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  1. Man that was a hard watch. I've been around since the super early NCIX days. Unboxing keyboards and mice in a back room or in the damn carpark on a bench lol. See the channel grow from one young man's passion to a company of passionate people. Was bad enough when luke moved to float plane. That handsome bastards passion for things made videos I didnt even care about worth watching. I get the impression some people will be like "boo hoo I've got kids and a job.. what's the big deal here". But I think the pressure to succeed is something non of us understand when in the spot light of the media. Nobody wants to be the multi million sub channel at fails. Just hope linus finds his happy place. No matter what it consists of. But god dammit man.. this time last week I had my cat put down.. that made my January suck.. now this.. But have to wish everyone ar LTT all the best. I know the company isnt going anywhere. But linus is the face of that. They're going to feel it too
  2. You can use a DS4 seamlessly.. Its plug and play now. As for not being able to use a 2080ti for all games and get 4k 60.. What are you basing this on? Something you've read or experienced.. As I have a 4k monitor as a secondary, and im yet to find a game that doesn't get 4k 60... You've probably just read a reviewer who used 8xmsaa and caused it to shit a brick...
  3. Successful yields will be lower. More transistors the higher the failure rate. Plus failed products can still be branded as a lower tier product with parts disabled
  4. In short yeah. The target sales for it are much lower due to its cost. So that has an effect. Think of it as a car. A ferrari costs 250k, it doesn't have 250k worth of carbon fibre in it, nor does its engine cost that much. But they'll have spent a few hundred million designing it and testing it. They may only predict to sell 1000 models. So the cost of R&D, production, advertisement, testing, legal fees etc etc have to be divided by those predicted sales. Then slap on a mark up fee for profits
  5. How much does it cost then? As you know more than the average consumer. Also what was the development cost?? Shed some light please so we can use the data to work out how much profit they're making!
  6. Before all the butt hurt people flock in saying its just NVIDIA charging extra as their defence for not being able to afford one. You have to remember peoples only metric is previous gen cost. This doesn't factor cost of R&D, production, marketing, projection of sales etc.. NVIDIA stated that their rtx cores had been in development 10years. So that is 10years of research there. Then they launched at a time when ram prices were 3 times what they are now. They had to buy sufficient stock or yields to make it worth investing in. If you go back to 2006 the 8800gtx ultra cost $899.. That was 14 years ago.. Adjust that for inflation and you'll see it wasn't cheaper. Plus everyone gives NVIDIA a hard time. Yet AMD release the vega 7, it performs the same as a 2080, costs the same.. And yet NVIDIA rip people off. Surely if amd could have made it cheaper to sell more they would have done...
  7. Because your x300 stopped supporting modern standards in the early 2000s.. Im surprised anything runs!
  8. You can't research assignments using a book? Umm.. So the only information is online these days.. Its funny how Young people take the piss out of anyone older than them.. But its your generation thats financially unstable, has an average debt of 15k, has higher rate of suicide and a higher link towards depression.. Something tells me the modern way might just be a bit wrong.. Im Alice.. I have a job, savings, a career.. Yeah.. Books really were a bad thing..
  9. You're still going to be very gpu bottlenecked even with a new cpu on monster hunter. Link Watch that video.. Even with a 8600, a 1080 only gets low 70s in actual gameplay (skip all the cutscene bits). You'll be buying a new cpu, mobo and ram for 10fps..
  10. Its 10% at 1080p and only 1080p. Thats when cpus bottleneck, not 1440p, you 1080 will epically bottleneck you there. If you had a 9900k and your 1080, you would nearly double your fps by upgrading to a 2080ti.. Thats a lot more significant than 10%... Worry about having the best processor when you've got the best GPU to push it. Id get a 3600, save a bit more and get a 2080.. You'll only be spending like 400 more total and get a gigantic boost in fps. Also why spend all this on a PC for 1080p.. Ps5 will cost much less and do 4k 60 or 1080p 120.. Seems you're aiming for an expensive but lesser experience..
  11. Choosing a 9900k just for gaming is a dumb idea. 9700k would perform the same for less. As for me id go 3600. You've only got a 1080... Its not exactly going to steam off ahead and leave any cpu behind. Going for a 3600 over a 9900k may lose you like 10% in 1080p gaming.. But zero in 1440p where your 1080 will shit a brick.. You'll also save like 300 which could go towards a gpu upgrade..
  12. Then I guess you only buy pre binned components? As there's literally no guarantee you'll get the best performance. Nothing to say the cpu won't boost a single mhz over its turbo even on liquid nitrogen on the best board you can buy.. You could get a better over clock with a super poor motherboard than a really expensive one if the cpu has failed the silicone lottery
  13. Yeah I just quickly googled it. They reverted back after a backlash. Apparently the upped the minimum ram to 2gb for 64bit users. And it meant that most systems with only 2gb didn't meet the requirements for one reason or another. Guess things like audio and onboard graphics took their share after posting.
  14. Nope. Those levers just stop the ram moving. Even if you snapped them off the ram would still seat and work. Most modern motherboards only have 1 lever per slot anyways. All you'll have done in moved the lever out the way when pulling up. No harm done.