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    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 x2
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  1. Ahhh.. I seee didnt see that.
  2. Your stock Wifi modem cant cover a 1500 sq ft house?!?!?! I have I think 3,700sq ft house, with no issue with the default wifi modem.
  3. Thanks! I still tend to unplug it from the wall before I sleep, But its good to know.
  4. eh, Hey I don't know why, But was wondering if it is possible, Due to hearing it is possible to over charge a iPhones battery, and wonding if you could do the same with a Laptops battery.. Laptop: Lenovo Y530 Legion. It also has a 135v?.. Battery charger thing.
  5. Laptop GPU not showing up.

    It says is up to date. How do I do such a thing.
  6. Don't buy anything over 50$ on Wish lol...
  7. Laptop GPU not showing up.

    Sorry Went out for diininner, But yes, It does show up Under Display Adapters, Both the Intel Graphics, And the 1050ti
  8. Hey, So I fresh installed windows On to my laptop, and forget how to get the GTX 1050ti Drives... I tried with windows update, It says im Up to date. I went on Nividas website, Typed in my GPU selected the Mobile 1050ti - said its not compatibly with my windows? Told me to use Geforce Experience - Tried it says im fully uptodte. But when I do a Benchmark, it skips the 1050ti saying its unavailable. Or when I right click on the desktop there is no Nividia Control Panel..
  9. HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Color Gamut

    Wait tell @ZM Fong Gets on, He is really good with picking Laptops.
  10. Some steak to cook on the keyboard. Jk. But USB C to USB is a must. You can find some on Amazon with extra ports on them to.
  11. HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Color Gamut

    What kind? The tasks you need to be color accurate is Adobe? What is your budget? Where are you from? Max weight of Laptop?
  12. So, Ive just did the Userbench mark thing, and saw my RAM looks lower then what it says on the box? Or maybe its just clocked like that i dont know much about RAM. But its like 2400 16gb of ram. idek Why does it say @ 1067 ?
  13. Cleaning a Power Supply? Yae or Nae?

    Tbh. I tipped the can of air. And it shooted the water shit right inside.
  14. Hey. So I have a 3 year old power supply. Is a EVGA 600B. And on the top is kinda dusty, that’s why I’m going to be fully cleaning my case. But the bottom does have a little screen that keeps the big dust out of the power supply. But i was wondering if it’s a good idea to shoot compressed air into it, or leave it? it has a fan on the bottom. And an air vent on the side. Thanks