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  1. Sure, i would ideally like the CPU to come in stock first... then i can slap the 1080 in the new rig and get me going... I'm doing some hand me downs for my kid to get him off an older gaming laptop so essentially getting bits anyway What an awesome couple of builds!
  2. Great system you got prepped there and im already jealous you snagged a CPU already
  3. I am genuinely curious on how many others have a PC worth of bits already or in the pipeline for a build where the last components are going to basically be the GPU or CPU of your choice. I have a whole PC basically sitting in their boxes waiting for stock of either 3080 or 5900x What components have you got just sitting there? I guess this is a bit of a build without an actual build and a list without a critique as you already have the vast majority of it lol. For me it would be; Case - Thermaltake T25 TG (Mainly to match the 2 others I have) Fans - About
  4. Considering the new cards have just been released you may already be doing this. But what about a video editing comparison on the new Nvidia/AMD cards? I would love to see how both teams stack up within programs such as davinci resolve and premier pro.... output times for a similar video, stack a heap of filters/etc... timeline scrubbing... Taran could make one and just output the same video with each card, he could give his feedback on each and how they feel in program. He also may be able to provide insight on what he feels is the bang for the buck sweet spot card between them all. Could do
  5. Thanks mate I'll keep an eye out for Pugets stuff.. i am hopeful, but i would say you are right in Nvidia most likely being where I end up
  6. Hey all, Like a bunch of people i will be upgrading to some new gear. I do a small amount of gaming these days but have been actually doing more video editing from trips, etc. With these new cards there are page after page of gaming benchmarks and synthetics on youtube. I was wondering if there are any good/reputable videos for the new cards specifically centering around video editing? I know that either card I get will be better in gaming than the 1080 i have on my 4K monitor so I'm not too concerned about that so video editing is probably more of a factor for me now.
  7. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with booting windows 10 recently? I noticed that recently that my PC will boot past bios and potentially lock up either on the lock screen or just after getting past the lock screen. Essentially I cant use the mouse/keyboard during this time and need to hard power cycle. It doesn't happen every time and once booted i don't have lock ups or issues during use. I have turned off fast start and initially thought through searching that that was the issue, but it has come back again. Specs i7-5820K M
  8. I have tried a few but end up back at ubuntu based distros... Mainly because what i want to do most of the time (android building/server) tasks are easily achieved and can be done on a relatively light distro. Anything else, while fun for a little bit become mondane and annoying when you need to hit google/stackoverflow just to get day to day things working on your rig.
  9. Linux can help, depends on what linux distro your looking to use. There would be a lot of preferences out there but lite linux and lubuntu (box based on ubuntu) should be light enough and still be easy to navigate around... if your feeling particularly adventurous you could try puppy linux but there are differing learning curves in doing more than just simple tasks
  10. Not an android computer... its a build computer for dev work
  11. Hey all, I have been using an intel G3528 as the brain for my current NAS setup. Its connected to 2 sets of mirrored 3TB HGST Deskstar 7200rpm drives as well as a 128GB SSD Boot Disk and 128GB download disk (old and punished SSD). This is running Ubuntu 17.04 with access through samba shares. I have been setting up a wired Cat6 LAN network in my house as well as beginning to buy a bunch of 4MP POE cameras to use for a CCTV setup with BlueIris. I will have at the minimum 3 CCTV cameras as of next week with an expansion to probably 6-7 in the future (my POE switch has 8 ports ).
  12. While i understand why you are keen to jump on the latest CPU bandwagon, as if you don't do it someone else is going to anyway, but I don't know. It just feels wrong. Weirdly, using a buzz term for it, it does just like, 'fake news.' It just feels over extending and creating a video during the Ryzen buzz just to say you have a video out. You can see why people are pissed and I think you will most likely not make this mistake again. I watch every video and live stream and enjoy the content as a whole but this video could have been better spent on a Ryzen motherboard round up or Ryzen chipset re
  13. The only real gaming stuff i really saw being spruiked was its ability to game and stream, something it did quite well in fact. @Mihle exactly they marketed it differently to a gaming chip. If it was a gaming chip beating or at least matching intel we would have seen a very large number of gaming benchmarks by AMD as to why it is better and we didn't. I'm no AMD fanboy by any stretch, I have nothing AMD at this time, with a 5820k, 4790k and G5328 and laptops with Intel chips but this AMD release has definitely peaked my interest considering I can ge
  14. ^^ you i like you... That is exactly what is happening here. After watching/reading from most tech tubers and reading pages like gamers nexus there are a lot of things that are at this stage immature with the platform.. Some are getting multiple bios updates just in the week alone, which are impacting on results. My belief in summary is; Don't believe temps as at this stage it is somewhat of a guessing game with programs such as aida64,etc (Level1techs, gamersnexus) Expect to receive multiple bios revisions in the coming days/weeks (Level1techs, gamersnexus)