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  1. I’m currently running the X570 Aorus Master with a 5800x and I have been extremely happy with it so far, I personally won’t got back to Asus as in the past I had nothing but regular USB issues which required unplugging keyboard, mouse, microphone & headphone amp and trying different ports just to get them working again. I experienced this with a couple of their Rampage Extreme boards and I found it extremely annoying.
  2. Yes definitely, I thought I’d be ok but I was running into gpu usage issues not maxing out, I used ddu to clean the old drivers out and problem fixed!!
  3. How I would personally attack this scenario would be 1st making sure your Motherboard BIOS is up to date, 2nd Downloading & installing the current Chipset Driver off Amd’s website & not your motherboards as it more up to date. 3rd using ddu and uninstalling all previous graphics drivers & installing them again. If this doesn’t resolve your issue it could be Game issue have you tried other games??
  4. In the same boat with my 5800x using a Corsair h100i 240mm aio my idle temp is 47c Gaming low 70’s and CPU-Z stress test locked at 80c.
  5. Thanks i googled as much as I could but just couldn’t find an exact answer, thanks for your help
  6. Question for you all as I haven’t been around much amd gear in a long time, while waiting for the Motherboard to be delivered I’m pre downloading all my Chipset Drivers & I noticed one called an APU Driver what is it? And is it required? Cpu Ryzen 5800x Mobo Aorus X570 Pro Wifi.
  7. Hey Guys & Gals, I've been out of the game for a couple years but i have recently decided to Build a new PC. So I've since ordered a Aurous X570 Pro Wifi Mobo W/Ryzen 5800X, I've notice on the motherboard is has both an 8 Pin & 4 Pin power input, my golden oldie but still good TT Toughpower 1200w psu has both an 8 Pin and a 4+4 Pin without wanting to destroy anything lol Can you just separate the 4+4 Connector to connect to the 4 Pin plug on the Mobo. Thanks in Advance