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  1. If you want an easy starting point you can use C# and windows speech recognition engine. You need about 15 lines of code to get the microphone input converted into text or send text to the speech synthesizer so it output in your speakers. Then 99% of the job is to interpret and generate text. Edit : Just found the correct class to use and these basic 5 lines of code works to return the spoken audio to text https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.speech.recognition.speechrecognitionengine?view=netframework-4.8 the "e.Result.Text" in the event at the
  2. Are you trying to record windows/apps or games because those are 2 completely different ways to do so. If you use the basic windows record api it cannot record game as game run in a external graphic context so it record black screen instead. To record OpenGL or DirectX content you need to specially attach to the context renderer to each. On the other side if Slobs and OBS does not work you have another problem and you will never get anything from windows API if those don't work. You must have issue with your codecs or windows install. Unless you are recording under a weird config l
  3. For sure it can. The way AI works is the training time that is long to do. Once you have trained the model enough you have a kind of formula which is usually very very fast. Don't forget that also that most if not all game with voice have subtitles which is a text file somewhere that could also be preloaded and you generace the voice line in an audio clip before the game need it. I used to work for a company as a dev and we were recording thousands of hour of voice from a specific voice actor so we could create and emulated voice for that language and we did so for over 80 lan
  4. Well you should stay away of UWP as it's been killed in 2018 for insider dev and officially announce in 2019. Direct replacement remain WPF it more complete counterpart.
  5. true they exist, they can replicate individual signal per port so you can choose to replicate the mouse only and not the keyboard. Or even do weird thing like duplicate mouse on computer 1 to 6 and keyboard only on 4 to 8. The only one i ever had was a 8 port one cost an arm and a leg (way over 1000$) and in the end it's not worth it. A single CPU slow down on one of the computers and the mouse location is offset which screw up the mirroring. Much better with actual automated scripts.
  6. Either install "Visual Studio Code" if your on Mac or Linux but highly suggest the full version "Visual Studio Community 2019" which is also free but much more powerful. A good start is to use C# as it's a C language it will help you later on program and understand nearly all other languages near instantly. When making a first program focus on the project type called "Console Application" this will be the most simple to start with. You just have a black console and it is very light and dumb down. The automatically generated code only contain the bare minimum of a dozen
  7. I agree but depends how you see the question. If it's about what your are doing yes it change on the languages. If the question is about the best experience, and fluent workflow regardless of the language then the answer is different.
  8. Some languages do require what's called "runtime libraries" or "script engine". Some of those that usually require such runtime libraries can be built in a way you do not require anything other than the executable file. For example C do not require any runtime libraries or script engine at all. The exe is enough On C++ typically do not require runtime libraries but that depend on what you are using because it can require some framework install. On C# it's the inverse, you typically need to install a framework but you can make an executable that doesn't require it. On
  9. There another one that i don't remember the name but was doing everything like Lightshot but was even better as it was aimed toward developper and i could just pick the current task in my sprint and it was posting directly with notes in my issue plus it could take dump snapshot and attached to it. I know it could interface with Trac and Jira. I think it had the word "green" in the name or the logo was greenish.
  10. I used TCL in the past but it's too slow development time for me to worth use it anymore. I can shove the same project to one of my web devs and he can do the same in nearly half the time and he will have also have nice looking interface without extra work involved. For fun at home i see the nostalgic part like i sometime like to take out my old basica / quick basic machine and code stuff but for actual professional work i get paid for it's a waste of time and money. So unless i have to update such system professionally i'll charge a premium.
  11. Cheap yes, Crap that is an opinion. Most reviews i've seen are saying those have very good upscaler for 1080p content. I still have a 2 Insignia in my basement that were bought when the PS3 came out that still work flawlessly. I never owned a samsung TV but the only one i have witness was 2 in conference rooms that last about 3 years before dying and a buddy had one in the past but i don't know if it had issues or not. With my small sample to me Samsung is crap so again that is opinion, not fact.
  12. You can get 42" for nearly half the price with same features, HDR10, 250 nits, intelligent tv, android casting, pc casting, remote file viewer (for NAS). here's one https://www.insigniaproducts.com/pdp/NS-43DF710NA19/6245701
  13. Not always bad, but the cases where it's actually "correct" to use it are quite small. The only 3 case i see that you need to use the loop are : 1 - If you have a variable list of case you have no choice it must be a loop 2 - if you have dynamic linking of composite objects. Which AFAIK only happen when you have a single Model but many GUI (not necessarily same language) 3 - If you have ALOT of conditions. I have some cases that have couple thousands of case which loop saved the day.
  14. People with large 3d models to render. I have for example a Solidworks model that i needed 128 gb ram just to open a small part of the full assembly. When you render you need all of it.