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  1. I'm really hoping that is due to that they only have one outlet, whereas umart etc have 5 or 6. As they get more warehouses, it *should* get cheaper.
  2. Original Articles - http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/amazon-australia-finally-launches-after-months-of-anticipation/news-story/d6092b8bcdb60b7b9daf9145023a4a23 - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-05/amazon-launches-australian-service-threatens-local-retailers/9225160 Currently prime shipping does not exist, but Amazon is expecting to introduce it at some point but has not said exactly when. It will have an introductory cost of $2.99USD and then $5.99USD/month after 6 months. It will include Prime Video and Twitch Prime. I hope it will succeed, as it will drive prices down, but at the same time it will, unfortunately, close some of the smaller shops like what happened to NCIX.
  3. Happens all the time all over the world. For example, engineers from tech companies will often be snatched by other companies. The exact same happens in the car industry. Faraday Future stole a few Tesla employees, so yeah.
  4. Either way, you cant employ someone who isn't asking to be employed.
  5. Like Linus has said many times, it's pretty hard to hire someone who hasn't applied.
  6. I'm 17, so I'm thinking something like $15-20 (Australian) per hour, more if he is willing. When he called asking for the website, I asked him to write some content, and I am going to meet with him sometime this week to discuss layout etc.
  7. I have recently had a family friend approach me about building a website for their construction company. The reason they approached me is that I have built a Squarespace website for this person before, but for a community organisation they belong to and I did at the time, but no longer do, for free. I still provide tech support for said website, for free. From what he has said, he does wish to pay me for this, which I have no opposition to (a little money never hurt anyone). I am currently planning on building the website in squarespace, but I am not sure if 1- It is against Squarespace TOS to do this, and 2- How much do I charge, and do I include a year of 'website support' for an extra cost. If you have any tips or suggestions, I am open to hearing them.
  8. You are in a sub-section of the forum. Look at your URL. It should be https://linustechtips.com
  9. The PF1000U looks like it would make an amazing home cinema experience. Would be a great replacement for an old tv.
  10. Thats strange, it works on my 7750. Make sure ALL drivers are properly installed.
  11. Current Keyboard: Some cheap microsoft one that I got with a deal Reason I need a new keyboard: cheap microsoft keyboard
  12. My main monitor is 1080p, but for youtube, forum browsing etc i have a 1024x768 dell monitor. One day i'd like to replace it but i dont mind it.
  13. Name is meant to be a string, but it wont convert string to JTextField
  14. So I have an assignment requiring the use of lots of textboxes using the java Swing library. Unfortunatly the code to create textfeilds is quite long winded. I would like to be able to call a function textField(name, grid1); which then goes and runs a function public void textField(JTextField text, JPanel gridName){ text = new JTextField(32); gridName.add(text); } however the function doesnt like the line textField(name, grid1); giving the error 'name has private access in component'. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
  15. ZuluGod

    Tesla Model 3

    Cant forget about the rumoured Y: S 3 X Y
  16. I appreciate that you are trying to teach new people, but I feel this is something that should be on tech quickie
  17. midnight = 12am, therefore midday = 12pm
  18. I cant find the exact model number because HP hides it but this is the laptop my school gave my grade. i5 4200U @ 1.60Ghz 4GB Ram 1366x768 Screen (11 Inch at 40 Hertz) running Intel HD Graphics 4400 120GB SSD + My own 30GB SD Card for Google Drive which we are forced to use (Which I have no problem with, its just it has to be our school one and not our own one :angry: ) No Administrator on a device which we paid for. Finally a really bad sticker on the back of our laptops so that we know who owns which laptop
  19. I'm running a landscape 23" in the middle, a portrait 22" on the left and an old 4:3 dell on the right (currently inactive as i am awaiting an adapter for DP to VGA)
  20. Hi all, I am building a computer for a friend which will be used for moderate gaming. The current list is here. The maximum price is ~$1400 AUD. I am mainly not sure about PSU compatibility and reliability. What are your thoughts on this list, do you have any suggested upgrades?
  21. Click "Add network location" in This PC/My Computer, Click next, Click choose a custom network location and click next, enter \\(IP address)\(sharename) and click next sharename is generally your useraccount, when you go to \\(IP address) you will get one or multiple folders, all of these need to be individually mapped under "sharename" EDIT-- You probably assigned the NAS a name when you installed it, for example Aztec_NAS. That name can be used in place of the IP address on windows if your router accepts DNS lookup
  22. I hope they didnt murder the zen branding, i love my zenfone