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  1. you may lose your data, but your drives won't be physically damaged. Unless you lose all of your data and then smash them with a hammer (I've seen that happen)
  2. the charging control thing seems like a fast charging switch - where the driver gains low-level control and turns on/off fast charging. the battery check thing I assume only reads battery status data and reports it to the user...could be disabled, but needs to be researched in this exact case. igfx tray is the tray icon for the Intel Integrated graphics app, it should still work if you disable it, just won't appear among the tray icons. Rainmeter would probably reduce your booting time considerebly, but I assume you want it running for customization purposes. Best th
  3. Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has tried this, since I seek a practically tested answer haha So I have an iPad Air 4 2020 and the Apple Pencil (2 gen) which comms via bluetooth. Thing is, say I wanna use separate bluetooth mouse and a bluetooth keyboard, will they all work at the same time? I know that in theory they should, since the BT protocol allows up to 7 active connections to be established at the same time on 1 device, however people on the internet say it's limited to 3-4 and I didn't find anyone with that combo of devices...so TLDR; Will it work? Has anyone tried
  4. Some info to confirm it's not that simple: 1) is your GPU Overclocked? If yes, these could be artifacts from too high clocks, try reducing them or restoring to default, if not let's continue further. 2) are you running system optimised defaults in your bios? (could try setting that) Assuming you've alread replugged your display cable (or at least checked whether it was firmly plugged in or not), and you've already restarted your pc and the problem still persist, you can go into the BIOS and see if you're getting lines there too. If there are lines outside the OS it's ob
  5. Hey, so I own a HP Pavillion x360 2018 14" cd0505na - the i5 8250u variant. The laptop was bought second hand. Thing is the SSD is only 128GB (M.2 Sata 3) I want to upgrade it to say 512GB (scouting for black friday deals), BUT I wonder if it would support the NVMe protocol or do I have to stick to SATA AHCI? The performance uplift isn't that neccessary but if it's possible, I'd like to have it. I contacted HP and they said it supports "sata, nvme, pci-e, m2." If we go by the way they worded it, it's a mixture of protocols and interfaces so it seems that the person wh
  6. Since a lot of people switched over to AMD-based laptops in the past year (me being one of them as of last week), there are a lot of interesting settings I had to google despite my decent knowledge of settings and technologies used on Intel and Nvdia based machines and I think people may find useful the following TechQuickies: - Radeon Boost [with/without comparison - fps and visual difference (if any)] - Surface format optimization - GPU scaling vs letting windows scale things (the good old "high-dpi screens and blurry apps issue")\ - Radeon Anti-Lag (measure the latency
  7. I think they are planning on sort of battling Apple silicon by not making an ARM cpu but rather trying to make x86 shine a bit more as far as energy efficiency is concerned. DDR5 maaybe, PCI-e 5 I doubt it .... they've been optimizing the 14nm platform for ages now, idk if any of these optimizations will transfer over to newer lithographies. Let's hope they bring sth good to the table, competition is always good for us in the end of the day.
  8. even if you manage to get it up and running (since you can't really OC bclk of locked cpus anymore afaik), it'd prob be unstable, even tho they've separated bclk from pci clocks since Skylake. I think the only thing you can OC by rising the bclk (in your case) is your RAM, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. dunno what screen size and portability you're after but I can recommend the HP ENVY x360 15'' on the Intel side of things. It's pretty good for photo editing imo. You might be better off going on youtube and watching Linus' reviews on some recent laptops and see if you can choose from there? Think you will see and hear more about a given laptop there instead of the forum.
  10. If it's a nice PSU from a reputable brand, it should be fine for even more than 10 years. You will, however, most likely upgrade a lot in that time period so the wattage may not be enough...unless you have bought like some crazy 2kW PSU...than you're prob safe lol. Everything degrades with time one way or another, as far as PSUs go, its capacitors may die (psu will stop working). Expect having lower power efficiency and prob smaller power capacity than advertised. An old PC at home (that's been upgraded many times over the years but is still within PSU 80% cap) is st
  11. If it has to be done for free, is splitting the data an option? Because then you could make multiple google drive accounts (or any other similar service really) and split the data across all of them, that way you will never really run out of cloud space because you can just keep making new accounts and expand your total storage space.... Apart from this rather janky method, I'd probably try building a tunnel via some VPN service and sharing files with SMB. SFTP is another option but it requires more gateway setup on both sides, I think. P.S. I may or may not have h
  12. My gf has an Ipad and uses goodnotes5. Thing is the project files (and the exported pdfs) she has to work on are quite large and she can't delete them since she has to revisit random ones at a random time. The Ipad has 32 gb storage, which is almost full. That's why she wants to store all the files on iCloud drive but not have all of them stored locally. Can that be done? I dug into the settings and couldn't figure it out, it seems like in order to store files on the icloud drive you also have to keep them locally. Another annoying thing is every time you want to VIEW a picture that
  13. depending on the games and your HW you could definitely play some less demanding titles. However, in the case of very old games, check the driver and hw compatibility because I skipped that once and it costed me my whole day haha. So my gf wanted to play a very old strategy game that didn't run on anything past xp (and vista with patches) on her laptop and I did everything vm-wise (xp service pack 3), installed all drivers I could find, even applied some tweaks in the config file of the game and it would just keep crashing every single time, no matter in what mode I would run it in (
  14. assuming the RAM is inserted fully in? If it aint a PSU issue, mobo comes next on my list. any spare cables you could try with? I've had faulty cables causing weird issues before.
  15. Super Mario Bros was around 31 Kilobytes. So at this speed you could transfer the whole super mario bros game roughly 718 MILLION times in 1 second. Maybe sth more modern...like Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 200 gigs game at this transfer speed would result in roughly 112 call of duty's being transfered in 1 second. Or for the impatient gamer who awaits his single instance of CoD to download, that'd take about 0,01 seconds to complete. P.S. that's without any tcp overhead taken into consideration.