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  1. Careful, most of the mods on this forum will lock this as soon as they read the word P0litical or the other P word
  2. I think it isn't a legal requirement, but a lot of companies do pay.
  3. It's on like Android 7 or something, I think they can't do anything. I maybe will just have to factory reset
  4. That's what I did, it shows that the code is valid for X minutes and it still doesn't work.
  5. So my younger sister lost her phone, so she started using a different phone but forgot her child Google account password so she changed it. We now found her phone and she wants to use it, but it shows that "account action required" thing, and I can't update phone to the new password. (Buggy LG k30...) We can't remove the account from her phone to re add it in settings without parents permission, so it asks for the parents access code. We type it, and it says it is incorrect. So with no access to her account from that phone and no way to add another account without the non working access code, our only option is to factory reset, which I want to try to avoid if possible. If anyone can help me thank you so much.
  6. If you are building a PC for gaming you would have to buy a GPU anyway because intels integrated graphics arent good for much other than browser games or Roblox or something. The real question is if you aren't gaming, why is the PC $1000? Tell us what you will use the PC for
  7. Oh.. I feel stupid. I guess I'll pick up a GT 710 or 1030 or something then lol Edit: ok so I got a 710 and the PC works great now! Probably the most graphics intensive thing we will every do on this PC is watching YouTube so it is fine
  8. Just built a PC with asus prime b450m-a/csm motherboard Ryzen 2600 Ballistic 16gb ddr4 3200mhz ram 2x 8gb sticks EVGA 80+ white 500w PSU And I can't get it to post, the fans spin and the orange lights are on. I tried swapping the RAM with 1x viper 2400mhz 4gb ram, still same result. I checked all of the power supply cables in the motherboard, I re placed the CPU, I tried different HDMI cables and a dvi cable, I moved the ram into every possible configuration, nothing. I tried basically every troubleshooting trying I could think of. Even the speaker that came with the thermaltake case won't work. I hope someone here can help me, thanks.
  9. i really thought ford would donate just because they hate elon
  10. Thanks but i found this and think i will wait until it is back in stock. thanks though! https://www.costco.com/dell-inspiron-14-5000-series-2-in-1-touchscreen-laptop---amd-ryzen-5---1080p.product.100488499.html
  11. I can easily put together a list of desktop parts, but im terrible at finding laptops. Can someone recommend me a laptop that is: $400 USD or less smaller than 15 inches has a good cpu hopefully 8gb ram or more I dont care about how much storage because i can upgrade it usb c charging would be awesome but i dont expect that in a laptop under $500 Not too heavy Upgradable RAM, Needs to be Brand New Would really like 1080p display I keep looking online and finding the almost perfect laptop, but there will be one thing I dont like. I liked this one, but the CPU really sucks and i think it is a couple years old judging by the cpu. To give you some information, I want to do things like editing Word documents and using the browser, but I want to be able to play some games and light video editing also. I will use windows primarily. I know I should probably spend more, but im 14 so this is already a big purchase for me lol Thanks in advance Edit: I actually perfer less storage and ram as i can upgrade it, sell the old drive and save some money.
  12. Maybe try changing settings in twitch, are there latency settings? usually the low latency options on these streaming services have to procces it less.
  13. Google designed it as a universal protocol, and Apple could easily add it but they obviously wont at least for a while. Literally anyone could support RCS. Just like SMS is universal.
  14. Because in the US 95% of people use SMS or imessage And in the US SMS just works. Actually I had sources and everything but it didnt post, ill add them and make it fit tech news
  15. I couldn't find anyone else posted this, so here. RCS is the SMS replacement made by Google that allows for things such as read reciepts, see when people are typing, work over wifi/data, and higher attachment sizes, so wayy better pictures. Anyway google announched RCS, or "Chat" almost 2 years ago. But US carriers were stupid and only supported it on not even a handful of phones, so google took over and said "screw the carriers" and rolled it out without their help. If it doesnt work, there is a work around where you find a secret menu and enable RCS. This is huge for the US, as many people use SMS or imessage as their main messaging. so the picture quality is a hugee difference, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR-69amde6Q Disclaimer, it is my video. It is not monetized Sources: https://www.droid-life.com/2019/11/14/google-is-done-waiting-for-carriers-rolls-out-rcs-in-messages-today/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/11/google-to-roll-out-rcs-messaging-to-us-android-devices/ RCS work around: https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/10/31/screw-your-carrier-heres-how-to-enable-rcs-in-the-messages-app-yourself-right-now/?amp
  16. I havent had my pc long enough to need to use compressed air or a vaccum yet, but a microfiber cloth does the job for now.
  17. I am looking for a good "contact me/get a quote" type of form for my dads website. his current website has a form that appears to be custom by his web designer, that when it is filled out, sends an email to my dad and the person who filled it out. The email contains info about the person, and a nicely formatted PDF with all the questions and answers from the form. The new website is hosted with 1&1 IONOS, (i may switch to Hostinger, as thats what i use for my websites), and has a built it form tool. It works, but doesnt format it nicely in the email. It can also integrate with Google Sheets, but it isnt that good. So does anyone know of a flexible (and hopefully free) solution to embed a forum on the website? It just has about 20 questions. Thanks in advance
  18. iKingRPG

    The WAN Show


    since they changed the time to later, it will probably start around midnight
  19. Relax, often PC build guides mention everything
  20. Can you send a pic of your build so we can look at it? Sometimes people forget to do things