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  1. you just move the problem elsewhere in another process
  2. If your code does not work to play with the screen brightness on windows 10 on specific computer the problem is not your code. It's a bug in windows that simply require to create a new profile.
  3. True. if it was that easy we would do it. There are many problem but synching is probably the worst one. Yes you run multithreaded features but at one point they need to be sync on your screen. We can't have the bullet hitting the wall arrive after the physx effect particles from the collision happening. What if the 2 GPU are not the same (which you can totally do) then for sure (even if the they are the same) they are not equally fast. You need to delay one on queue so the second can kick in later.
  4. It can happen that it is not working under windows 10 on some computer. This is a bug that can happen from time to time. If it happen the only fix I found for my clients is creating a new user profile fix the issue.
  5. there are already groups for programming on discord. I have seen a couple posted around by other users. You might be able to find them with the forum search function
  6. Easiest is to buy that software as it will also do your taxes and track expense at the end of the year or 3 months and it will cost for about 45-50$. that's everything for barely the equivalent of 1 hours salary.
  7. So the end should be : product1Price = product1 * qualityPrice product2Price = product2 * qualityPrice price = product1Price If pickUp = "YES" Then price = price + (product2Price * COST_PICKUP) Else price = price + product2Price End If
  8. No that is not correct price = product1Price + product2Price * 0.95 should only be the total. Your 0.95 you said is for the warehouse only so it should be : price = product1Price + product2Price Also the pickup code is then wrong and should be replaced with : If pickUp = "YES" Then price = price * COST_PICKUP End If And finally you have no error checking whatsoever. If someone pass the quality "abc" your code multiply by zero as you do not have a fallback conditions or error checking for bad input. Also i would recommend using bool
  9. You can't integrate Teams as part of your software. The closest thing you can do is integrate your app as part of teams. You can either run specific script command or make a complete app that you can add to your channels application. You are still limited to whatever your paying for so your app as it still count toward your limit that can be enabled per channel. If integrating teams into anything was possible that would make Microsoft lose a bunch of money since people won't need to pay for the application or storage features. If you just want to integrate a chat it's r
  10. Actually it is possible. I do not recommend it but it's doable
  11. As a beginner you should try TCP instead of UDP. You cut the hassle of rearranging the packet on arrival since TCP does it for you. Also this provide a live connection which gives you the ip and all you need to create a collection of connected clients and keep track of them.
  12. If we would be exactly 10 months in the future i would say MAUI. A single code and it works everywhere, Linux, Max, Windows, Android. Otherwise just develop a website, asp.net or php. If you want an app it's just a matter of compiling a app with a web browser as the GUI that point to your website. So no special code required for any platforms.
  13. Still even in CIL it still does method inlining which you "lose" how the method was purposely built which is not possible to revert to the original written source code. But i agree it still a million times cleaner than the output of the last compiling pass
  14. Serializing / deserializing have nothing to do with querying the object. If it's on asp.net just load the data once static so all session can use it and just use LINQ to query. You can either use the lambda or the SQL version to filter tru your object