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Dr. Historic Low

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    Can't go wrong with a 6th gen quad core i5.
  • Motherboard
    B150M with lots of bells and whistles.
  • RAM
    2x8GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1070
  • Case
    X-Saber 520 Black Mid-Tower
  • Storage
    1TB+3TB Toshiba HDD's. Will never use an SSD.
  • PSU
    600 watts of raw 80+ Korean aftermarket power.
  • Display(s)
    27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync Dell
  • Cooling
    Cryorig C7
  • Keyboard
    Imagine a Red Dragon from a different brand.
  • Mouse
    Imagine a Red Dragon from a different brand.
  • Sound
    450 watts of bass that sounds like a car sound system.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 of course.

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  1. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Game March 22nd

    Not once have I ever bought any amount of games for any amount of money after downloading a game from anywhere. What makes you buy $50 worth of games after downloading a game for free? And how on earth does GOG entice anyone to visit their site and see what is on sale? I barely visit GOG anymore because their catalog of games are insanely overpriced. In fact, that's all I notice when I actually visit their website. The majority of which are really old games going for the most ridiculous prices online. Epics client works flawlessly and there is no spyware in it at all. What you may be reading about Epics client elsewhere is make believe. Sheer here-say. Is this because GOG's games are DRM-free? I have no preference of if a game is DRM-free or not. As long as I can play the game, that's all that matters. In no way does ANY game ever make me feel like I'm buying the privilege to play it.
  2. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Game March 22nd

    Epic Game Store, Spyware, Tracking, and You! There are other places that mention it, but that's one that covers a lot of stuff. Epic Game Store is looking into your Steam Cloud game list, play history, possibly friends list and other programs too - all without asking the end user - (I'd be totally fine with it if they did - but they didn't). It also goes against GDPR. I don't believe any of that at all. It's just here-say. And on Reddit of all places. And I don't even use an Android phone. I don't use a phone period. I also don't use Internet Explorer. I currently have 7 gaming clients installed. I barely even use all of them but I have absolutely no issues with any of them. They all work flawlessly. I don't know what you mean by these statements. What do you mean by, "I guess they need to pay for all those games they give away somehow"? And what do you mean by, "I still end up spending upwards of $50 every time." $50 on what exactly? I haven't paid a dime to the Epic Games store.
  3. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Game March 22nd

    What's wrong with the Epic store? What spyware?
  4. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Game March 22nd

    Oxenfree is now FREE on the Epic Games store. I'm guessing a lot of people already have this game as it was free not that long ago at multiple game sites. The Witness will be the next FREE game on the Epic Games store on April 4th. It's a $39.99($9.99 historic low) puzzle game that I'm sure you're quite familiar with. Keep up the great work Epic. Always look forward to the FREE games you've been releasing.
  5. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Game March 21st

    Tacoma is FREE $19.99 right now over at Humble. You'll probably never even play it. Steam link Tacoma. 1,481 Very Positive reviews in a little over a year and a half since its release. The most recent review seems to explain it perfectly...
  6. Dr. Historic Low

    GTA V: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION for $15 and other good deals

    Oh most definitely. The story mode alone provides hundreds of hours, especially if you're trying to 100% complete the game and get all the trophies/achievements. Imo, both the story and online are just as good as one another. Because you can mod story mode. And you can use the creator in online. Among many, many other things. GTA 5 has insane depth and variety to it. Sure you can mod online too but it's very frowned upon.
  7. Dr. Historic Low

    GTA V: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION for $15 and other good deals

    Wow. You've been missing out on one of the best video games ever created. There's a reason they still update the game to this day. And that reason is because it gets better and better with each update/patch. There's a lot you'll have to deal with when you choose to play online so hit me up if you ever want to know the ways of dealing with em'. It's a breeze when you've been handling them for 5 years now.
  8. Dr. Historic Low

    GTA V: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION for $15 and other good deals

    You've never played GTA V?
  9. For starters... "I try not to list the hundreds of duds plaguing Steam so forgive me if you come across any duds in the list below." And secondly, this is exactly what you see when you scroll down to the reviews below the game... A dud looks something like this... Despair. And the first reviews you see when you scroll down usually(not always) look like this... I dunno how many times I have to repeat this but, the games I provide are certainly not for everyone. What I consider duds could be gems to someone else. I just try to leave out the obvious ones. Which I refer to as duds. My opinion of duds, that is. Most duds have been on Steam for a long time yet have very little, if any reviews. Something like this for example... Fitzzle Gentle Deer. Not a single review for it and what do ya' know, here's a game identical to it... Fitzzle Cute Kittens. And there's a good ten more identical to these just with different animals like tigers or owls. Not exactly something I want to recommend people play if you know what I mean.
  10. All games listed are on sale for 50-90% off for the next 1-14 days. I aim to find and provide almost every single Steam game currently on sale(at $3.00 or less) so that you don't have to. I try not to list the hundreds of duds plaguing Steam so forgive me if you come across any duds in the list below. If you wish to know if any of these games are at or near their historic lows, throw each game in the comments and I will provide that information pretty quickly. Steam is updated with games almost every single day so be sure to revisit this topic at least once a day for updated games. UPDATED March 22nd Friday Night Added quite a few more games. $0.49 - $0.51 12 Labours of Hercules III 12 Labours of Hercules IV Airspace The Fall of Gravity Added Tuesday Baezult 2 Added Tuesday Bang Bang Fruit 3 Breathing Fear Added Wednesday Buttle Tank Ding Dong XL Dragon Hunter Evolution Face It Gravity Light Added Friday Hammer 2 Added Tuesday HELI COMMANDO 2017 Added Friday Immersive Poetry Insecticide Part 1 Added Tuesday Irony Of Nightmare Katy and Bob Safari Cafe Keep Rollin Mirt Tales of the Cold Land Murder Miners NEONomicon Added Wednesday Next 3 Outrunner Outrunner 2 Added Tuesday Over 9000 Zombies PEG Pixel Traffic Risky Bridge Portal of Evil Stolen Runes Power Hover Putrefaction 2 VW Rainbow Snake Reroll Back to the throne Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 Shield Impact Added Friday Night Sky Jump SOK MIN Squeakers Added Friday Night Super Blasting Boy Added Tuesday Tarim Guardians Your Bunny Wrote Zomborg Added Friday Night $0.59 - $0.89 ABYSS Added Wednesday Avenger Bird Added Friday Night Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Added Friday Night Code Brown Deaths Hangover Dusk 12 Elbub Era of Majesty Added Wednesday Euro Truck Simulator Fart Sim 2018 Gravity Quest Greenwood the Last Ritual Hero Siege Added Friday Night Keatz The Lonely Bird Miner Warfare Added Friday Night Mission Demolition Nux Phantaruk Added Friday Night PIXELMAN Platypus The Stalin Subway The Stalin Subway Red Veil The Strangers Superflight Added Wednesday Veteran Combat $0.99 Fate Tectonics Added Wednesday Indecision Added Wednesday Ironclads 2 ISLANDS NonPlaces The Lost Soul Mad Age This Guy Added Friday Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor Book 1 Rheum Shadowgrounds Added Friday Super Jigsaw Puzzle Monuments Trucks Trailers WIL Wrecked Destruction Sim $1.19 - $1.59 8 Bit Boy Beans The Coffee Shop Sim Blood City Bloody Good Time Added Friday Bus Driver Comit in Krater Returns DeVoid ELDR LEGACY Glorchs Great Escape In the thrall of darkness Lydia Obludia Pixel Girl Added Wednesday Red Comrades 2 Red Comrades 3 Sledgehammer Gear Grinder Slice Dice & Rice Added Friday Night Space Orb Tetropunk When They Arrived Added Friday $1.97 - $1.99 BADLAND GOTY Edition Blood Knights Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Added Friday Night CASE Animatronics Grow Home Added Friday Haven Moon Masochisia RCOIL Rabbit Story Rainyday Rogue Quest Silver Slender The Arrival ZOMBI Added Friday $2.15 - $2.49 Alone in the Dark ATOMEGA Added Friday Behind The Beyond Boogeyman Boogeyman 2 Brothers in Arms Hells Highway Added Friday Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Added Friday Circuit Breakers Added Wednesday Cloudberry Kingdom Added Friday Cold Fear Added Friday Dead Dungeon Driver Parallel Lines Added Friday EXAELLA Added Friday Night Frosty Nights Grow Up Added Friday Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor Book II Reflection of Mine Sacred Citadel Special Warfare Spooky Ghosts Dot Com Added Friday Night Super Panda Adventures TERRAGEARTH Added Friday Night Void Raiders Vzerthos The Heir of Thunder WASDead Remastered Added Friday Night Watch Me Jump The Way Added Friday Night Welcome to Princeland Worms Crazy Golf $2.69 - $2.99 Alchemic Jousts Astray Callys Caves 4 Callys Trials Collapse Cybarian The Time Travelling Warrior Added Friday Night Demolish & Build 2017 Added Friday Night Galaxy Squad Go Home Dinosaurs Goetia Added Wednesday Jet Set Knights Just Cause 3 Added Wednesday If you haven't bought this game yet, now's the time. It has matched it's historic low from Feb 21, 2019. Milkmaid of the Milky Way My Big Sister Added Friday Night Pajama Sam The Rodinia Project Speed Dating for Ghosts Added Wednesday This Is the Police Added Friday UNO Added Friday Watch Dogs Added Friday World of Zoo
  11. Dr. Historic Low

    March 15th FREE Game on Steam

    Well, it's not a game, per say... GameGuru is FREE and yours to keep on Steam FOREVER as long as you get it before 03/18 at 3:00am. It's a game maker from almost 4 years ago. 1,138 Mostly Positive reviews on Steam.
  12. Dr. Historic Low

    Yet Another FREE game...

    I think I understand now. It's a personal preference. You prefer for it to not be blurred. I have that same preference in most shooter games I play like GTA 5. But it's mostly because I gain a little fps by turning it off. If it didn't affect fps, I might leave it on. Depends on the game and how competitive it is. It's much easier to compete with it off. Of course. In certain games, depth of field can actually look great. I think it's all about personal preference.
  13. Dr. Historic Low

    Yet Another FREE game...

    I look ahead too, I see the blur. All the time. Then when I get anywhere near the enemies, POOF, the blur is gone. What on earth is wrong with looking at blurred graphics that turn into crystal clear graphics? How in the world does that make a game unplayable? You're gonna have to explain that to me. I have played the game looking at the top couple 3 inches while I play. Letting my peripheral vision track the character. It's AWESOME. What makes it unplayable? What makes it whatever it is to you? I wanna know.
  14. Dr. Historic Low

    Yet Another FREE game...

    You do know you can just walk up 15 feet and the blur is gone right? I like that design part about the game. It does not make the game unplayable in any way. It makes it unique. I don't understand how this could ever make a game like this unplayable. I'm thinking you leave negative reviews for games on Steam just because of little things that aren't even bad. Ya' gotta look past these types of things, literally. Try walking up 15 feet to bring blurred objects into focus. It's actually fun doing just that.