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  1. Franck

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    I totally agree with this. Either misinformation or misuse. I daily use both Windows 10 and Ubuntu for developing so i have tools and apps that screw up with settings left and right and honestly i don't have problems with either platform and neither have problems that worth blaming the OS for it. They both does what they are supposed to do without having to break my head on how to do what. Changing something i don't know how to in either is the same amount of time with a google search. I don't know what people do with their computers these days to claim to have that many problems. Unless they are like my mom and if they see a popup show up somewhere they click yes to everything.
  2. Franck

    PNG edit in bulk

    If you want i compiled a quick window. simply write the folder source and output (must be different). and choose the white bar position with X,Y, Width and Height. if you want a white bar at the top you would want to put as example X = 0, Y = 0, Width = width of the images, Height = amount of pixel high you want. WindowsFormsApplication2.exe
  3. Franck

    PNG edit in bulk

    there, 60-70 seconds var sourceFolder = @"c:\Images"; var outputFolder = @"c:\EditedImages"; foreach (var file in System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(sourceFolder)) { var img = Image.FromFile(file); var g = Graphics.FromImage(img); g.FillRectangle(Brushes.White, new Rectangle(0, 50, img.Width, 40)); img.Save(file.Replace(sourceFolder, outputFolder)); }
  4. Franck

    PNG edit in bulk

    Do you have photoshop if yes it's easy you create a macro and do it once then you run the macro on the folder with the image and it will do them all very quickly. If it's really about just adding a white bar to the image and you know some programming then its maximum 10 lines of codes to do so. For C# its 3 lines for the loop, 1 line to load the image, 1 line to add the white bar, 1 line to save. so it should be 6 lines technically.
  5. If you haven't changed anything windows GDI controller will receive priority in device update. I do believe CUDA libs from Nvidia website doesn't sends request to the windows controller but directly to the gpu this mean you might (if you run perfectly 100% usage on you card) have some visual lag artifacts. On windows 10 most things are DirectX with acceleration ON so if will try to use video card. The mouse is GDI and use the CPU. So unless you open software that uses more DirectX/OpenGL with acceleration ON than windows you might see artifacts. As for why would you impede your cuda processes that use 100% video card by doing even more stuff that i wouldn't understand why. The more app you open the more VRAM you steal from your card and high CUDA usage usually comes with high VRAM usage. Last time i used it it was using close to my total 3 gb VRAM i had.
  6. Franck

    Browser game tool

    You browser game currently display the information about the auction house to you through the browser. This mean the webpage probably generate the timer and have some javascript variable locally that update a <DIV> (very likely or another field) with the time remaining and the current bid value must be displayed in the same screen. You want to make a parser as simple as that. You read the content of your webpage parse it to find the field of the timer and the value and if the value is not your last bid you automate filling the big value box (again i assume as it's pretty standard im pretty sure it's like that) and then automate the click on the bid button. I would make this fall into BOT tools as this uses informations you can already access and all you are doing is automate a process that can be done with your eyes and mouse. As for games then the legality of this is usually told to you in the user agreement. Doing parsing is nowhere illegal unless agreement say so. Some site even offer API for you to use instead of parsing to reduce the higher load a parsing takes on their website. Since most site are using javascript it mean it's nearly completely local and you can modify their things (and possibility screw things up) very easily. some fun things to do is you can skin the game to your liking and change the menu location, add new quick links, change the view. All that is possible using parsing and is easy to grapple but can be very long to code and test. As for what language then it's pretty easy. All language that have a web request feature. Anything that can read the HTML of an URL can do that auction house tool you are talking about. A quick list of very common languages that can do this very easily : C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript, Delphi/Pascal. The list is nearly limitless.
  7. Franck

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Well if you get windows 10 and you keep up to date then according to the way they go in 100 years it is "supposed" to still be windows 10 Build XYZ and full support.
  8. Franck

    How Speedometer in Cars Works

    Very good analogy. On recent cars that values is conveyed from that Tran RPM in the computer and using the gear it's on it knows the speed it's going at. Hence discrepancy when using bigger tires than stock. But Variable Auto Transmission i cannot tell unless it uses the belt location on the cone to calculate the speed ? i don't know.
  9. Franck

    software needed

    I can second that. I have coded my own PDF from adobe specs (which is free btw) and nothing other than copy paste would be possible or some magical parser you code yourself specially for your document. Your "table" you thin is one can be many paragraph keycode, or many line keycode and the grid can be a pixel stretch, a line object, many rectangle object. Possibilities are endless.
  10. Franck

    How to remember C#

    Agree, games are probably the worst thing to do to learn a non scripting language. When i only have a week or 2 to learn a new language i always do a simple ERP. - client manager (add, edit remove) - Items manager (add, edit, remove plus inventory) - Items bundle (create bundles for specific time periods which are link to items you have) - Sales/Order feature (creating an order for a client and add items or bundles that then remove them from inventory) - Mass emailing - Different reporting This plays with datatypes, conditions, database, loops, classes hierarchy/relations and reporting. It touches pretty much every core aspects you can see in any business. Not necessary the tool you will work on but all company use such system. If you want to work on a web aspect make all the data server side. You can split the logic on another server if you want. UI can beDesktopUI/Console or HTML.
  11. Franck

    How to remember C#

    Well you don't have much to remember really with all the greatness of the UI that Visual Studio is. You have the snippets that does 99% of the job for you. You don't remember how to do a switch case or if statement CTRL+K then press X. They are all there. You can create custom shortcut to your most used or create your own snippets. There are also add ins in the store that add a bunch of new ones that are more in depth like creating a class with observer pattern and TCP/IP features. If you read and follow the coding guideline it become very easy. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/programming-guide/inside-a-program/coding-conventions
  12. Franck

    New to programming

    I would add that PHP can be interchanged with ASP.NET too. And MySQL could be swapped for any other simple database like SQLlite.
  13. Franck

    Did I brick my wife's computer?

    capacitor can retain power for hours. Clear CMOS is a sure option.
  14. Franck

    First portfolio programs

    Interesting to see how it works in other places. Never i have ever heard about program portfolio or neither i met someone that asked for one when i was junior. I have never asked for it either. Here it either don't exist at all or extremely rare. Here the 3 main focus are degree, skill sets and languages you speak.
  15. Franck

    Programming : Where to Start

    Good for you if you have fun with it. Personally 99% of the time i have to work on it is to fix bugs that only happen on AMD cards. And bug chasing is ... let's be polite and calm... frustrating. it's not like DirectX is better, far from it lol. I'm saying that rather because OpenGL usually the worst kind of work in my case. Empty double buffer for no reasons, Driver failure, Cannot draw line of 17 units wide but i can at 15,16 and 18 and all that because we are on tuesdays on a half moon between 4 pm and 9:12pm.