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  1. Thanks, I guess i'll make a list or something
  2. yea, "pro". In my case, it means have everything turn on and start automatically once pc is on, so i dont need to wait for things to load when when i open them. and dont wanna bother turning them off, cuz im lazy like that.
  3. I've always heard that the amount of memory I would need is 16gb, when I'm looking at task manager, I'm regularly hitting 12gb of usage regularly at minimum, with max amount being 24gb. In some cases, I've seen my ram go to 100%, in bursts, and when that happens, my computer slows down for a bit, before it memory usage drops back down. So assuming that, I would have a lot of backgrounds open, with monitoring software running as well, on top of programs and lots of tabs open at once, how much ram would I actually need would 64gb be enough? or should i go for 128gb? that sounds a little overkill
  4. I chose the dark hero mainly for the large heatsink cover around the pcie slots I'll consider the aorus ultra and master though
  5. at the moment, fans really among the last items I will get. I am more worried about the gpu
  6. the fans are just a placeholder for now, I might for the unifans or maybe a white noctua fan.
  7. I am building this and expecting it to not only last but run well for years while playing at triple a games at a minimum of med to high, if not more. I also tend to like to save up for my bigger purchases.
  8. Budget (including currency): N/A Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming, Work Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): A while back, I started planning for a new setup, mostly from scratch. I got most of peripherals, i.e. mouse, monitor, etc. everything except the pc itself, since I was waiting for upcoming releases. But then of course covid happened, and then the shortage happened. I had ho
  9. I've got a couple old phones, I'd like to get rid of. They do work for as far as I can tell, but since most of them don't have any trade in value, I was wondering who / what organization I can donate to that will actually properly take care of it. and try to reduce e-waste. Specifically, I don't how much to trust the random search hits I will get from Google. I'm based in Vancouver, BC.
  10. I can have the 10 gb ethernet on a seperate dock as a standalone as well. for the main dock, is there one that does displayport and an additional usb port (for dongle) as well as audio? im mainly looking for something that would work relatively well, and not burn and or die on me
  11. I can dream right? hair colour I can change on the fly would be damn cool
  12. This template is a guide for the Tech News Posting Guidelines. Please read the guidelines in the pinned topic before posting, otherwise your post may be removed without warning. If you prefer, you can clear the editor to use your own layout by clicking the trash can icon above, but make sure you incorporate all of these sections and follow the Posting Guidelines. Remove all of the italicised text before posting. Summary Just got an email from Razer about their new Razer Rapunzel Hair Dye, pretty sure its a joke. Though some part of me actually kinds wants to try it
  13. I got a G14 not too long ago, but I think I'd like to attach a couple more things to it at once. Just having a bit of trouble finding hubs and/or docks for my use case, since as far as I know, G14 does not support thunderbolt. If I am wrong, PLEASE say so. you would make me very happy by proving me wrong on that bit. First is something to attach an additional 2 standard usb ports, technically only need 1 additional but 2 would be helpful Second is a displayport 1.4, can be a mini as well, but would prefer just a standard Third is a s/pdif port, for soundbar, f
  14. i did watch it, im guessing they removed the link by the time i did or something?