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  1. What about the massive R&D costs these companies go through? I doubt they'd show of their innovations to the world for free.
  2. Agreed but there are others too. WD, Corsair and such. Except Samsung and WD(for their controller) most of the other brands use a combination of parts such as the nand-flash and the controller from various third parties.
  3. I'd pick WD Blue or the Crucial MX500. Others don't have DRAM cache which is quite important for performance and reliability.
  4. Firefox with uBlock Origin is less taxing on your battery than Chrome. Although Firefox has been glitchy and slow and laggy in my experience.
  5. Chrome crashing seems to be a problem with Android 10 itself, I have a problem with it crashing too. Have to turn off and on again. Edit - On a Nokia 6.1 Plus with Android 10.
  6. It's just SSD's without dram cache from OEs like Adata and Kingston. There's the SX6000 Pro from Adata/XPG but it's not as highly rated as the MP510 or the 860 Evo. Okay. Thanks. Lemme look at them, Although Amazon India is not my first choice for PC Hardware, They often over-priced and sometimes ship DOA/Damaged goods. I checked YouTube for some speed comparisons and yeah SATA and NVMe are pretty much the same. It's just that I'm worried that SATA would go obsolete in a few years. I guess that will never happen?
  7. Im sourcing parts for a new build and I'm confused between getting a NVMe and a SATA ssd drive for my OS, Web browser and some apps and prolly some games(Games will be transferred to my HDD later on) It's a PC that's going to be used for moderate gaming and Just the regular student stuff, Word processing, Mild photo editing and the like. NVMe drive - Corsair MP510 240GB - ₹4,800($67) SATA drive - Samsung 860 Evo M.2 240GB - ₹4,100($57) Although I'm aware of Crucial MX500 it's tough to get my hands on one. The only other decent SSDs are the ones above. My main priority is having a DRAM cache and many of the budget ssd's do not have one. Having a m.2 form factor is highly preferred but I ready to go for a 2.5" drive too. Also, I probably shouldn't be worried about this but will SATA be outdated in the future and probably getting a NVMe is a safer bet? Also, Is having HMB better/substitute for not having a dram-cache?
  8. Thanks. Some updates are like 6 MB or so that should take even less time. I'd just go with plugging the USB directly to the Mobos usb port to be safe? That's informative. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I'm gonna a build a PC real soon for the first time and I was researching about the motherboards and the like. I got to a point where I was getting educated on BIOS updates and it eventually led me to some posts of people have their bios updates get stuck at the update install screen. What is the likelihood of getting in such a situation and how long does it take to update bios on a modern machine?
  10. I'm buying off of a brick and mortar store so I can get the Mobo w/ updated bios I'll look into B450Max series too though. Thanks! I've seen YouTube videos of this card paired with a 2500/3600/9100F/9400F and it seems to have enough grunt for my gaming needs. What card do you suggest though?
  11. Heyo, Im a moderate gamer and I will be using my PC for daily use cases, For studies, Media and browsing. I will not be OCing for now, Maybe after 2-3 years. My budget is ₹60,000 including peripherals. I've put up a list for myself, But I'm a first time builder and so I'd like the opinion of you all. Ryzen 5 3500 ASRock B450M Pro4-F Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000 8x1, Will be adding another 8Gig later Gigabyte Radeon RX570 Gaming 4G Crucial MX500 Corsair CX550W Corsair Carbide Spec 05 Keyboard Mouse combo for 3K AOC 22 Series 21.5" Monitor TIA
  12. I tried searching for a similar thread but couldn't find one. What are all the news sources that the TechLinked team refers to for updates? From the screengrabs I could find - I am searching up on more sources to get my fix of news and would love to see new links! TIA
  13. Pixel experience always was heavy on my phone too, It has since been axed from development for our phone.