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  1. if you are please explain why... I've seen the gameplay from IGN here https://www.ign.com/videos/2019/01/04/anthem-15-minutes-of-lost-arcanist-gameplay-interceptor-storm-colossus-ign-first but it looks like.... destiny 1... just looks great but will get boring after 2 weeks
  2. well that's true...but what about me?! now i'll have to point and laugh... ridicule and mock... on the floor laughing out the phrase " you shoulda listened 300 bucks down the drain, FOR WHAT?" posting pictures on instagram of your LG - 32GK850G-B with titles like "fml" or "why god why?" and the popular "but..." seems like a lot of work... *sigh* oh well, one foot in front of the other
  3. tell that to the people who bought a G sync monitor last week... it's horrible...
  4. its one of those intro pages for Tales of Demons and Gods but... i cant remember what chapter... I'm sorry
  5. I was away on holiday sorry for the long "paws" ROOF! anyways it's Tales of Demons and Gods and google was telling me weird stuff too so i wanted someone to make sense thank yew all~
  6. guess its kinda funny how it goes, stuck at 14nm and now everybody knows
  7. peace on earth and goodwill to all men!
  8. not exactly the mc just needs to go from this to this please don't just look at solo leveling's tags and then suggest "hello kitty island adventures"... here is the latest release if you are interested in making a more accurate recommendation http://merakiscans.com/solo-leveling/50/
  9. Are there any other manga out there as AWESOME as solo leveling? with the main character growing to OP levels while still struggling. The Gamer is ok but you don't yearn for more like solo leveling.... MORE SOLO LEVELING!!!