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  1. Hey. SO I need some help, I'm looking to add a Snip of a youtube video into my PowerPoint presentation, and I can't figure out how I should do it? I tried to use OBS, and just watch the video while recording.. but that came back really scuffed... So If you have a program that can snip a 2min part of a video let me know! OR if you can just give me some advice on how to do it ill take it!! Thanks
  2. K i a r a

    Xbox App On PC [Help!]

    Noobie question, But okay, If I get a game from the Microsoft store to play on my PC.. It's on Xbox?.. I am so confused if im looking to get Forza Horizon 4 for PC I am currently playing the Demo and it made me make a Xbox account, Do i have to buy Xbox live to play online?
  3. Hey. So I have used a PS4 Controller and it works fine, auto detects it. But I have a no name Xbox like controller that I have used for plenty of other games when I plug it in my computer sees it, But nothing works in the Crew 2, Any ideas how to fix this ? To make it detect it. EDIT: Even when i plug it in, In the key mapping it pops up showing its detected and all the controls are set up but nothing works.
  4. Hey So I am doing a PowerPoint for school and would like to add a Vidoe to it, I can import the video fine, But anyone knows if there is a way to "hide" the video so it doesn't show, and it just shows a little play button or something? I swear there was a way to do this. But I need this bc if I have the video showing it blocks out the words in the sides. Thanks!
  5. K i a r a

    How's The Crew 2? [PC]

    Hey! So, I know people think this is a hit or a miss kinda game, BUT. I have really liked The Crew when I had it for PS4 a while ago, And it was really my first racing game I played with some friends and it was a blast! I have been looking for a fun racing game to play for a bit and Had my eye on the crew for awhile It has now went to 60% off and its only 30$ CAD.. But I have 15$ in my steam account waiting to be spent! I have looked at reviews and gameplay for it and although it is not the best racing game I think for that price it is pretty decent? its no Forza but I dont really want something like that and it costs around 70$ CAD for me to buy it so I have no real want to buy Foza! What are your guys thoughts!
  6. K i a r a

    Best Sniper Elite Game?

    Hey! Looking for some suggestions. Sniper Elites seem to be on a very big sale on steam. Here. And was wondering if anyone has played any of them? I played the Demo of the first Sniper elite, and it was sooo much fun. But I also bought then returned Sniper Elite 3.. Due to it was really bland... Wasnt much "Progression" ... Sniper Elite 4 looks really cool from what i have seen, Also I have 15$ just sitting in my steam account. Give me your thoughts!
  7. Hey! Cringe I know.. But it is really fun to play and to chill out after exams.. Anyone know of any popular servers? I also have technic launcher, Let me know!! Thanks.
  8. Hey!! Weird question, I was wondering if there is a setting or something - I have a Roku Smart TV Almost if not the same as this one TV Here Reason for this is it would just be more simple to turn on my Nintendo switch and it auto turns on to it, Bc currently I have to turn on the TV - Turn on the switch then switch the display to HDMI 2 - then accept.. I know its nothing big nor is it that big of an issue just would be nice! Like my computer monitor turns on when my PC turns on, wondering if there is a thing like that for TVs
  9. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows of a Macro porgram that I could use for my issue. I would like a program that I could use that would allow me to set it so say the Spacebar button clicks on a timmer say every 120ish seconds. Would like a easy to use program if you know of one! let me know!! Thanks.
  10. K i a r a

    Any Good Nintendo Switch Games?

    But yeah, Just to be safe ima remove it cx..
  11. K i a r a

    Any Good Nintendo Switch Games?

    Hey, Feel free to use it, wait tell it gets scanned and you have to use your Edge card to activate it with my full name! Also everyone gets the coupon besides the Birthday one - but goodluck trying to use it.
  12. K i a r a

    Any Good Nintendo Switch Games?

    Id like to give it a shot, But $80.00 is cra cra. Although there is a Used option for 60$.. And I have pretty nice coupons for EB Games just tryna figure out what to buy..
  13. Hey, Just bought a Switch 3 days ago, And looking to buy some games. I'm really not a fan of old arcade 2D games, so they are out of the picture. I Currently own Mario Odyssey, and that is it. I know there are going to be suggestions for Zelda Breath of The Wild.. But is it really a good game for someone who has never played a Zelda game before.. It looks cool, but being not that big of a fan it never really jumped at me - more so a Mario fan. Theses are the games I want the most. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Splatoon 2 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Some other games. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pokémon: Let's Go Being from Canada it is hard to justify paying $80.00 + Tax = $90 for a video game.. But hey! Lemme know some suggestions!
  14. K i a r a

    Just bought a Nintendo Switch! [Help / Tips]

    I got it the first day it came out.
  15. Hey! So, I have just bought a Switch from EB Games after doing the deal of [Trading in my PS4 and paying 150$ for a Nintendo Switch] I traded in my PS4 due to the fact I got it the first week of the PS4 coming out... and boy that thing was not that fast and also sounded like a Jett Engine when you tried to play anything.. But this is besides the point! Looking for some ideas on what accessories or what not I should buy for it! I currently have Mario Odyssey... and that is about it. Would any of you recommend a Tempered Glass Screen Protector? (Cheaper the better Amazon.ca only!) Looking for any kinda help!