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  • Birthday 1989-01-01

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    United Kingdom
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    Gaming, General pc stuff, airsofting, PUB!!
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    Retail Managment


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    AMD Ryzen 2700x
  • Motherboard
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    16gb Corsair RGB PRO
  • GPU
  • Case
    LIAN LI 011
  • Storage
    3x 240GB Crucial SSD, 128GB Corsair SSD, 1TB Mech
  • PSU
    Corsair 650w
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    Acer Predator X34 Ultrawide
  • Cooling
    Corsair H105
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70
  • Mouse
    Saitek R.A.T 9 Wireless
  • Sound
    Logitech G430
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1

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  1. Badger906


    Yamaha are my go to for hone cinema audio! I have a Yamaha AV receiver and Yamaha speakers, cant fault any of their devices I've had over the years.
  2. Badger906

    Best wireless headphones?

    I'm after a new set of wireless headphones for my desktop. Currently have corsair h2100s which are great but the battery doesn't last very long now. I also use an external mic so theres zero requirement for recommendations to be "gamer". I most play games so comfort is key, they don't have to be "real" surround sound as windows does a good job of emulating it in games from experience. So people recommendations? No budget really, if they're expensive and the best so be lol
  3. Badger906

    RTX 2070 with I5 4690?

    question is why a 4690? its 5 years old now. that would make motherboards hard to find that arent used, uses EOL ram and is all just old. grab a ryzen 5, fast ddr4 and you are set to go!
  4. Badger906

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Added some lian li strimer cables! Shame the dynamic cases gpu cable grommet is sideways so they twist.
  5. Badger906

    Battlefield 5 RTX on!

    Titans have always been in this price category and have almost always been aimed at gamers
  6. I ordered myself some lian li strimer 8+8 pin rgb gpu power cables. Didnt read the listing as per normal. Its powered off a 3 pin rgb header. My motherboard has 4 pin headers.. what am I looking at to get them working??
  7. Ive only ever had asus boards. So they get my vote
  8. Badger906

    FInal Verdict, a project for 2080 Ti owners

    The 2080ti is the most powerful and best performing card out there. Theres no denying that. So if thays what you need and want the best experience at 4k then it's the one to go for! As for cost, well that's subjective. Theres a lot of butt hurt 1080ti owners about lol because they're always the ones moaning and making stupid memes on reddit.. basically nobody ever moaned about the price of titan cards. They were what they were and if they couldnt afford it theyd buy the TI variant instead. But nope they release the TI version first without any signs of a titan and everyone shits the bed.. Yeah 2080tis aren't cheap.. but that doesn't make them bad cards.. nor has rtx or dsll proven itself yet so its early days. But again if you want the best performing card at 4k then grab a 2080ti.
  9. Badger906

    Can I use a 500W PSU with a RTX 2070?

    I would personally use the corsair one. Always used corsair for basically everything. Only issue compared to the evga one you linked is that it's not fully modular. The main 24 pin cable is permanent. Which is fine. Just if you ever wanted to use custom braided cables youd have to use an extension to change its colour.
  10. Badger906

    Second hand GPU

    Thing is GPUs dont have a life span that's measurable. Theres too many variables to consider and a GPU wont just die when its had a certain amount of use. A mining card for example could have been on 247, but undervolted for power saving reasons. Compared to a gamer who ran it with a huge overclock with a voltage increase.. which has had the tougher life? Has the owner games for an hour a day for 2 years or 10 hours a day? Basically ask for evidence of the card being tested. If it's in person ask to see games being played, check temperatures and what not. You can get an idea of how it should perform looking at benchmarks. If it's being posted then ask for video footage. Just remember warranties are often non transferable. So if it were to break you couldn't send it off for repair. But if its local and somebody you know or could get in contact with again they themselves could send it off
  11. Badger906

    Using intel graphics instead of my gpu

    If it's a desktop first check that the monitor is plugged into the graphics card and not the motherboard. Secondly you can disable on board graphics on most desktop motherboards. If it's a laptop equally it's worth driving into the bios.
  12. Badger906

    GTX 1080TI vs RTX 2080

    Single threaded performance in gaming really only matters at 1080p low settings where 144hz or more is the goal. Thats when the CPU will be the bottleneck. At higher resolutions and settings the gpu will always be the limiting factor. The CPU will kick out more frames than the GPU will. I have a 2700x paired with a 2080ti! For me the 15% (give or take) performance difference between the 2700x and 8700k at a resolution i don't play at wasnt worth it for the $200 extra it would have cost for a 8700k and a similarly specced motherboard.
  13. Badger906

    Is the Zotac 1080Ti AMP EXTREME a good card?

    Please just Google "1080ti catches fire" theres dozens of people having their 1080 and 1080tis catch fire over the years. Compared to a single.. yes a single 2080ti.. Just because it hasn't been in the news doesn't mean things dont happen.. Seriously this pathetic 2080ti band wagon has gone on for long enough... 10 seconds of research will prove half the BS claims wrong.. if your friend goes for a 1080ti over a similarly priced 2080 they are an idiot..
  14. Badger906

    Can I use a 500W PSU with a RTX 2070?

    Grab a corsair 650w. Only brand i personally trust
  15. Badger906

    Jagged Lines, Anti Aliasing, What the heck is happening?

    Firstly welcom. Secondly you've more chance of winning the lotto than linus answering this personally lol The issue your having isnt an issue with your game, it's that your graphics card is well below the minimum required hardware for the game. I'd go as far as saying the HD620 intigrated graphics were about as powerful! The game will never look pretty on your hardware I'm afraid. Low settings and a lower resolution will get the game working though