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  1. 4k will not be allowed to be transcoded . Only 1080p files and below can be transcoded Number of users will begin to increase . Max 20 users
  2. power consumption is not an issue and the number of users that will be on it will max out the 10100 quickly . currently taking a look a refurbished HP Z workstations
  3. thank you for this info . i will do my proper homework once i start shopping around . just wanted to ask firs . thanks again
  4. hello all im helping a friend build a plex server and after researching it seems more cores are better when it comes to many users who are transcoding .GPUs are a no go since they have many limitations . after watching linus's last video where he was able to get a fast cpu for such a cheap price, he also added that you can even cheaper with two E5-2670 v2 CPU and a mobo which comes out under 200$ for the whole thing . so i have 2 questions 1. are there much better performance at a total cost of around 500$ 2 after using xeon based boards th
  5. since u changed ur profile pic i have no idea who u are but ur name rings a bell
  6. i used to be very active in 2015 but now im on and off
  7. its been a while since i came back here how are all of u guys doing
  8. because of drm i think ur limited to maybe 480p (its a linux issue) ? be sure first
  9. its sad how much people missunderstand what tor is and how it works FBI's FUD is working very well
  10. i do agree with the above might people are stubborn. Entertainment has taken a new form and effected our social structure, Instant gratification has ruined a generation
  11. i think its too soon for me in the lift time we might reach singularity before we find and inhabit a earth like planet
  12. i meant space isnt going anywhere. it will exist for a long time we might not thats why i said its a distraction (this need for discovery)