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    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 x2
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  1. Hey. SO I was looking for some ideas for my mom for Christmas and Amazon is my best bet, The only issue is my mom gets notifications via Email on her phone and I use her Amazon account because she has prime I tried making my own account, but I have to pay 20$+ shipping. I can of couse go down and delete the confirmation email off her phone, But then she also gets the email saying "your xx has shipped" anyone know if you can disable email notifications? Thanks
  2. Yeah I do only use V Sync when available. But uh it does make scene right, I saw the 1660TI on sale for the exact same price so I went with it, But as long as the game Uncapped can hold over 60 FPS I shouldnt see drops right? For example, I know with my 1050Ti right now when i see uh Fire spread in the new COD i drop to like 30FPS, So I know that it is something hard to render I guess, So knowing its like that say the 1660Ti averages around 90FPS, and it sees the Fire spread and drops to 70FPS would I notice it if my fps is locked to 60? (this is the main question I have)
  3. I normally just turn on V-Sync, with it locked at 60 I think i still see screen tearing.
  4. Soon RIP to my 1050ti 
    3 Year old baby 😢

    Image preview

  5. Hey. I was wondering, I play on a oldish 60FPS monitor and I have always locked the frames to 60fps, no mater what game due to seeing screen tearing. So I have a question. I am upgrading to a 1660ti from a 1050ti, I currently have to play most of mt games, even within a lower resolution depending on the game. So I know the 1660 will be able to preform in games way over 60FPS at low and medium settings. So my question is if its locked at 60FPS will there still be FPS drops beacsue of the fact that its at 60? ( I know if it was not locked at 60 it would never go below it) I have no idea if this makes scene but in my head it does Thanks~
  6. I actually had the exact same CPU and GPU. Upgrading the CPU to a Ryzen 5 1600 and GPU to a 1660 is a GREAT suggestion, I am currently waiting for my 1660TI from amazon! Check for Cyber Monday Sales, or even Christmas sales! Goodluck!
  7. I'm guessing black friday deals are gone, But there might be some deals on 2060s around the new year, from looking at it the 1660 is a bottleneck for that cpu. https://pc-builds.com/calculator/Ryzen_5_3600/GeForce_GTX_1660_SUPER/0U91558A/16/ But thats just my 2 cents, depending on what games you wanna play or what restitution.
  8. ? How is any of this complaining, I simply asked a question on a forum and was looking for help because I ran into an issue.
  9. Sorry I posted this before I went to bed. so doing the USB method should solve this issue? First time I’ve ever seem this issue
  10. Hey so like the title says, I tried to wipe my drives, I do this like once every year. Also getting a new GPU so wanted everything clean I just cleaned my computer, Taking everything out. and I went to go reset it, it did its normal like getting ready stages, Then made 3/4 random ticking sounds and shut off then I got the error of "There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made" Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I forgot to say. the 1660Ti has 1 HDMI & 3 Display ports. So I can’t use 2 HDMIs So I think my only bet is the HDMI to Display Port for the TV & DVI to HDMI because I already have that cord.
  12. Thanks for the help! I finally put it all back together. And now waiting for my 1660ti to come in the mail. have you ever tried PC on the table? I have a lot of dust in my room for what ever reason. So was suggested to try it on my table and maybe it will help with the dust build up.
  13. So that’s the one I need on the 1660. But like the 1050 there is no need for it right? I can just tuck it away for now ? Im confused
  14. Thanks! So if that’s the case. I should have 1 on the front, intaking air. one on the back exhausting air. one on the top exhausting air? And the one on the cooler also exhausting the air up? this photo is the front with the grill on the inside meaning it should be in taking?
  15. Ohhh very interesting. like this? It’s 6+2. And maybe you can help me. I’m almost done putting my computer together. but I don’t use the PCI-E cable at all rn bc I have a 1050 right? I completely forgot. And I can’t find my manual