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    IT, games, psychology
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    I like to play games


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    Intel Xeon 3.5GHz
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    Dell xeon based board
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    GTX 980
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    2x HDD's 1x SSD
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    Oscar X7
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    Sound card
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    Win 7 x64

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  1. Looks like GTX 750ti PCIE power version
  2. Can you use RDIMMS with cpu's that don't support ecc? I've digged around on the internet and I got mixed answers on the matter and I'm not sure.
  3. This happens when one of the ends doesn't support higher speed, the higher end is forced to the lower speed just like my 1gigabit PC is limited 100mbit/s
  4. Yes it works on LTE, as long as you have internet you can play on your PC from anywhere
  5. This is honestly terrible.... Nvidia does better with Geforce now... Not to mention how insanely good is steam remote play on LTE network 22ping here in Europe games are very playable, and close to playable for precision/fast reaction games, even managed to play CSGO
  6. Yes they do display please connect the 8pin, they display it from what power they can get from PCIE
  7. I recommend steam, it's up most of the time and has scheduled downtime everyweek to keep it working
  8. Yes and manually fixing it is such a pain.... by that I mean regedit
  9. Everyone knows by now that spoilers look like that... there is no point for that text on or above them I agree with Luna It's just waste of space
  10. Or more depending on file fragmentation
  11. Config won't do unless the game engine supports code for displaying it