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  1. So under preferences there is a stats option with one of the options being extremeoverclocking.net Default for team stats is folding@home but there is an option for extreme overclocking. Should I make any changes here?
  2. Awesome, clears things up for me, thanks!
  3. Right and that makes sense but to be more clear as I wasn't in my original post, currently I can see video that were published after I joined, i think their were maybe 4 t to 6 video's in the library after I joined. What I would love and maybe this is coming, is access to LTT's entire video library like what's available on youtube. Of course I could watch on youtube but much prefer Floatplane. I would def be willing to pay more for the additional content.
  4. I am new to floatplane, is there a specific forum for it? Also I was hoping floatplane would have more historical LTT videos on it or do you only get access to videos that are published after you join?