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  1. The difference in price is simply because they are made by different companies and the different companies price them how they want to. Price isn't necessarily an indicator of quality.
  2. So I get the aesthetics, but is there any practical reason to take off the winkey? My current setup uses it an inordinate amount, and thinking back to when I did use a normal windows setup I still did use it a lot.
  3. @James Why is there no thread for me to complain about your keyboard coverage

  4. Because I'm very cheap, I just spent a good 15 minutes installing build dependencies for a piece of open source music software that I'll never use.


    $20 says it doesn't build

  5. That is not a lot of cores.  Linode Minecraft server neofetch.

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    2. FezBoy


      @Den-Fi lel


      @Flying Sausages  I mean, if someone did hack it this is essentially what they would see.  The only difference between server administration and hacking is how you got the password

    3. FezBoy


      @Den-Fi I have more uptime than you get rekt noob

    4. Den-Fi


      Lol that was a few mins after I installed the OS.




      Suck on deez uptime nutz tho.

  6. Yo wtf my school has enough PC's and monitors for a full esports team.



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    2. FezBoy


      That might make sense.  My school has been discussing starting an esports team for a while, so it's interesting that they're just... There

    3. FezBoy


      Yep, I talked to the CSci director and he said that was exactly it.  Hope to get them in use soon

    4. Pascal...


      You sure those are all ? Didn't you steal something ???







      /jk aside, it would be hella tempting to me to snag something if it wasn't booked into an inventory system...

  7. As one of those people: Tech like this, along with many other reasons, is precisely why I say "China/Russia bad." If it starts being used on any scale in the United States, or any country for that matter, I will say "China/Russia/United States/etc. bad"
  8. Imagine neecing to see yout keus. tyis oost made by the touch typong gang.
  9. My mobo doesn't have enough fan headers and it's annoying.


    1. DrMacintosh


      Get a cheap fan header splitter

    2. Spotty


      The RGB works that's all that matters

    3. TVwazhere


      I do not endorse Spotty's comment. 

  10. I've got a staples hyken that works well. The headrest is a bit low, but you really don't need it. https://www.staples.com/Staples-Hyken-Technical-Mesh-Task-Chair-Black/product_990119
  11. TBH when he said black switches I figured he meant black inks too
  12. Linus: most expensive keyboard Also linus: standard gateron switches In his defense he did spend multiple thousands of dollars on caps and lubed the switches.
  13. image.png.e62ac615d2401d284f4db3f2b939976e.png  image.png.4ea5027ba3a71ab04fe9c7f9d583ce90.png

    This pleases the fez.

  14. https://duckduckgo.com/settings#theme Dark mode my boi. Tbh tho it doesn't look very different from google. And bangs! Don't forget bangs!
  15. It's filesystem cloning time my dudes



    1. FezBoy


      Oh god I didn't realize it was on node modules


    2. FezBoy


      oh dang it's done

      that was a fast 40 gigs

  16. So network is working but now every boot hangs while it trust to start a non-existent network card ugggggghhhhhhhh

    1. FezBoy


      fixed that

  17. Got Arch booted after changing some absolute paths to UUIDS in fstab.  Don't know why they were absolute, but they aren't now.


    No let's see why Ethernet isn't working.

  18. So I moved some hardware around and added an SSD and now arch won't boot.  what the hell

    1. FezBoy


      Figured it out.  Arch is trying to mount /dev/sda2 for /efi but it should be trying to mount /dev/sdb2. I must've mixed up some sata cables.   Now I just need to figure out how to get it to mount the right one.