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  1. Oh, better far to live and die/Under the brave black flag I fly,/Than play a sanctimonious part,/With a pirate head and a pirate heart./Away to the cheating world go you,/Where pirates all are well-to-do;/But I'll be true to the song I sing,/And live and die a Pirate King. For I am a Pirate King!/And it is, it is a glorious thing/ To be a Pirate King!/For I am a Pirate King!...
  2. Nope.....It wasn't the number I had a problem with...It was the rating itself. You basically reduced a girl down to a simple number......On a public forum.. Which is something only drunk college dudes on spring breaks resort do.
  3. You miss 100% of the shots you don't make. Grow some balls. Wait a second....did you just rate her out of 1 out of 10? Please tell me im mistaken and misunderstood that, because if you did, then I hope she says no.
  4. Oh god. Have we just completely abandoned reason for the sake of design?
  5. I have zero knowledge about this but there is no way this is actually going to happen right? Can't imagine the effects this would have on foreign investments
  6. Yeah, there is no fucking way im watching a clip with Bret Bauer. Im pretty sure I would lose less braincells by doing heroin twice a day.
  7. Nope....I was referring to the "Hockey Puck".....A really bad idea Apple tried and then really regretted and pulled. It was a really stupid mouse. It felt too small and was a mess to handle and to make it do what you wanted. So my point was that I hope this ends up the same way. And I really, REALLY like hockey!
  8. I agree. We are very far away from this but I think we will see it improve alot. . Which is why I was interested in peoples brainstorming. I think projectors will get more popular in the semi shortterm again. 4k and 8k will require very large screens and they are just too expensive to produce even when prices come down. Im talking longer term than that
  9. Everything. Gaming, movies, tv, photoshop, creating icons, a tiny bit of editing.....
  10. Can't remember the first video game I played, but the first I loved was Super Mario Bros 3 on Nintendo. Still a brilliant game to this day.
  11. I was thinking more ala this This is 3d fog(Have no idea how it works)...But some sort of nano product that would create a more deep picture.
  12. The entire idea for this topic came after a interesting talk I had with a friend of mine about how screens/what ever else we would use instead of screens. And I would like to ask that you have a little patience with me here because this is admittedly not an area where I have a lot of knowledge...... She has been a very talented painter for as long as I've known her, which means that she always had a very different relationship with colors and how she views and understands them... There is a lot of discussions about panel types, resolutions etc etc etc. But color reproduction on a screen will never be able to be exactly like the human eye would expirience it live. Things like depth, or the small details of a color mixing is something that seems very very difficult to recreate. If you look at a picture of a painting and then see it in real life, and you will really see what I mean. So how will this technology evolve?
  13. And then people try to convince you that Razer is the best thing since sliced bread. I've made tons and tons for mistakes. All of which were learned from. There were far less chance of your hardware surviving your mistakes back in the day.
  14. LOL "I swear Sir, if you didn't have glossy screens, this would have never happened!.....We must create a glossy screen exemption in our sexual harassment policy"
  15. But that hopefully female student's cleavage will be reflected in those screens, so theres that.
  16. So this entire argument comes down to the fact that you aren't bothered by this, and therefor everybody else who are bothered by this are idiots..... Way to lift the debate.
  17. 760T from corsair is a great case too. I personally absolutely love the case doors....Its basically a 750D on the inside but very different from the outside.
  18. Im playing around with the 970 Strix at the moment and I really like that design, but I don't see the appeal here.
  19. Its not as simple as 20% faster starting excel. I've worked with alot of really budget builds aimed as simple computer tasks and watching videos and the difference with an I3 is very, very noticeable.
  20. So is defending them based on the same information that we are judging them with. I don't like it when big companies try to get products banned...its as simple as that.
  21. Never claimed you were.....I just found the quote too funny to not make a joke about it. If people aren't gaming, they should buy intel. Single core performance of an I3 or even something cheaper than that will almost always give a better experience. If you are doing very specific things like heavy duty video editing, AMD would make sense, but I don't see that many other places where it would. Unless you are ONLY gaming, and you want something cheap.
  22. Better software, and the name. I really don't care about customer service. I only deal with my retailer since they are certified by Asus and most of the other big companies. So never deal with customer service. Im buying an MSI 970 btw, but my cousin just bought the strix.....Very nice looking card even if the color scheme makes no sense
  23. Or maybe theres just a general frustration by companies suing eachother trying to get their products banned, leaving the customers with less choice. I love NVidia cards, but that has nothing to do with this
  24. ¨No where....read it again. There is a sentence in where I said that this is hardware so its different. Didn't say that this was a software patent. Just said that the legal system in most European countries is very different with patents in general and software patents in particular. Look at the fifth line in my post.