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  1. No problem! It looks like it's working now, I wasn't able to click submit or select a topic last time. That was indeed the form that I tried to use. Thanks for getting back to me! Andrew
  2. ?? Have you never heard of the Great Firewall of China? That is one way, diplomatic pressure is another, and yes, fines are another. I'm afraid you'd have to be living in a complete backwater if you think that anything done on the internet doesn't have to pay tax, adhere to local laws, etc. Have you ever tried Netflix in the EU? It has no where near as much content as it does in the US. Have you ever heard of TV Shack? It was a streaming service setup by a UK student who was extradited to the US for not complying with US copyright law. I'm afraid you're wrong, the interne
  3. Hey, I wouldn't get worked up about it @KuJoe, but essentially @LAwLz is correct, it's fine if the block EU users from joining, that's the other option, however if they are going to do business in the EU then they need to pay taxes and comply with EU law. You can't think about the internet as having nations in the same way as the planet does, each site can choose to be a part of any number of nations by doing business there, or to not be a part a nation, and not to do business there. Law is hard, it's been behind with internet commerce for a very long time, and compani
  4. Hey, Guys, I trust you with my data, I love your content, I just don't want you to be taken the wrong way by the GDPR people. I mean I've heard they're big you know. I believe you need a way to delete all the data relating to an account. Keep up the great work! Cheers guys, Andrew p.s. I'd love to support you through your own platform, but I'm a cheapskate. While that is the case, you're going to have to put up with me being on YouTube. p.p.s. I tried to use the floatplane contact form to send this from Chro