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  1. iKingRPG

    3.5mm input Infiniti 2004 QX56

    Hi, I know there are low odds that anyone on this forum has the same/similar car. Basically I bought an Anker Roav Bolt which is a thing that has Google Assistant and play through car speakers, and it has 2 options for audio output. A. Bluetooth B. 3.5mm aux output The car has no Bluetooth audio fyi I tried to use an fm transmitter, but the one I got doesn't have a removable cable, and because of the shape of the area around the power outlet, it wont fit on while plugged in. So I assumed I could use a 3.5mm cable, but turns out the 3.5mm port in the back seats only works for headphones, not as input. So I was wondering if anyone knows how I can wire something. I'm new to this, but also a fm transmitter of a different form factor isn't a permanent solution. Thanks. I assume since the car has an option to have dvd players installed in the ceiling, I can wire something. I don't know exactly what's up there, but I will look tomorrow. Please share any suggestions or opinions. Thanks!
  2. iKingRPG

    3.5mm input Infiniti 2004 QX56

    I wish I could do this, but the specific model I have, the Roav Bolt with Google Assistant, has no FM transmitter feature. Only 3.5mm and Bluetooth.. I almost wish i got the one without Google Assistant that had the fm transmitter.
  3. iKingRPG

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    More car reviews. Maybe Tesla Model 3, and the successor to his car the Chevy Bolt (not volt).
  4. iKingRPG

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    the only deal breaker for me is the lack of onvif, but they said it's coming soon.
  5. If your sure it is the CPU, I really don't know a lot, but if it was mine id check the power connectors maybe.
  6. Like on Quora.com, you can request someone to answer a difficult question if you know they know the answer.
  7. iKingRPG

    Request an answer from someone

    @LogicalDrmoh I'm stupid...
  8. iKingRPG

    Thread upvotes

    So we can upvote threads that are either helpful or if something needs to be answered, it is gets found by people. It can show the posts first most upvoted in the last 2 hours or something. I can't believe no one has requested this yet.
  9. iKingRPG

    Plug and play ?

    The upload speed is the main part that matters, and it isn't much off.
  10. iKingRPG

    Plug and play ?

    If your on a budget and aren't doing this for fun, I'd recommend you get a cloud hosted service of some kind. Unless you have lightning fast internet and some cash...
  11. Check the RAM modules. Also nice pc
  12. I agree. I don't even care that much about Linus or Luke's opinion on the new leaks or whatever, they have a personality unlike someone specifically... Lew Later who mostly just reads an article to us
  13. I understand not wanting to clog LTT with wan show clips, but why not? Others do
  14. Hmm does it open in the new tab page or on some website? Maybe some other program is and it opens a web page Everytime.
  15. sometimes it takes them like 30 hours, like they will upload a video at 8am sunday, and then upload again at 2 am of tuesday... I'm sure they are fine, nice for asking though.
  16. for windows, ctrl + shift + esc, click "Startup", find chrome and click disable.
  17. Been waiting ages for someone to ask something like this... I would highly recommenced using Home Assistant, which connects almost any device on your network. It is a free and open source software that can be installed on an old computer, or usually a Raspberry Pi computer which is like $40. Anyway if you know what IFTTT is, this is that but on steroids and it works offline. So one you have that setup you create an automation for when a motion dectector is triggered, it can do anything such as play a custom sound on a speaker or send notifications, whatever you want. You could make it blast music on the TV and turn on smart lights if you wanted it to. Anyway I would recommenced either getting a motion sensor from Amazon, or using a security camera with motion sensors such as Blink if you already have one. Here is one: https://amzn.to/2L96A7u it says you need a hue hub for this sensor, but you don't with Home Assistant. For a speaker you should be able to use a Google Home Mini, Echo dot, or cast able speakers of any kind. Some TVs might work, too (chromecast will). While you are here you could also do things like it send you a message via something like Google Hangouts that motion was detected. I GTG now, but feel free to ask me anything or go to their forum, see ya! Edit: Forgot to mention it can play any custom mp3 file or YouTube video. I recommenced buying a Raspberry Pi 3 (4 doesnt work yet) and installing hass.io for it. It is simple and can be controlled in a browser. Bye.
  18. Like instead of the whole thing, lets say they talk about new Ryzen CPUs. They upload that like 5 minute part to another channel like "WAN Show Clips" or something. I guess i wouldnt want 10 wan show clips in my feed, but thats why the "not interested" button exists. ^ Yes, exactly what I mean... H3H3, JRE, Nigahiga, and several other show/podcasts do exactly that. Here are example for those who don't get it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVGGeUqfVHOK4Q6nAwYO3g https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxGkOGNMqQEUMvroOWps6Q https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZZHPXsg6LopvdOKF7qM6cQ I don't know about other people, but I'd rather just watch them talk about the parts I care about. Also idk I was just wondering why they wouldn't since many other popular shows do it. like this
  19. So on the @LinusTechtwitter, someone tweeted a poll as seen in the image on whether they will have a LTT Minecraft server. Just curious was this a joke, or will it really happen? If so will we be seeing giant PIA statues build by LTT?
  20. I had no idea there was a NCIX server... Even without a modded server if they don't know a lot about Minecraft, if they just used bukkit or spigot (it is Java edition confirmed), there is plugins that do that, so they hopefully will if it is that type of server. I personally like semi-vanilla Survival servers, (I used to be crazy about Skyblock, until I found good survival servers, I like slightly but not to much modified, like land protection and chest protection is good. I also like PvP, and certain minigames on servers such as HyPixel. I sometimes play modded servers. We will have to wait and see what type of server they release.
  21. They'd better get some DDoS protection from cloudflare or something... If they are hosting by their self, they could just get a separate internet connection with an IP.
  22. What I'm curious about is if it will have a lot of work put into it, what kind of server it will be, or if it will just be a Garbage 100% vanilla server with no rules and TNT everywhere.
  23. iKingRPG

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    IDK I just thought it would be cool if they did it, not the Verge... Most of the suggestions people put have been done by other people anyway.
  24. iKingRPG

    Pastebin a security nightmare

    Oh wow