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    Reading, Weightlifting, Sailing, Martial Arts, Foreign Policy, Video Games, Movies
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    Im 30, I work in a company that deals with maritime but I don't work on the sea. Always been fascinated with tech and computers.
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    I-7 4790K
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    MSI Gaming 5
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    Crucial Ballistic CL9
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    MSI 970 GTX
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    Corsair 760t
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    128 GB Samsung EVO
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    Corsair AX760
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    Phanteks tc14pe

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  1. Still takes away any possible argument that you might have had....Its not cool, intelligent or makes you sound like it......Just say that you dislike the Xbox instead of some really stupid names... Its the same with politics. "Libtards" "Teabaggers" etc etc etc Takes away from any intelligent discussion being had.
  2. Please just stop with the pisspoor, xbone, fagbox bullshit! Argue the damned merits and stop acting like children.... ffs. No...makes no sense...especially with the current generation of consoles. You can buy cheaper hardware for the same price...:Why convert a console if you can buy the hardware yourself.
  3. Why would anyone want to be in an argument with a person who is this "intelligent". Only people who are insecure about their sexuality, resorts to using that word.
  4. I hate the design...almost with a intense passion! Something that doesn't has a ugly blinking eye on it? Ohhh, but look at the leds. Hahahahahahha! That might be the worst false advertising ive ever seen.
  5. About the game....Get over yourself. I thought of you the second I saw this gif....
  6. Ummmmmm do you come here often beautiful? love your curves.
  7. I sometimes wonder how screwed consoles would be if EA sports released all their sports games on PC again......
  8. I watch sports on tv...Thats it!
  9. This is basically what always happens to religious people.... A: Something you can't explain B: Make conclusion that fits your narrative to explain it. You need to prove this to us...Not the other way around.
  10. The great thing about japan, is that there is never a bottom....It just keeps devolving.
  11. Takes my nephews hand....Points at thread..."This is why you should never do drugs kid....Okay?"
  12. Zero no Tsukaima! Fantastic show btw. Simple but fun. Sorry for the late reply:)
  13. If I had free choice of colors, I would still do a green one. Just not many components that fit at the moment Umm like the curves..She is sitting there, being all flirtatious and coy! And all she wants is to be put into a monster build.
  14. Im not going to participate but I love this thread.