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    Bi-Polar hobbies.
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    Dark, morbid, and earthy... that is my brain. Like Patton, I curse like a stable boy and pray like a saint. In my free time, I game, work around the house and hang out with my LEO friend. Be kind to LEO, for one day... you might need LEO.
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    Seminarian, Janitor, Tutor


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    Intel i5 4690K @ 4.5
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    AsRock Z97x Fat1ity Killer
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    HyperX 4x4Gb @2200mhz
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    Cooler Master Haf XB EVO
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    Corsair RM650X
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    Samsung Curve 1080 Freesync
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    Noctua D15s
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    Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Cherry Blue
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    Logitech G502
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    Bose somethings
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    Win 10 Pro and still sour about it.
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    Lenovo Thinkpad A485 Ryzen5 Pro 8gb RAM

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  1. They might be proprietary. I had a few and never used them. When I did a little side work and someone needed one (only happened maybe twice) I did not mind giving them one. Like I said, I never used them. APC sells them for $30 and some change. I don't HAVE to have them, but it would be nice.
  2. Does anyone know where I could get a handful of rj50 to usb signaling cables for some battery backup units I bought second hand? I have slowly given all of mine away and was only able to find one. I'd prefer to not pay anything but I will if I absolutely have to. If anyone has spares, I will pay for shipping if they are willing to ship them.
  3. 3/4th of the way through the semester and I still get students emailing me thinking I am the professor.

    UN 2010: Beyond The Facepalm... [memes] - YouTube

  4. I had changed the setting a while ago, but it somehow turned itself back on. I took care of it again.
  5. Someone on ebay is offering a brand new MSI 5700xt Mech OC for $300 OBO. Decent shipping too. How is this card with cooling and sound?
  6. I am not concerned with deleting the app I just want that MFer to quit popping up when it knows it is unwanted like the orphan children are. If my knowledge/memory serves me correctly, ad blocker is only on the web browser. This is baked in so even a system wide ad blocker won't block it. I'll triple check that the app is disabled. MFers are driving me nuts with pushing their $hit like this.
  7. My S7 has a grey tab on the bottom on both the lock and screen and home screen. Any time I go to unlock my phone or go to the app page the f*cking Samsung Pay advertisement comes up. How can I get that to go away? I have loved my S7, and was thinking of getting another Samsung device, but $hit like this turns me off quicker than a mental image of your ugly mom.
  8. As someone who has almost had full blown Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and continues to have issues, hell yeah I want one.
  9. Then I assume it does not lag with every day tasks.
  10. In terms of longevity, it is not overkill. You will be fine for many years to come. You won't have to upgrade that card for a while.
  11. I am looking at replacing my mother's Iphone 5s with the Pixel 4a. A lot of the reviews I read/hear say it is underpowered via the battery and cpu. The battery should be fine as my S7 is slightly smaller but still does fine. Can anyone give me some insight regarding the cpu/gpu and its performance. All she does is text, talk on the phone, look at the internet and play cards. She has small hands so a bigger phone is not ideal.
  12. @Conor KeatingI have not disabled it. I tend to stay out of the registry as I have caused issues in the past when trying to change/fix things.
  13. On the dust part, you should have nothing to worry about. I taped off the bottom openings and now air flows out of the sleds like I have a fan right there at it. If planned out, dust should be minimal. In terms of convenience, I can't tell you to go one way or another as I don't know what your circumstances are or how often you change out the drives. Personally I'd put that bitch on the floor where she belongs.
  14. Who dare wakest me from mine slumber!? I can tell you right now, get a set of these. Also, it never hurts to get a set of 80mm fans. If you want it to sit on the floor so it doesn't take desktop space, you can flip the PSU and the 80mms will provide air for it. Unless you have extremely high pile carpet/rug where it would sit, the sleds will work fine on the floor and with cats. With the 80mm fans, air will blow out from the sleds. They really did a good job at designing the air flow of this chassis, if you block off the openness of it. I used black gaff tape to block the bottom and si
  15. Props to Sony.


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    2. dual290x


      Now, if even half of the companies out there cared enough to put in a detail like that, I would consider them more. But, I agree with you. Not having backwards compatibility when there is no clear reason is like a kick to the nads. It gets me pissed off.


      However, a wise man once said.... "It is better to be pissed off, than to be pissed on".

    3. TVwazhere


      I just dislike the new $70 standard price for games with the release of the new consoles. 


      I'm getting more stingy with the prices of most games as time goes on. Am I just being silly or am I understanding the value of money better?


      I mean.... I AM silly but you know what I mean

    4. dual290x


      Yes we all know what you mean, TV. Every year games are getting more $#itty at release and they keep asking for more money for them. That is the downfall of being able to update games online, they can take their sweet precious time fixing them and selling what really could have been/should have been available at launch. Again yes, we know what you mean... you like boys.