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    IT, games, psychology
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    I like to play games


  • CPU
    Intel Xeon 3.5GHz
  • Motherboard
    Dell xeon based board
  • RAM
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    GTX 980
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    2x HDD's 1x SSD
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    Oscar X7
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    Sound card
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    Win 7 x64

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  1. TehPlayer14

    Need Game Suggestions - 3v3

    Or any FPS game really
  2. TehPlayer14

    Windows 7 Install (NO ISO) (NO PRODUCT KEY)

    Install Windows 10
  3. TehPlayer14

    Delete a corrupted folder

    Delete it with CMD or fix it with checkdisk
  4. TehPlayer14

    Could crash be GPU overclock related?

    Some games like TF2 can crash the drivers for no reason
  5. TehPlayer14

    I've got a interesting one for yall. Windows issues.

    I had this issue with comodo myself, I installed on on hard drive it was removed and it blocked all trafic because drivers were probably in Windows folder on drive that was in PC at the time, but I did get internet access in safety mode with networking, try installing software back in and uninstall again or use some program to wipe it
  6. TehPlayer14

    how to make a file disappear in search in windows 10

    That is correct indexing settings can changed
  7. TehPlayer14

    What to use to copy a whole drive

    The only option to fit 290gb inside 240gb is to move data off it
  8. TehPlayer14

    CPU Dilemma

    FX has terrible single core perfomance, Ryzen is way better
  9. TehPlayer14

    Upgrading build for Adobe Premiere editing

    You can also just use Community plugin for rendering with gpu Voukoder Edit: you should get cpu with more cores because rendering uses all of them
  10. TehPlayer14

    Is hardware accelerated sound in modern windows 10 Useless

    No because most motherboard's have pretty flatline quality of sound
  11. TehPlayer14

    Anyone know the Minimum requirements to run NotMyCar? (Steam)

    You probably don't met the requirements and game shuts off or you lack features in gpu/cpu
  12. Laws of physics that is correct
  13. TehPlayer14

    64-bit CPU running 32-bit?

    From what I know x64 system emulators 32-bit which implies it's not perfect especially with older games
  14. TehPlayer14

    Capped FPS goes above limit ? Stuttering too.

    You could also include what games you tried and how are you capping the FPS
  15. Well Beta is probably a pretty stable version of the program it's not alpha