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    Computers & Technology, Hockey, and Harry Potter.


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    Intel 8700k
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    EVGA z370
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    T-Force Delta 2663 DDR 4
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    EVGA GTX 1070
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    Meshify C by Fractal Design
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    Seagate 1TB / 240G SSD
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    EVGA AIO 240 mm rad
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair Harpoon
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    WIn 10

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  1. A letter to Linus: First off - Thanks for all the laughs and drops (lol) over the past 10 years Linus. You've always done things your way and forged ahead and that's made things interesting to watch! Congrats on 10M! I hear you though about real life problems versus you just being a youtube channel that sells some computer hardware at the end of the day we all know that. But, even if you don't realize it's more than that when it comes from you. I do hope you take more time off and spend time with your kids, engage in their passions, and show interest in their hobbies because honestly man in life your kids and wife are the most important thing and that's all you got at the end of the day. They're the ones that are going to remember you and those little moments like that time dad and I drove to my spelling B or baseball practice or whatever are the most important. I know i cherish the drives to hockey practice and soccer practice, drum lessons, etc with my dad i learned a lot about life from him on those drives. It wasn't about the sports or the activities it was about the time with my dad The channels will be fine and all of your hard work has paid off your staff are amazing and the channels imo have never had better content in all the years You can genuinely tell when you didn't go to CES this year the content felt fresh because you weren't there on no sleep feeling burnt out trying to deal with company stuff while filming videos that are written on the spot, etc, Riley, James and Alex did a fantastic job. Every time you come back from a vacation the content you film the week back is always better imo. I can tell you have a renewed passion again. The videos lately with Alex on the red camera rebuild and the checking out the equipment and how Alex is using it shows you can tell you're a bit like a proud dad watching his staff grow up. Here's why it matters more coming from you: Ultimately though Linus. You are a beacon. Content like yours paved the way for more creators and you've popularized and made it acceptable socially to be a big nerdy geeky kid who likes computers and wears socks and sandals. It's because of your face in mainstream youtube culture that kids watch and go hey it's okay to be me. It's okay to stand up for what I believe in and to love what I love and be comfortable doing it. You've taught me to be more comfortable in my skin and care less about what others think about me. And I am willing to bet there many young kids who are lost in middle school who see one of your videos and then follow your channel and come to realize that there is more out there and there is hope for them. You may not realize it but you provide that hope. And you do it by being authentically, unapologetically YOU and dude I appreciate you. The main thing is Linus no matter what you do or where you go people will be there to support you because you are honest and genuine and those of us who've been fans over the years we know it and we support you because we respect what you got to say and the place it comes from. Yea a kid just building a computer along with a Linus guide might not seem like a lot but it truly does make a difference and now that you are and have been in a position to be recognized by a sick and dying kid whose make a wish was to work with Linus on his wish that's the moments in life you get to relish in your hard work and success and realize you truly did make a difference. Even if a very little one - you've left a mark on this earth Linus even if it's one kid getting a bit of joy out of a computer to take away the pain of his shitty circumstance in the great poker game of life then it is worth it. You've made a difference. I know we've never met in person but I respect what you got to say and even when I don't always agree with you I always want to hear what you think or what you believe because your thoughts have substance and value and come from a genuine place of honesty and good moral value and I appreciate that. And the awesome thing is we get to have a laugh often at your expense because of it I feel like we'd be good friends and be able to have some good debates over tea or something. At the end of the day though thank you Linus for building the "little tech review company that could..." for hiring great staff who have a vision and mind of their own. Thank you for the content and i can't wait to see what's next for Channel Super Fun or LTT or the next scrap yard wars like project. Here's to another 10M LTT subscribers whether or not you're the face we see or someone else I am sure we will always hear a good old fashioned too high pitched Linus rant one way or another Congratulations! 10M
  2. If you cam sell some old hardware, keep your external drive for storage. And stretch your budget 200$ You can go with: Ryzen 2600 <$130 (use the stock cooler at first) save up to get a better cooler so you can overclock it next year. X470 Asus Rog Strix Gaming MOBO ~$162 (you could swap this for something a bit cheaper to save as well if you dont need as many features) 16gb Gskill 3200mhz Memory - ~$105 256G SSD for you boot drive - $20-40 (take your pick plenty of choices) Your old HD - for your games FREE Your SFX XT5700 $400 EVGA BQ 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply $70 and you can put this all inside an NZXT H500 or equivalent case for $70 Shop The Sales - look for used hardware where possible and you can probably save a few extra bucks. TOTAL = $976.04 (after a $20.00 mail in rebate) It's doable but it might be stretching your budget a bit but very worth getting creative with your finances and saving up. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/jaylocked/saved/#view=LHqykL - PC partpicker list here.
  3. I don't think the EU situation will apply here for several reasons. 1. LMG/FP is not actively advertising, hosting, or selling a product inside the EU they don't employ EU citizens, they aren't active in the EU like say Amazon or Facebook who sell advertising to EU companies. Whom host servers in eu countries. 2. EU citizens actively choosing to go to a website of their own free will that is hosted outside of the jurisdiction of the EU is making a verbal agreement that they are not protected by EU laws. It would be like travelling to another country and purchasing a product inside that country you don't pay EU VAT if you goto the USA and buy an ice cream you pay US state taxes that are applied to the citizens of that state and in most cases if you show proof of your residence you don't have to pay state taxes (only gst) if you don't live in that state. 3. EU has no legal jurisdiction over FP if FP isn't using any EU resources to make money. Private Citizens actively going to a website on the internet is not a resource.
  4. I think people are just being extra complainy.... no disrespect intended I'm not sure I've ever heard LUKE or LINUS claim that floatplane is in beta ... its still more of an alpha release. Keep in mind this is a start up that just recently grew from 1 person, to 3 people, last year and I think they're about to be up to 5 people in the very near future. Many people have tried to make Youtube alternatives and have failed just ask Vessel. Just ask the dude whose name eludes me who claimed to have one ready to launch and then bailed very recently. Floatplane is a slow burn but I think if people hang in there it will be a big pay off for those people who want to have more of a tighter interaction with their favourite creators and support them as opposed to google. I think luke has the right approach and he is pointing the float plane in the right directions. Its just going to take his new staff time to pull together some of the back end stuff to support the important thing getting more creators who can upload. Then UI changes and upgrades to UI will come in due time.
  5. I have no problems with Paypal..
  6. I think the point they're making here Is the same One JayzTwocents was trying to make the other day but failed massively at lol. Based on your price point for your rig. what you're doing with your rig there's certain things that make more sense at a cheaper point and certain things that make more sense at a higher price point. For example, If you're going to play some games at 1080p on an 7100 I3 the price to performance for a RX590 is probably the card because they're dirt cheap and they provide excellent value gaming at 1080. Vice versa you're not going to toss a RTX2080ti on here because you wont even use it the RTX2080ti is gonna be waiting for CPU to preprocess everything anyhow and it's a waste of money. on the other hand if you're gonna spend some money 1500-2000 do a bunch of multi threaded tasks on a i9 9900k or a Ryzen 2700x play some games in 1440 and maybe even 4k, Youre not going to pair that system with a GTX 1060 anymore. The price to performance makes no sense. You're gonna wanna go RTX 2060-2080/ti (Because the price to performance makes more sense here to spend more on the graphics card. This is what they're getting at with these value propositions. It's all relative to what you're doing and what you wanna spend.
  7. I've always thought intuitively, and said to friends, family small phrases that have meaning to you are better than a simple four - eight letter alphanumerical password. SO for exmample: 0v3rTHEmoon,C4tJumped or <4tJump3dOver-m00n or some kind of combination of this phrase. One i've always liked: Sh3rlocknevers@ysit'selementarymydearW4ts0n. easy enough to remember but much more difficult to brute force.
  8. Everyone I talk to seems to love the DT's for at home. When it comes to sound Sennheiser usually gets it right. I have a set over ear PXC550's i use as my daily driver they go everywhere with me and I love them. If you're gonna pair with an DAC/Amp combo go with the DT's.
  9. Great Series loving the breakdown. Hell I even love the corny 70s Buddy Cop intro and language Just for a comparison note, my buddy who didn't know much about building computers and didn't quite feel so comfortable building his own bought an ABS system off newegg about 7 months ago just before the market started to correct it self with the GPU price crash and memory price hikes. For just shy of $2500 CAD rupee's (2400 + change) here is the system he got (which I opened up and we had a look at together just cuz he was curious how he did as I was telling him about this series): https://pcpartpicker.com/user/jaylocked/saved/#view=3Wj9Jx i7 8700 k (unlocked) ** hugely surprising here** EVGA z370 FTW EVGA GTX 1070 SC edition. EVGA 240 mm rad rgb aio cooler Delta T-Force 2x8GB (16GB) 2666 Mhz Dims a non modular EVGA BR600 600w 80+ bronze PSU All inside a Meshify C case 4 Apevia 120mm white and black white ring led fans I budgeted $30.00 for the led strip they stuck in it which probably in reality was like 10 bucks. although it did come with the controller. Adata 240G 2.5" SSD A 1TB HDD Im assuming it's probably a seagate PC Part Picker comes out to about $1575 USD (I'm estimating a little high throwing in any incidentals I missed). let's face it they probably didnt pay for windows 10 home, and they probably got a killer deal through evga for buying the majority of parts from them... So US 1575 ---> $2107.27 CAD -- Figure they musta paid a guy to stand there put the system together A fee on most configurators I've seen of anywhere from $70-$250... I suspect my friend didnt do too bad here. They probably made a couple hundred off him which hey they're running a business that's fair. watching this series so far my friend made out like a bandit comparatively. All he had to do was email their customer support to get the windows key cuz it didnt come with the package lol. That being said seen some shitty reviews on ABS on newegg too.. looks like if you shop around though and ask a few questions as he did/read a few reviews on the SI's you can do alright for that budget.