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  1. Daily dose of chemicals - here's a monster pacific punch. I'd say they did good with their unknown and body rotting chemicals, cheerio! 

  2. I do not support these cyborgs creating vlogs filming every mundane detail of their lives. 

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    2. lewdicrous


      Yea, good point. 

      Guess their bubble won't pop as long as they have their hordes of zombies they call "fans"


      A plague that keeps on growing..

    3. Guga


      Their fans mostly consist of children, which is a haunting thought due to the growing mindsets of children. If they accept this way of life, I imagine this cycle will continue. 

    4. lewdicrous


      I don't know if we should wait for natural selection to do its thing or if we should intervene..


      Let's just hope for the better

  3. It's more than likely 400 stainless steel. Don't hit rocks? If it were a carbon blade itd easily pit and rust, but I have high doubt that is the case. There's nothing to do to care for it really, if you aren't cutting with it. My knives I always oil because they aren't stainless.
  4. That is not a bad price, hopefully I can +1 of these before they run out.
  5. Hello

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    2. Guga


      I've seen much. Fitting place it seems as I enjoy a good anime, not quite to the upper limits of those who push it so far. I know quite a deal I'd say, but I do find it hard to keep up with new chipsets and all that jazz. I find myself to be more of a network/common sense person. I deal quite a bit in audio mostly car audio set ups. 


      I can't be bothered to learn every new process X brand puts out to show up another brand. 

    3. Windows7ge


      You don't have to keep up with every socket & chipset although that topic makes up a good chunk of the troubleshooting & general question threads people post but regardless help people with what you know. Ask questions about what you don't, and just overall have fun.

    4. Skanky Sylveon