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  1. Not really, just experiences. I men, I trust LTT, but just wanted to read what people from other parts of the world had experienced.
  2. LTTStore.com

    1. The Electroclassic

      The Electroclassic

      International friend, how's been your experience ordering from LTTStore outside the english-speaking North-America?

  3. Hey guys! So, I'm about to pull the trigger and get some LTT goodies, since I'm not neither in Canada nor the US of A, how has the experience has been for non-NA buyers. I might wait until all of the COVID-19 is over, because exchange rates are through the roof.
  4. I mean, yes. So it's easier for someone to steal your info. I would rather have that extra layer of security with Pay, even if it requires me to take out my phone. Which I would already have in my hand in most cases.
  5. Apple Pay is coming to Mexico after nearly 6 years of been announced. And, while Android Pay and Samsung pay have been established for quite some time, it looks like the Big Apple is ready to take the spotlight (and, who knows, maybe the lead) for contactless payments. While multiple banks already offer cards with NFC chips on them, as well as NFC-enabled card readers, it hasn't been the mainstream yet, but with the Cupertino-based company finally adding support for The Land of the Coronas, this might change soon. 9to5Mac, iDownloadblog and many other news outlets have covered the news. Twitter user Juan De Santiago added a card from Banregio, Monterrey-based bank, successfully. Obviously, the verification process failed as support for Apple Pay hasn't been announced officially yet. Looks like it's the only partnered bank so far at the time of the writing, I've personally tried it with cards issued by Bancomer, Scotiabank Mexico, Santander and Banorte and none of them worked. Dominican YouTuber (and I dare to add, Latino MKBHD) Victor Diaz, MARCIANOPHONE, also confirmed the news with another customer of Banregio via his own fanbase. [media] Which means that Apple Pay might launch soon in Mexico to compete with already stablished services like Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Aregntina-based MercadoPago and more, being already accepted in multiple locations around Mexico.
  6. Final update: i might start saving money to send the drive to drive savers. Lesson learned. Back up everything kids. Invest in hard drives and backblaze. Don’t forget to follow me so you can laugh at the consecuentes of my own stupidity.
  7. Update 3: Found the dock, and plugged it in. It makes what I believe is a normal noise. macOS is refusing to read it. To even acknowledge it on Disk Utility. I recorded a snippet of audio if you believe it's a disk failure, welp then we're done here. update3.mp3
  8. UPDATE 2: Got to the controller. Turns out the aluminum foil was just that. Foil. Now, gotta locate the dock. I'll keep updating.
  9. UPDATE: Pried the thing open. It was way more difficult than I expected, but nothing that a Cutter and a Dunkin' Donuts gift card can't solve. Now, I'm guessing the controller is behind that aluminium foil, any idea on how to remove it without messing with the drive itself?
  10. I think I have a dock at work. From an old broken desktop HDD (also from Seagate, now that we mention it.), you reckon it might work? Would the voltage affect the disk? it's a dock for a 3.5" and mine is a 2.5". As for the tests, is there a page or a wiki I can consult on how to run them? I usually work on macOS, but on my laptop I do have a Bootcamp partition as well as another Linux laptop.
  11. Hi LTT, couple of months ago, I posted that my personal Hard Drive had failed. No weird noises, so no indication of physical damage, it was just that macOS and Windows stopped reading it. Today, I tried to connect it to a Linux laptop (Ubuntu, I think the latest LTS) and it read at a painful slow speed. Now, the enclosure gets pretty hot when reading, which gives me a little bit of hope and leads me to believe it might be a "controller" (is that what it's called?) issue. My drive is a 2TB Seagate Expansion Portable. Now, to the question, has anybody tried to shuck any Seagate drive? How hard it is? Where can I get a new controller & enclosure for it? It might die in the process? I have lots of questions and I'm willing to try things to regain access to my drive, you see, I have all my projects and Sample Library in it, you know, the usual stuff. Thanks in advance, guys!
  12. My external drives. On late-november one of my drives became unreadable by macOS and Windows and, although it mounts on Linux, it's way too slow for it's standards, which leads me to believe that it's final hours are coming. Any tips on saving that data? Bonus: My other hard drive failed yesterday too, difference is that one was a mechanical failure so now I need recovery services. F for my data, my bank account and my lack of back-ups.