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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    ASUS Prime X370-Pro
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    16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT
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    Fractal Design Define S TG
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  1. That's interesting. I didn't know that Cherry has something to do with ZF. Not every product a company makes is sold in every country. For expample: There are many VW models we don't even get here in germany (Atlas, new Jetta). And with these early 2000s looking mechanical keyboards being a rather niche product, it is likely that they aren't sold everywhere in the world. I was just too lazy to look it up I actually live near Cherrys HQ, I always have to think about the factory tour Linus and Luke did when I drive by their building.
  2. I don't know if they are sold internationally but Cherry actually has a range of mechanical keyboards which look like regular office keyboards. But hey, if you prefer a "cheaper" non mechanical keyboard, just go for it.
  3. NES SNES WII XBox One GameBoy Color DS Lite Broken 3DS
  4. I want to upgrade the BIOS of a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 to the latest version. Gigabyte provides an update tool for Windows (@BIOS) which automatically searches for the latest version and installs it. I checked the BIOS version list on the Gigabyte website and they state that you should upgrade to some specific version inbetween when upgrading the BIOS. Now I'm not sure wether I can upgrade to the newest version using the tool or not.
  5. Depends on where you live. I would recommend looking at the prices other people in your area want for this hardware.
  6. You can find a list of supported CPUs for almost any motherboard on its manufacturers website. The i5 9600K will not work with this motherboard. Please keep in mind that you cant overclock an i7 6700K with a H110 board.
  7. I thought about this as well but actually I want to get some experience with DIY NAS software and I don't mind spending some time figuring out how everything works. Also space isn't a problem. Also I want to be able to just add another drive if I need more storage and with a budget prebuild NAS I'm limited on expansion. That's a good question. For my backup share I'll probably need about 6-8TB and probably around 3TB for my file storage. I don't have that much data but I can always add more drives if I need mor storage in the future. That's where my concerns about desktop drive
  8. My internal drives are slowly reaching their limits and my "external HDD backup strategy" is just not working for me anymore. So basically it's time to build a DIY NAS. What I want to use it for: 1) Backups of my main PC and laptop as well as RPIs 2) Storing data I don't need to access that often Which OS do I want to use? I have almost no experience with NAS software except some time I spend trying FreeNAS. But I'm still looking for recommendations. I want to be able to create network shares I can access from Windows and Linux. I don't need any advanced
  9. I did but since it is the first boot after the new installation and Windows wants to finish it it actually doesn't allow me to boot into safe mode.
  10. I tried to upgrade an old HDD to a new SSD in one of my friends laptop. This is not the first time I install Windows 10 but it is the first time I can't get it to work. The new SSD is the only drive in the system (except the installation USB drive). I tried the Windows 2004 installation drive I already had as well as a fresh Windows 20H2 drive, the result doesn't change. The installation itself works just fine but when the system restarts the Windows logo and the loading circle appears but after some seconds the PC restarts. After the restart it fails to boot correctly for the second time and
  11. I already got a deal on a MX500 SSD for an old laptop. I still need some WD Reds for my NAS. Hopefully I'll get a good deal.
  12. "If LTX 2020 doesn't happen, I'll eat my Stealth Hoodie." That's what Linus said in the video down below at exactly 4:20. Obviously this is just a joke but I watched some old LTX videos in the background while working on a laptop and though I would share it with you. Please don't eat your clothes.
  13. After some renovation I want to put my R1280s on the wall. I've never wallmounted speakers before and they don't have any holes to attach a mount. After some google reserach I found many side clamping wallmounts but I'm not sure if they would be able to hold the speakers securely. I really don't want to drill into them since they are still under warranty. Any recommendations for wall mounts? They are about 15x20x24cm.
  14. I got the Vodafone Station today for my own home. It's awful. I set up PiHole in my network but most provider boxes don't even have the option to change the DNS. But I'm currently setting up something more DIY.
  15. Thanks for your help! Yeah I wanted to do the create a subnet for the 4040. These modems you get from your provider are usually garbage when it comes to configuration. The house had ethernet runs for some rooms directly into a small room in the basement together with the TV and power cables. This would be the perfect small server room. But whoever installed those ethernet cables did a very bad job. They are mislabled and for the last few years now they weren't even connected. So finding out which cables go to which outlet will be fun.