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  1. Damn the rockets vs warriors series is now actually competitive
  2. The basketball courts reopened today and i've only found one guy that wasnt trying to shoot from wayy far out(he tried to work on his iso-ball game and layuos, which i think is smart). And yes, i was shooting a lot from far out(but not beyond the nba 3pt line). My gym now needs a tomb stone for mid range shots
  3. I'd say get an rtx 2080. rtx 2070 doesn't reach even 100fps consistently in battlefield 5 at 1440p edit: nvm, a rtx 2070 should be fine
  4. I wouldnt go for that, its only 80+ and its a vs series, which is tier c according to this list. I would go tier b at least for any gaming build
  5. It seems like a good option to me, i dont see the cpu bottlenecking that card
  6. Im using a rtx 2070 and i5 4690k (stock clocks) system at 1440p 144hz,(it kinda bottlenecks in cpu heavy games) and im waiting for ryzen 3000. But if i were to upgrade right now to ryzen 5 2600x, how much better will the performance be in games? I also use 16gb of ram and an ssd to boot into windows
  7. Cpu:i5 4690k @3.5ghz Gpu:rtx 2070 gigabyte windforce Ram:16gb ddr3 Score: average fedelity was 11, frames were somewhere in the 16000s. Ill go get a screenshot when i get home As for buying a vr headset, i already spent enough money these past couple months on a 1440p 144hz monitor, a gpu, ssd and ram. I think im good(except for the cpu bottleneck
  8. Even though i do not believe that mbti defines a person as a whole, i'm just curious of other people's mbti on this forum.
  9. Bruh RIP James Harden on this play
  10. my gym is repainting their basketball court. and they're extending their 3pt line to include a college(20.75 inches from rim) and nba 3pt line(23.75 inches from rim and 22 inches inches from the rim in the corners.) When they finish repainting that, i'm expecting a lot of people doing their best curry impersonation.
  11. It was back in 2014 when xbox one catalog of games wasnt big(i originally wanted to go from xbox 360 to xbox one because of halo) and my laptop couldnt run next gen games well(7640g integrated amd graphics, 4gb ram and a8 4500m). So i built a gaming pc I dont regret it.
  12. Gym equipment costs a crap ton of money(bench press, squat rack, weights, etc).
  13. Gtx 1050 is fine for slightly older aaa games at 40-50fps mid-high settings and e sports, but once you throw something like anthem or metro exodus at it, those frames will drop hard(mostly limited to low-medium settings) If you want a new gpu, id go with the gtx 1600s that are coming out.
  14. I think it would be the rtx 2080 imo. Rtx 2070 wont handle the most demanding games(shadow of the tomb raider, division 2, anthem, etc) at 100+fps and 2080 ti's performance jump from the 2080 doesnt justify the cost.(but if you have the money, go for it)
  15. my sat scores are coming tomorrow