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  1. I did program for a while C++, C#, Java and ran some VM with a 3000 series. 17 inch model instead of 15 and the processor was a Ryzen 2300u. Just upgraded the hdd to cheap nvme and it works like a charm. Both processor are quite similar. The ryzen is a bit better in benchmarks but not by enough to be noticeable.
  2. I don't understand the issue here. All it does is it use AI to link picture together (aka xref table). For ages the same thing has been done with social media post, comments, web search. You can create the same links with the text only. What does doing it with an image now make it so different. You can already script something using the name to a person and go through his contact, find comments, post mentioning the name and related acronym. For god sakes i used to have developed such a tools where i worked a couple years back to do company background checks faster i was even finding the person xfire (yeah it was a long time ago) and steam account just from their name or myspace account.
  3. Franck

    youtube to mp3

    If it's a local application it is very easy, all you do just create a sound device output, open the web link in a hidden and run it with sound output changed to your custom output device. Then all you do is streamwrite to the disk as a certain format. Most likely raw at first then reopen and encode. NAudio can do all of this very easily. If i would have to make it a web thing then i wouldn't complicate my life an do the same app and just execute the process server side and all the web page has to do is check if the process is complete to present the user with the result.
  4. Personally i had made a similar server using ffmpeg. I send the file to the server, it extract all frames, manipulate the image like i want (resize, saturation, brightness, contrast, subtitles) then it just stitch it all back in a new file. It was running pretty fast.
  5. In no particular order but the team of 3's : - Diablo 3, the sheer amount of replayability and hours put on it. Perfect for playing with old time friend and be able to talk. Doesn't required too much attention. - Witcher 3, the story, the world is just on another level. - Battlefield 3, A new engine, the world was very well built for when it came out and way ahead of the other game of it's time.
  6. That is quite old news. When i first heard about it was at a Cisco security event early last year and it was already old news to them. How about that "red" usb key available online for like 25$ than give you root access to virtually anything on a network once you plug into anything with usb connection (even work on printers)
  7. Unity was meant for C#/vb.NET. I can be used with C++ and even Java to some extent but require quite some work. If you want to use C++ then i suggest Unreal. Latest now use C++ as scripting language too instead of just the Unreal Script. If you know C++ why not code in C#. Language syntax and structure is extremely similar should only take you a handful of hours to pick up the minimum needed to work with Unity. You don't need to know anything else that how to use arrays or write a delegate. You don't need to know any of the intricate of UI controls.
  8. Just out of curiosity, why not simply run the script from the DC
  9. Are they in the rights i am pretty certain they are since i know what can be done to some program from something that get the handle of the DX context object. If they ban knowing for a fact that the software in question breaking the "rules" is translating the graphic call to another library so they get more users i find it pretty cheap. If they coded how i think they did and that's the reason why they are banning the use of the DX to Vulkan converter then they shouldn't code there games that way.
  10. You have many redirect of Youtube this create duplicate entries. I don't know why you got 2 specific redirect to Singapore and Montreal IP's. You never need to specify the "www." either the second line what i left unchanged from the quote is more than enough. Note that is you use VPN browser like TOR (as the most common on doing this) it will bypass all these rules inside the host file
  11. I would be even worse as you need to parse the whole text to build the hashset, Unless the text is always in the same format and you know exactly where everything is index wise before hand.
  12. Unless you know how to change it, localhost should always be so it won't work either. Are you accessing youtube from a VPN because it would be the only reason why this rule is not working.
  13. How did you block it ? If it's from the host file it should never change by itself. Just adding "localhost www.youtube.com" should have been enough
  14. As of right now reporting issues are being blocked. Someone tried to do a fork and apparently it's been deleted by someone. Don't know if it's Microsoft or not but they can do anything they want GitHub is theirs