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  1. UPDATE I was able to make the scratches less noticeable by using toothpaste. Just plain white toothpaste. I took a cotton swab, dipped it into the toothpaste, and rubbed it into the scratches. I then took a cloth and wiped away the excess, while carefully making sure that I don't put too much pressure so that I wouldn't wipe away the toothpaste from the scratch itself. The scratches are way less noticeable now. Also, my monitor smells minty
  2. Hi all. Today, while I was cleaning my keyboard, I accidentally dropped it and the corner of the keyboard put a few scratches into my monitor. The scratches aren't that noticeable, but they are definitely there. The monitor is matte, not glossy. Is there any way to fix the scratches, or at least make them less noticeable?
  3. I doubt it will be much more demanding than the Witcher 3. My guess would be a 1070/Vega 56 as the recommended gpu, and something like a gtx 770/R9 280 as the minimum. I'm also quite certain that the 1080ti should be more than enough for 1440p at 60fps. Not sure about 144fps, though. EDIT: I looked at the article you mentioned. Firstly, the article is quite outdated, and the author is probably talking out of his ass.
  4. I'll still try to look for some new headphones, though, since my Corsair headset is kind of falling apart (cracked plastic, loose earcups)
  5. Thanks for the info... glad I asked before pulling the trigger on the Razer headset.
  6. So I've been looking into buying a new headset, as I really, really want to try true surround sound. My current headset is a Corsair Void wireless with virtual surround, which AFAIK is not even close to the real stuff. I've also started using my VR headset more and more, so I think surround would definitely help in that department. The only headset with true surround I've found is the Razer Tiamat 7.1. I'd say I'm looking for a great all-around headset, which I can use for VR, as well as regular gaming and Netflix. My budget is flexible, although I would prefer to keep it below £500.
  7. If it's still covered by warranty and it's significantly cheaper than the rest, go for it. If it's the same price as the others, do a bit more gpu hunting.
  8. Lemme tell you a post 970 story. After Ray got bored of his 970, he decided to save up for a new gpu. He started fixing his neighbour's computers for £15 each. He helped them install windows, clean out their PCs and he taught his older neighbours how to use the 'internet'. He finally saved up enough to buy a used 980ti, which he still uses to this day, although said 980ti also likes turning off randomly and artifacting...
  9. So I came up with a stupid idea. I'm just gonna use my main rig for vr and my laptop for everything else. 7300hq and 1050ti makes a respectable gaming machine. I did not expect that. I expected playing on a 1050ti would be like having a botched circumcision. It's not surprisingly.
  10. Changed it to my dgpu. Didn't do anything. Vr ahem.. 'adult material' works though. It works fine. Boy does it work. Now if you'll excuse me
  11. Since i'm bored and depressed rn, I'll tell you the story. The story of a 15 year old amd fanboy. We'll call him Ray. Ray built his first gaming pc in summer 2015. He was proud of it. It had an i5 4460 and an r9 270. He then switched to a GTX 970 in November 2015. He saw the light. That was Ray's first high end gpu. He joined the green team. BUT WAIT. Ray already had a ltt forums account, from his AMD days. So he decided to be the mother of all irony. He changed his pic to an Nvidia logo. And it stayed like that until now, and it will stay like that forever. Confusing people far and wide.
  12. I've disabled ths igpu from device manager. Now the oculus app says that my rift is not connected to the hdmi port.
  13. Cpu: i5 7300hq Gpu: gtx 1050ti 4gb I did the steamvr performance test. Smack in the middle. Thr gpu is the minimum oculus spec so it shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Checked the bios. Doesn't even have an option to disable the igpu. Guess i'm screwed.