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  1. Snitches get stitches, Newegg... Kidding. But man, I can totally see the state of New York doing something similar so RIP me. I fully understand the rationale though, even if avoiding the use tax is basically the jaywalking of tax evasion.
  2. Seems to me like having the webcam that low would make for a pretty unflattering angle.
  3. Thread Title: "AAA Single Player Games are too expensive to make" Actual Quote: "The reality is the traditional AAA single player experience is just really expensive to make." Those two quotes imply pretty different things, you know. I don't see anything unreasonable or untrue in what Thomas Puha is actually saying. EDIT: Removed mini-argument because I over-inferred some stuff. 3 am = time to go to bed
  4. Wait, did CliffyB really call Lawbreakers a "billion dollar franchise"? Wow.
  5. One other thing to keep in mind is sales tax. Amazon charges sales tax in nearly every state, but Newegg only charges it in California, Indiana, New Jersey and Tennessee. (I mean yeah, you're still technically supposed to pay sales tax on online purchases even if the retailer doesn't charge it, but nobody really goes through with it)
  6. I agree with this. There's also a chance the monitors from Massdrop will be delayed, because that isn't unheard of with them. Unless your 970 is unsatisfactory for your current gaming, wait until you have the monitor on-hand. It won't take that long for a GPU from a retailer to ship, and by early 2018 we may or may not have additional news on the next generation of GPUs. Can't hurt to wait a little.
  7. Man, what an odd thread to necro. And by a mod, no less! (Unless it was actually necroed by a post that got deleted for the "borderline flame war" or something)
  8. As somebody who has a Maxnomic chair, I think it depends a lot on what you're looking for. In my mind, the main benefit of these "gaming chairs" over most other office chairs is that it's actually high back (most other chairs seem to stop at the nape of my neck) and it has the ability to recline pretty far back. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something more ergonomic, I'd look elsewhere because the lumbar support that comes with the chair is a joke.
  9. I own the fullsize version of this (though it's not my daily driver anymore). It's okay... I like setting my peripheral LEDs to all white, but unfortunately white on this keyboard has a noticeable reddish hue. Also, one of the stabilizers on the space bar has a bad habit of crapping out. I probably should've RMA'd it, but meh. But on a positive note: Gateron > Cherry for linear switches. Smoooooooooth.
  10. Intel's slide in the other thread (posted today) says $360
  11. RGB isn't the problem. The real issue is this obsession with sticking LEDs on everything.
  12. True, but personally I think the bigger issue here is whether or not the DMCA claims are warranted. I'm all for discouraging shitty behavior in society, but I'm wary of the temptation to accept when a despicable person's rights might be violated (like if a neo-nazi gets sucker punched at a rally, to cite a more extreme example) Not saying it's obvious whether PDP's rights are being violated here - Leonard French and Ryan Morrison appear to have differing opinions on the legitimacy of Vanaman's DMCA claims so I get the impression this is a bit of a gray area. I'm certai
  13. Maybe it would be a better idea to buy a seat cushion designed to mitigate coccyx pain?
  14. Shame they're ditching the removable battery though.