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  1. Wow, i have a really cheap VA panel and even that isnt anywhere as bad as yours. Its probably some visual artifacts or your monitor is just defective.
  2. I currently have the dt 990s and i gotta say i dont really notice the piercing treble everyone seems to be talking about. That being said, i probably have highly insensitive ears.
  3. would you say the fidelios are better than the dt 990s? And thanks, ill look into those amp/dac options.
  4. I'm looking to try out a pair of open back headphones and i specifically would prefer pairs with a larger soundstage. Impedance doesn't really matter as I'll be buying an amp/dac pretty soon. Thanks in advance
  5. sure, i might try that thanks. What amp would you recommend btw besides the e10k since ive heard that its quite underwhelming.
  6. wtf, i actually forgot to type that in, im sorry lol. Its the 250 ohm version. Also, im running on one of those alc realtek chips from a mid tier mobo so it should in theory be fine but ive heard that an amp is still needed.
  7. I'm not sure if something is wrong with me or my ears but they really don't sound that much different. I don't really notice the wider soundstage thats often being talked about when it comes to the DT 990s OR the precise imaging. It might be the fact that im running on onboard audio + its the 250 ohm version but i thought id at least be slightly impressed considering that these earphones cost almost twice the price of my hyperxs in my region. I'm thinking if i should return them immediately and look for something easier to run or test them out with an amp/dac before making a decisi
  8. Yea, you're right lol, ive been hanging on a thread with 8GB of ram for the past few years. Thank you for your input
  9. Current PC build Ryzen 2600 8GB DDR4 2666MHz GTX 1070 CM mw 600W (rest doesn't really matter i suppose) Option A 1.Upgrade from my 1080p 144hz monitor to a 1440p 144hz monitor (think LG or msi but it doesn't really matter since ive got my options covered) 2.Upgrade to a 5600x 3.Upgrade to a set of 3600mhz 16gb ram 4.Upgrade to a RTX 3070 Option B 1.Upgrade to a basic 4k 144hz panel 2.Upgrade to a rtx 3080 Imo, option A sounds more like a reasonable and well rounded upgrade but i reckon
  10. Try looking really closely at the cursor trails when you move your mouse around. With 144hz, you should be able to count a lot more trails when compared to 60hz.
  11. Lol i remember the time when you had to choose between trashy colors and picture quality in general for better gaming performance or good colors and picture quality but shitty gaming performance.
  12. Im pretty sure asus has a no compromise 4k gaming monitor (PG32UQX)
  13. what would you recommend for the 990s btw