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  1. Ryzen 2600 Build Need help

    i got the Pro4 for 85$ CAD mid august. Got nearly exact same setup as he got plus storage, cpu fan for 790$ CAD
  2. Ryzen 2600 Build Need help

    I go the AsRock B450M Pro4 with my R5 2600. I can overclock it and i love the fact that i get a PCIE 3.0 4x NVME slot and a SSD NVME slot. This allow me to have virtually no extra power cable in the case other than the board main power, cpu fan power and graphic card. Literally 3 cable.
  3. Mac and IOS Programming in Linux

    Don't forget 64 bits doesn't mean it's faster than 32 bits. It just mean everything take more space and you also have access to more memory (over 2 gb). Don't go waste money if you only plan to make small apps like word processing.
  4. Best Movie Tablet

    Does it have to be a tablet ? because you have laptop at that price range. With the Windows 10 netflix app from the app store you can deliver 1080p and 4k content but not from the website.
  5. okay, what software do i use to make an app?

    Once you have learned C# learning Javascript and Java is very easy. Syntax is similar. Then if you want to go with game development then C++ is your next step but it's a huge step. It is ridiculous how fast OpenGL is under C++.
  6. okay, what software do i use to make an app?

    There is also android studio which is java based. Once you learn Java it's easy to pick up other languages.
  7. stuff in unreal engine 4 is black and not rendering

    This sounds like OpenGL artifacts on the raster passes. When you move around the view do you see a slight difference that would show that it's actually computing a different angle in the scene ? If yes then 99% chance the problem is driver related. Usually in intel graphic you still have some advanced settings you can enable on/off. Make sure you have no fancy features on. As last resort i do believe there was an option to switch to software acceleration somewhere. I haven't used unreal in a while as i switched to Xenko.
  8. Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    I agree. How the hell can you play THPS2 without AC/DC ?
  9. Answer : Really really easy even with captcha But illegal.
  10. 1 Function or multiple

    Opposite to me. If a line of code doesn't have at least 1 comment i feel bad. Even for variables i might have them grouped in small sections and a comment above will tell what they are used for. As for function that is also how i do it plus or less. Sometime i see before writing the code that a small portion i am about to code would be useful for other things then i create a method right away.
  11. I haven't got the email yet but i bought a complete PC from them in this date range. I assume it affect both the .com and .ca
  12. They should disclose the type of telemetry they do. Because If they check things like recurring patterns to know that let's say 80% of their user type "this" structure a lot then they decide they should implement "that" feature to reduce code print, then that i would be fine with. So if it's a matter of statistics without actual transfer of real code between the user and the telemetry center i don't see much problems. Otherwise it is really unprofessional and would break a lot of contract where privacy is absolute like government (Hospitals, Police service, Secret services), Electricity provider, Nuclear facility, Phone giants.
  13. isn't this news a duplicate from last week ?
  14. Ubuntu is very snappy. I think that's my favorite thing about it. UI is simple and light and not that much different to windows from a normal user standpoint. Sister old laptop run like a charm now. For browsing, some typing, and pictures you don't need anything more. She thought i only changed the background color from what she called "the 4 blue square" to an orange color. Rename openoffice "Writer" icon on the desktop to "Word" and your good to go lol.