Ghz running at almost 3.8Ghz on air for it's entire life. If I'd have played with the voltages or gone for a water cooled setup... some people were hitting 4Ghz and upwards. But I did mine on stock v.
  17. Not really anything in there worth saving... if the PSU is a good one, that might be ok... and the SSD would probably be ok to wipe and start over... even the case at a push... but it's not gonna have decent IO on it, and with that many front bays... I'd guess very poor airflow. If you want a really budget PC, B450 board, Ryzen 3400G, 8GB DDR4 3000 or 3200 and a new PSU should get you up and running. The 3400G has built in graphics that will do until you can save up for a card... and it'll provide an upgrade path for a few years to come.
  18. Funnily enough, I've got the same webcam and I've had that since around 2011-2012... Possibly back when I was on my old AMD Phenom II 955BE system.. So it's been through that one and AMD FX platform and onto my current system. Aside from that... perhaps a couple of flash drives... got an 8GB and a 16GB that I've had for so long and still use occasionally to this day for setting up a windows install, flashing the bios and transferring the odd file here and there.
  19. Me either... if money was no object and I'd won the lottery or something... Sure, I'd have a few cars... but they'd be cars with style, cars that have an emotional response/connection for me. So my really fast sport car... would be either a Porsche 911 or a Nissan GT-R... and as I used to run the MX6 Owners club until 2013... I'd find another MX6 to restore and perhaps do an engine swap, take out the FWD V6 and but in an AWD RB26... Kinda a more grown up version of Project Binky (if you don;t know that, look it up on youtube, those guys are funny and a little nuts and are putting a Celica GT4 running gear into a Mini). For my every day running around car... a hybrid of some kind, or a full electric... Sensible, practical but with all the toys still... it's gonna be for shopping, errands and shorter journeys away. For more practical purposes.. some kind of 4x4... if I've won the lottery... I'll be living in a more rural location with views across hills/mountains/water. So I'll need something with more grip for bad weather and dodgy roads, room for a couple of doggo's and loads of space for longer trips away. Nothing brash with bad reliability and I sure as hell won;t be buying anything for the 'badge'... so it would most likely be a Honda CRV, A Toyota or a Nissan (in case you've noticed, I do have a fondness for Japanese cars due to the excellent build quality of those actually built in Japan) Then lastly... I might get myself something silly... I've always loved old Vdubs and used to have a Beetle turned into a Baja bug... But I've always really wanted a Type 3 Fastback and have had a design for one in my head for at least 30yrs. So I'd have it built for going to shows with, and perhaps drag strips runs as there's a drag strip very close to me.
  20. Can you not just send the case back and get something decent instead? It'll delay the build a few days... but you'll be happier in the long run... and it's Amazon so you've got a decent returns policy at least.
  21. The problem with 'mechanics' is that it's not in their interests to tell you how to do things properly yourself. As I said before, always check the oil when the engine is cold, even turning it over pumps oil up into the engine and leaves the level in the sump lower than it really is. the minimum mark is exactly that... the absolute minimum you should have in the engine. You should never let it fall below that line... in fact you should keep it as close to the max level as possible at all times. Get into the habit of doing weekly checks, take 10mins and go around and check tyre pressures (must also be done cold, as the air warms when driven and expands giving a false reading) and keep them a fraction above recommended... and if car is loaded, add about 4psi all round. Check all fluids, oils, washer, power steering, brake and clutch... and gearbox if it's an auto (which should be warmed up first). If the brake fluid has a green tinge to it, it's normally a sign of moisture in it, and it could do with a flush through. Check the water level in the radiator, and top of if needed and before winter, get it tested to make sure it's got enough antifreeze in it. I'd also recommend doing the gearbox oil every 20k at least... especially on an auto... a knackered auto box is a car killer on anything over 10yrs old... Personally I can't stand them... less power, less reliable, fewer mpg's... they're not that common over here and 99% of people learn to drive in and own manual gearboxes... Auto's are for those that can't handle a manual... the older people and the disabled... and sometimes those that spend a lot of time on highways for work. Also.. never use the manufacturer intervals for oil changes. The older the car, the more frequent you should change the oil... I tend to do mine every year regardless of miles done and I average about 6k a year in my main car, even less in my summer/weekend car. If you're worried about oil burn, next time you take the car out for a run... when it's fully warmed up... give it a hard boot, not a gently acceleration... foot to the floor (when it's safe to do so of course) take the revs up high and keep an eye on the exhaust fumes... if you see smoke with a tinge of blue... Sure sign of burning oil. Most common issue is worn piston rings... but that doesn't mean you have to get them done... mild wear on a car with higher miles isn't uncommon and regular oil changes and checks is often all you really need on more modern cars.
  22. I hope you are checking the oil before you start the car at all... and not after you've driven it to the pumps... because that's a sure fire way to overfill the oil which can cause as many issues as letting it run low. Oil must be checked when the engine is cold and has been standing for a few hrs after being last driven, it also needs to be on the flat/level. Autobox oil on the other hand, should always be checked when the car is warmed up properly.
  23. I get my hoover out, use the small attachment with the bristles and go over everything gently., go over the fins on the GP and the rads for the AIO and get in there with a microfibre cloth on the fan blades... I can't remove the AIO rad/fans easily on my system as it's a very tight squeeze. The filters might get a quick wash and then left to dry on the central heating rad in my office. Every couple of weeks I go over the front and top panels, pull the front panel and do the filter, pull the PSU filter and do that. I've not actually opened it up since I installed the 5700XT back in Sept... might have to give mine a clean next week myself.
  24. I wasn't sure about this... so I just double checked... and it came out Sept 2010... So it qualifies. Civilisation V.... hands down the best game and one I'm still playing 10yrs later. A close second would be The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, which I'm still playing 5yrs later... and then there's games like Cities Skylines that I keep coming back to from time to time. I've probably purchased 150-175 games for the PC over the last 10yrs... and a few more on the old Wii... But those 3 stand out the most for longevity, scale and damn fine gameplay/story/graphics.