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  1. Thats true, but I'll wait and look at the benchmarks I guess, can't really take AMD's word for it. I don't really game at anything above 1080p (for now) but do you think 8GB will be good enough for the forseeable future?
  2. i'm getting either the PS5 or the GPU first then the other has to wait till next year.
  3. Its a bit out of my budget and I'm pretty sure they're gonna get sold out as well.
  4. I'm not sure if I should buy the PS5 first or the 3070 but I can only get 1 first so I need to decide.
  5. Consoles will always beat PC's in the value department, always have and always will.
  6. It's not that expensive for a console especially if you consider the technical leaps that they've managed to pull off. Like linus said, for once a console might be leading the charge in a hardware segment and the PC might be about to become the lowest common denominator.
  7. because some people want value for their money among other things. Is that such a hard concept to grasp?
  8. I opened up my cpu a few days ago and there were no scratches and the paste job was decent because when i pulled the stock cooler off i saw even coverage.
  9. Can I RMA it then? Because I've had it in my PC for so long but didn't really bother checking temps until my PC started freezing. Also I think the paste job is fine because both times with the stock paste and thermal grizzly kryonaut paste it still overheated.
  10. But I feel like the readings are right because with my side panel on my cpu can shoot up to 100c and at that point the PC shuts down mid cinebench. Also ive gotten really shitty scores because of thermal throttling.
  11. I mentioned in the post that these temps were recorded with the side panel off so case airflow is not a factor. The voltages are 1.288v max 1.275 min.
  12. My friend has the same cpu as me running with the stock cooler but his is much cooler on idle. I'm getting like 60c whiles hes on ~40c.