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Everything posted by FezBoy

  1. What was wrong with the PS2 Logo at 8:40?
  2. 1 GIGABYTE PER WEEK!? Are they on 4g or something??
  3. I've personally never hit a data cap, but this is still supremely stupid.
  4. Fixed it:

    Just needed a notification manager that actually uses the system theme

  5. Listening to japanese music on linux:

  6. Banned for wishing you were in Japan
  7. This isn't even a question. Apple wouldn't be apple without the iPhone. They'd basically be dell or HP by this point
  8. banned because tim curry is a treasure, espescially in drag
  9. Banned because there's nothing generic about a blue chinchilla eating a dorito
  10. banned because "iknow" is one word. I know for a fact that if it were two words there'd be a space
  11. the fact that those don't have dark mode pains me. Scratch that gmail does have dark mode.
  12. I go away for two minutes and the mods on the forum thread gets locked.


    SMh my head, y'all can't behave

  13. Please tell me yall didn't actually leave the rusty noctua mount in there @ColinLTT
  14. I think the heatsink collection is selected for compatibility with different GPUs, not to look decent. the adhesive situation, on the other hand is just funny
  15. "computer science" is the study of things related to computers, so essentially academic research and programs at schools. Research generally tends to be less about making products, and more about studying methods and ideas, then publishing the research (which is often then used by engineers to make products)
  16. Streaming wireless to a quest over ALVR is the only way to play minecraft.

  17. Ordered an oculus quest.

    now i need a new gpu for HalfLife Alyx

  18. HGGGGG why is the Oculus Quest out of stock HGGGGG

    It was in stock for like 8 hours last night but i missed it

  19. Can we get an update video on the state of the Oculus Quest for PCvr? i.e. over 5g wifi and various cables for link. You have done one on it already, so maybe just on short circuit
  20. Note to self:



    the trackpoint sucks for aiming.