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  1. Franck

    Product keys

    both together are currently 60$
  2. Franck

    Calculate math from string // c++

    Yes that's it, i was looking for the word for it. Lexer is what he need. Here a very power working solution you can base yourself on : https://github.com/sheetsync/NCalc It also support many language and not only numbers but dates and more complicated stuff
  3. Franck

    Calculate math from string // c++

    Is this a homework or real life scenario ?
  4. Franck

    Real Life Programmable Electronics?

    if you consider arduino robots i agree but not industrial robots. Those can be controlled with any language. A vast majority run using Gcode or similar language which is generated text. Most of these robot manufacturers provide .Net, Delphi or vb6 dll.
  5. Franck

    Increase in Youtube Ads

    on cellphone i always get a 15 seconds non skippable ads, then a X length skippable add after 5 or 10 seconds at each new video. Then most video has between 1 and 10 yellow bar in them with ads that are a mix and match of the same again. Just last night i was watching Mythical Morning and there was two 15 seconds non skippable ads in the episode plus 2 at the beginning (one skippable one not). 15 minutes video for 55 seconds of adds. On that show i used to have a 5 sec skippable at the beginning and that's it.
  6. Franck

    Java interface-based programming

    ouch... brutal for starter like him my friend
  7. Franck

    Scripting to Application Development

    Ok they are probably doing java web services in the back end and html + JavaScript front end but you should check with them. As Yurizako mentioned Java web is pretty much dead and it's mostly either ASP.NET/JavaScript or PHP/JavaScript now.
  8. Franck

    Aircooler for Ryzen 2600?

    My Fractal Design Silent Serie LL fans does twice as much noise as the stock fan.
  9. Franck

    Aircooler for Ryzen 2600?

    I ran stock and Gammax 300T Stock at 22°C the CPU is at 23°C at idle Gammax at 22°C the CPU is at 24.9°C at idle Stock in game CPU is at 39.1°C Gammax in game CPU is at 34.5°C OC 4.1 ghz worked on both fans. Idles temp did not change at all. Stock in game CPU is at 45.2°C or 45.7°C (can't read back my writing, it's a 2 or a 7) Gammax in game CPU is at 41.8°C
  10. 000webhost is 100% free, php, mysql, wordpress... and there is no ads
  11. Franck

    Skype Classic vs Skype for Windows 10

    Skype windows app is always connected and impossible to completely disconnect or close the application completely. The classic you have full control over what it's doing.
  12. Franck

    What language to learn for programs and 2d games.

    Xenko for C# is also great and free. Xenko, Unity or Unreal all have great asset manager and coding is not that difficult. C++ is probably the most complex one then C# then the easiest is Python. C# and Python syntax are much easier to read and comprehend for starters.
  13. Franck

    Temp file cleaner like Ccleaner?

    Do you know what's it's cleaning and where it's doing so. If yes you can figure out if it's safe, if not then do not touch it with a 10 foot pole. On another note it's been filled with malware at least twice in the last year or so
  14. Franck

    Fake Data in Access

    search for the northwind access database. It has been a sample database from microsoft for over 2 decades. I contain companies, items, receipt, orders and generic things like that. Most official introduction SQL/Access books use these DB to teach the syntax
  15. Franck

    AMD might announce their new CPU lineup on Tuesday

    We need an update on the main news with the recap or a techlinked.