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  1. But it happened after a software update lol and lots of people are moaning about it since said update. So I can’t see how software could break hardware considering it was fine for everyone pre 14.5
  2. I’ve had one of Samsung’s flagships every year since the s2 including notes and galaxies and a a fold 2. Recently moved to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and I have zero idea why people say Android is better it’s more customisable blah blah. Other than themes you can nearly do everything the same. I’m yet to be in a situation where I’m like “oh can you not do this on an iPhone” a 120hz display isn’t a deal breaker for me.. nobody suffered with their phones pre 2019. And yeah they cost more and the specs don’t seem amazing on paper. But you get hardware and software optimisation on an insane le
  3. I’ve been a die hard Samsung slag since the S2 days and even 2 note 7s and a broken a fold 2 didn’t put me off.. well till now! recently got an iPhone 12 Pro Max. And the WiFi performance is terrible. To the extent on a 950Mbps connection it struggles to load basic Reddit thumb nails. The issues is consistent across all WiFi connections. And is inconsistent in if it works or not. Sometimes it’s perfect. Other times it’s terrible. Others have reported similar issues and say such things as turning WiFi network private mode off helps, as dues turning WiFi off and on quickly. but
  4. Well by remote I meant further down the gun. It's a bullpop! Not as in remote firing
  5. Afraid not. My electronics knowledge goes as far as 1980s and earlier cars..! So simple and basic!
  6. Pretend I'm an idiot lol and explain of possible what is need. I know what Arduino boards are. But I also know there's a million and one modules and thingies that connect to them. I know pcs and car mechanics. Not this electronic gibberish
  7. Ok terrible title, hard to shorten lol. I need a circuit for an Airsoft gun that nobody makes! Basically the way an Airsoft gun fires by semi auto is that when you pull the trigger the contacts close and send power. The gearbox does 1 rotation and a cam on one of the gears hits a lever that disconnects the contacts. When you release the trigger it drops back to its original position and then you can pull it again. Now I want a remote trigger. That obviously cannot interact with the cut off lever as its not in the same location. So I plan to use 2 micro switches. 1 at the
  8. Buy some feeler guages and set your bed level to 0.1mm. Set your first layer to 150% width to get the good squish. Apply pritt stick or similar paper glue to the bed. Can be removed with methylated sprites
  9. computers through use eventually wear out. components break. however that isn't measurable in any sense. heat kills.. but how much and how much it effects longevity.. again its an unknown. but unless your got 500 graphics cards and a few hundred cores you'll not make anything.
  10. yeah it'd called overclocking. but its not always guaranteed. not all motherboards allow it, and your ram might not take the increase in voltage.
  11. id go with 16gb. any ddr4 will do as long as its dual channel. (2 identical sticks)
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Equipped-Socket-Motherboard-PRIME-MicroATX/dp/B07Q29M7Z8/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=asus+lga1151&qid=1609013979&sr=8-3 or similar. you want an lga 1151 motherboard. doesn't have to have bells and whistles.
  13. TAA, FXAA and 8x MFAA.. yeah there's your problem. you'll double you fps just by turning MFAA off. if you don't understand game stetting, then let Nvidia experience do it for you and take the headache out of the issue.
  14. im an Asus fanboy so id recommend them. a prime b360 is 70 bucks. just make sure the listing says its 9th gen ready as some will need a bios update
  15. you got a 9900k and a 2080 and paired it with a 1080p 75hz display lol.. ok that isn't the point here but hey.. when you run the game what monitoring software have you got open? what is cpu usage, gpu usage? power draw? temperatures? and "ultra"? you could have 16xmfaa running so you're basically running the game at 16k and downsampling.
  16. I mean the absolute fastest is a little pointless. a gen 4 nvme drive will only have noticeable performance advances over a a gen 3 or even sata in only a few use cases. gaming is not one of them. day to day file transfers too don't really benefit either. personally id go for a sata based 2tb one..basically cost the same, and not going to be a bottleneck. laptops you're held back by power management as it is.
  17. going to need more information than just the graphics card. you could have a 3090 but pair it with a core 2 duo e6400 and you'll get 3fps
  18. if you want a 1tb ssd then you'll severely impact you budget. prices will vary from when you look, but an i5 9400 and a Nvidia 1650 should be in budget. motherboard and ram choices are quite large.
  19. ntoskrnl.exe doesn't really narrow it down. its windows management handles everything from memory to temperature related issues. you could research how to obtain your crash and dump logs then post screen shots, that could help pinpoint the issue. secondly you could make sure everything is up to date and or any resent driver updates are reversed, and finally you should check temperatures. make sure nothing is overheating. and or dying ram or gpu can cause similar issues.
  20. just uncheck csgo from the optimised list and go back to your original settings. but are you playing on a toaster? then again if you struggle to get 30fps on csgo go on any settings even a windows update could tip you over the edge.. think even 7 year old intel HD 3000 will get 30fps!
  21. you haven't mentioned a cpu and or a gpu. if you're plugged into the motherboards cdmi port with a ryzen processor without an igpu it wont display.
  22. at 97c your cpu will be throttling. I would very much look there as the issue. get some monitoring software and watch the cpus performance. poor cooling solution and or bad thermal paste would be a starting point
  23. does it advertise itself as a zero rpm model? not all cpu with their default bios can and or will go below 30%
  24. if you want it quiet water cool it. large reservoir, large radiator with high pressure low RPM fans. could get it inaudible given the right case.