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  1. If your idea is not time critical and by that I mean it time critical if you don't get it out very soon it will be surpassed by other technologies. So if it's not time critical I would do it myself if I were you. That is just my opinion. Small project like this I tend to solo it. I usually don't split work unless there is big deadline or if the project gets medium size at 3k-4k manhour.
  2. I personally find this fair. Right now it's a super monopoly from Starlink with no competition whatsoever. In my opinion monopoly is bad no matter who it is. If you don't slow down the monopoly competitor might never be able to exist due to the monopoly growing too much and just engulfing everyone else.
  3. I made a Colonization clone maybe 2 decade ago in VB6 using only GDI by drawing bitmap in a picture box. No knowledge required other than the method to draw into a bmp. Although it was lock at 30 fps.
  4. pretty much the same. How much bandwidth saved so far in ads ? i'm at 23.7 gb at home and 800k+ tracker blocked
  5. using Brave there third party domain are right away cut off. Last action end at 1.61 seconds and also data transfer is therefore cut a little bit at 1.5 transfer / 2.8 resources. There must be some tools on Chrome that block all these things too.
  6. use Brave. Open source, secure, blockchain hops, no tracking plus paired with brave search (which is available for all major browser too) you get no search tracking at all unlike duckduckgo that still have some. Oh another small this is that it also block most popup, ads and you gain cryptocurrency by using it and you can tip your go to places in that cryptocurrency.
  7. I used tesseract many times in the past. Probably the most performant OCR I have ever worked with. I was unaware of a IOS, Android implementation. I just recall it was C++
  8. the ' is a bad copy paste you must have made. In octal that represent the apostrophe ' so the line dbo.fnGetFirmAddressLinebyCompany__c(H.id,'line1') FirmAddress1, is actually dbo.fnGetFirmAddressLinebyCompany__c(H.id,'line1') FirmAddress1, It must have been a mistake on the copy paste because I do not believe it's on the level of knowledge a beginner is expected to have.
  9. You wont learn if other people do your homework. You should try to understand and ask which part you cant figure out. Much easier to learn when you get explanation customized to your misunderstanding.
  10. yeah but if the RAID fails it doesn't take you 3 weeks to rebuild the array
  11. To control most devices you do not need a driver. Using windows generic is usually enough. You need however to build an interpreter for the signals sent and received through the device. Therefore a COM library is enough which is a lot easier than making a driver.
  12. Watchout, this is only true for reference type object not value type. On a side note I think everyone forgot to mention that Equals also perform check for reference type if the pointer is the same. If the pointer is the same it skips else it start comparing the values.
  13. Sorting array works very well on GPU although to have better performance than CPU you need CUDA cores on your card. Any mathematical formula and collection/array manipulation are extremely fast with CUDA compared to a CPU as these specific type of expressions are optimized for these specially and there are tons of core to process them at a time. You can use either the straight CUDA C++ implementation which is easy enough or the simplified version AleaGPU for C#. both you can throw pretty much any instruction you know on it but again specially any math formula and collections/array/vector itera
  14. The instruction set is just a collection of methods that when called know which electrical circuits combination it need to use in order to achieve what was asked. In thises circuits there are few that are similar in both core but some only exist in CPU others in GPU so instruction set cannot be all the same for both. Also each work with different amount of data per call, quantity of simultaneous circuit usage etc. The closest both core come at would be CUDA. CUDA is the closest to CPU in term of function. Nearly any line of code you can do normally to a CPU can be done with CUDA. I