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  1. Well my dad lives out in a remote area and even there they don't take those prices.



    How remote is remote? :P My mother lives in a town of 3500 and they have fiber..But the geography is completely different in the united states. Im not saying that this price isn't expensive but remote means something very different in such a big country.

    Unless your dad lives on a really remote farm, this is just not the same.


    I just reread the article again.....4,5 miles does not seem that far....If there is not many customers in that area, I can understand why they would demand that he pays all the establisment fees.


    Although there might be political reasons why the ISPs should pay as @Trik'Stari has been writing about.


    This was just about the whole "This is the price for fiber in denmark" thing....We are pleased in terms of fiber here, but its still a bit of a bad comparison

  2. I very often wondered about this. You see newspaper sites constantly used private viral videos from youtube and other sites on their news sites....and then put ads on it which must earn them a fortune.


    I check newspapers websites pretty regularly from british, american, german and danish papers and there are newspaper sites in all four places that do this.


    That's insane  :huh:



    So you may wonder, what the distance, to the nearest fiber node is?



    But fear not!



    Ended up getting NNTC instead



    25/25 for 140$ That's the price for 500/500 fiber in Denmark. 


    News Source: http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/08/want-fiber-internet-thatll-be-383500-isp-tells-farm-owner/



    Sure..,,,thats the price of fiber in highly populated areas. But there are still plenty of people who can't get fiber.


    But if you live in an area of denmark where there is fiber, it's dirt cheap at this point. . My cousin just got a letter that his 40/40 connection has been changed to 100/100 for the same price..He pays about 30 dollars.


    Pretty sure you would be forced to pay a shitload of money here in denmark as well if they should build a line to a remote area where there are few other customers.

  4. - Quote by man DDoS'ed


    Exactly....I try not to even make fun of hackers. They are a vindictive kind of people. Even if they pick really silly names.



    It's back up again, it seems.




    LOL! That ad is just perfectly placed for the topic.


    "Make it yours":P


    They were just asking for it.

  5. That Dell is the best for my budget?


    Best is pretty subjective...I would go with the dell because its not only really good but also far better looking than most other.


    Many people like the ASUS23PB238Q or  ASUS VS239H-P too.

  6. I come from a family of scientists and engineers with either multiple degrees or PhD's that extends my father's entire side of the family. Basically when I told them I graduated high school their response was "And?"


    I didn't even attend the graduation ceremony.


    Should it not be expected to graduate high school? Im pretty sure your family doesn't need PhDs for that to be the case.

  7. No comments in the thread....Just wanted to give @alpenwasser credit for his edit....I enjoyed it a lot:P

    Swiss Justice!( Fun fact....Search for swiss justice, and you will find pictures of sepp blatter and fifa)

  8. English is the most stupid language on the planet.  Who else has 26 letters several of which are redundant.


    Amateurs....We added 3 extra letters in the danish alphabet, just to be difficult.

    Sweet! Then thank god for Mantle leading them to Vulkan and DirectX 12. :)


    It didn't.

  9. They are winning. Sorry to ruin the ISIS are a bunch of goatfuckers mindset, but the facts are that the coalition does jack shit, Kurds need weapons which they don't have, Turkey is planning to attack Kurds, indirectly assisting ISIS.

    ISIS is not a normal group, it's already a state: To join it you simply have to swear allegiance to daesh, it has no geographical borders, it's already in Egypt, just fired rockets into  israel, from Gaza and Sinai, it attacked whilst small attacks in france and other western countries cause basically shock from the world. They already won and people fail to see this, even if they loose the battle, the concept of the islamic state will continue, and is also the dream of plenty of other organizations. 

    So what?


    How does that mean that they won..Because they kill a few westerners, doesn't make them winners.....

  10. Could anybody stop this man from making threads`?


    First the rape justification thing, and now this...


    Can't believe im reading this......How is this guy not banned yet?


    "My opinion, and alot of people are going to end up getting angry over this and start saying that I'm destined to become a heartless serial killer lol:


    The guy is going to die anyways sooner or later in life, whether I kill him, or he gets hit by a bus, kills himself, dies naturally, he's going to die. So I really don't see the point of hesitating to kill him, especially if you really needed to."

    :S :wacko:



    Oh great, we have racists making their way on LTT now... Go to stormfront


    4chan and Stormfront have been invading here a lot lately. we are getting into the minority. The amount of racist BS here lately is soul destroyingly depressing.