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    A$$hole and Insult Provider to @TVwazhere
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    North Carolina, USA
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    Bi-Polar hobbies.
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    Dark, morbid, and earthy... that is my brain. Like Patton, I curse like a stable boy and pray like a saint. In my free time, I game, work around the house and hang out with my LEO friend. Be kind to LEO, for one day... you might need LEO.
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    Seminarian, Janitor, Tutor


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    Intel i5 4690K @ 4.5
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    AsRock Z97x Fat1ity Killer
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    HyperX 4x4Gb @2200mhz
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    Cooler Master Haf XB EVO
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    Crucial 1tb M.2 msata
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    Corsair RM650X
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    Samsung Curve 1080 Freesync
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    Noctua D15s
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    Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Cherry Blue
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    Logitech G502
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    Bose somethings
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    Win 10 Pro and still sour about it.
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    Lenovo Thinkpad A485 Ryzen5 Pro 8gb RAM

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  1. I got my fans... they are the wrong ones. I will let everyone know what the return/refund process is like.
  2. Shipping update: The fans came in yesterday. I did not check my mail until early this morning. I'll be out of communication until later tomorrow.
  3. I am getting new fans for resale value. If you just don't care, and you have a non-reference cooler then I would suggest you get a couple of noctua fans and ziptie them to the card. They will be quieter and more efficient. You can't have both with stock fans. Ebay is also a great option (and generally cheaper).
  4. Found this on Reddit by jurassic73

    r/pcmasterrace - Priorities...

  5. I have a buddy of mine that is a bit older than I am (almost old enough to be my dad). He just graduated from the local community college, and I want to get him something other than just some dinky "Good Job, Bud" card. Any ideas? He is a police officer and keeps many things private, so I don't know what he is precisely into, let alone what he does during his time off. I thought of getting him a GNC gift card to get caffeine/workout supplements for his night shifts. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  6. This is an online school and the paper is due in a few days, so that is not possible. This semester has been a rough one. Thank you for the suggestions regardless.
  7. How I look when I start to think about my thoughts and choices in life:



    ... or after a very hard exam.


    1. Murasaki


      somehow i find it relaxing

  8. I have both Word and Grammarly. I need feedback on the paper and for someone to make notations, similar to what a professor would do. I was so busy working on things for the other classes that I missed the deadline to submit my paper for feedback.
  9. Is there a service/website that can provide quick editing for college papers? Something like an editor would do such as: giving feedback and making notations for changes. I have my paper due this week and could use something like this. I know there are services that will write your papers but I am too honest to do that. What I need is a good editor that is quick so I can make a couple of submissions before turning my paper in.
  10. The pipeline is back up and running for the most part. We will probably still see gas prices at a higher price for a while. Now if only I could get my essay done and be ready for my exams this week.
  11. Life lesson #1,458:

          When taking any supplement/workout aid that has caffeine in it, take half of the amount the directions say to use. Otherwise one might think you railed a long thick line of coke.

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    2. dual290x


      Final papers and exams are causing my poor health/life choices at the moment. Guy at GNC said this would be more "gentle" than caffeine tablets... sure bud, yeah. I just did forty laps up and down the hall in ten minutes to get rid of some jitters and clear my brain.

    3. dual290x


      3 hours ago, Den-Fi said:

      Yeah, no.... esp if you've never had it before.

      I'd sooner recommend B Complex w/ caffeine.


      That's what he should have recommended.


      Though if you keep taking that pre-workout, you'll get used to it and will have to cycle off before normal levels of caffeine are effective again.

      What I am using has 100mg like the B Complex you mentioned. I knew I was sensitive to stuff, but not this much. I can drink two cokes and never get like this.

  12. I heard on the radio today, while I was at work, that things are "suppose" to be relatively normal after the weekend. I was also told that Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia were the states most affected. Does anyone have info to share on the group? I'd go searching but I have a paper to finish before studying for finals.