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  1. For gaming or production? There are 4k60hz Eizo displays that are $5k+, but for gaming, there is the $2k 4k144hz PG27UQ.
  2. Looks like the allocation size was set incorrectly when you partitioned the drive. Find out by: diskpart list volumes select volume <YourExternalDrive> filesystems A common allocation size for standard usage is 4096 bytes (4KB). If yours is set for something like 4MB, and you fill up the drive with a bunch of tiny files, you're wasting space, and you'll need to reformat to fix this.
  3. badreg

    Voltage seems high

    On Gigaboard Z390 boards, LLC needs to be set to Turbo to avoid vdroop.
  4. badreg

    Drives not showing up after m.2 install

    Are these the two that aren't working? If so, try wiring your drives directly to the board. Unlikely, but you can always reset your BIOS to eliminate this possibility.
  5. badreg

    Drives not showing up after m.2 install

    From your manual: Double check that you are in fact using ports 3 and 4 instead of 5 and 6. It also wouldn't hurt to try the other two ports anyway. You can also change the option in BIOS to SATA priority and see what slots your missing drives show up in.
  6. badreg

    Looking for Suggestions and Parts review

    You're trolling right? A $150 RX580 will do 1080p60.
  7. Have two 7200RPM drives and two 5900RPM drives in my Define R6. Between the silicone mounts and sound dampening, the drives are barely audible when spinning. Is there some widespread issues with certain cases and resonance? I believe that this is your second thread about this, and this is not a phenomenon that I have heard of before. 7200RPM is 120Hz. Is that a magic frequency that causes your case to hum?
  8. badreg

    LineageOS(?) battery problems

    Battery is dying. The OS calculates battery percentage based on voltage, but doesn't account for load. When a load is applied, voltage drops. When a battery ages, voltage drops more for the same load. If your phone restarts or shuts off at 30% battery, it means that at 30% life, it can no longer maintain the necessary voltage under load to keep the device running.
  9. 4790k: ~$150 Z87 board: ~$75 16GB DDR3: ~$50 If selling it locally, list it for $300, but be willing to accept $250. You may get a bit more on eBay, but then you'd have to account for listing fees and shipping.
  10. badreg

    mapping shortcut to key

    See here: https://www.autohotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=48275 Basically, you redirect the F22 (or Ctrl-Shift-F22) to send a right-click. Print screen redirect: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/95968-how-to-make-printscreen-key-controlf8/
  11. badreg

    What Frames to expect in GTA V

    30-40ish according to this video: https://youtu.be/DA0icyDR3vY CPU was pegged at 100% even with a 550ti, so it will be a massive CPU bottleneck.
  12. badreg

    NVME SSD for editing video

    Even the highest bitrate intermediate codecs won't come close to saturating a 6Gb/s SATA connection. 4k ProRes 4444 XQ is only 1.6Gb/s for 24p and 2Gb/s for 30p. Storage is not your bottleneck. It's your CPU.
  13. OP's display uses a standard sub-pixel layout, so it's already optimized by default. You do this by running the ClearType wizard, which allows tuning for different sub-pixel layouts. However, as mentioned above, your panel has a standard layout, so the default rendering should already be the optimum mode.
  14. badreg

    RAM install help

    The slot numbering is misleading, but just follow the table on the top of page 10. With two sticks, use either slots 3 and 4, or slots 1 and 2. The slots are not numbered sequentially. Going by closest in distance from the CPU, they're numbered 4, 2, 3, 1.
  15. What happens if you change the font size in 1080p to match the physical size in 1440p? From your photo, it seems that the line thickness is around 1.5 pixels, which is rendered with one black pixel and one or two adjacent subpixels. Changing the resolution to 1080p without changing the font size makes the line thickness close to 2 pixels, which requires fewer subpixels to render the letter. In any case, you can turn off subpixel rendering in Windows by disabling ClearType.
  16. Discoloration at 1440p and 100% scaling, but no discoloration at 1080p and 100% scaling?
  17. Wait, you're running a non-native resolution? If so, then this is mainly the result of interpolation.
  18. Sub-pixel discoloration. Nothing you can do about it aside from inventing a new type of panel. Edit: you can eliminate this effect on text by turning off anti-aliasing and scaling, but then text would look jagged like it did pre-Windows 7.
  19. badreg

    Should I switch to liquid cooling?

    This might be costing you about 2-3°C. The front fan on top is drawing fresh air out of your case before it gets to your CPU cooler. In terms of air vs water, a big air cooler like a NH-D15 or Dark Rock Pro 4 performs identically to a 280mm AIO.
  20. badreg

    FPS Question

    A 4690k is a bottleneck for 144hz. Whoever told you otherwise in your other thread was wrong. 4c/4t simply won't cut it. If you upgrade your CPU, you won't necessarily see a huge increase in average frame rates, but your 1% and 0.1% minimums will be greatly improved, and frame times will be much more consistent.
  21. badreg

    Team Group is making a "liquid" cooled m.2 drive

    Source cheap NAND. Keep it warm with stagnant water. Advertise higher endurance rating. Who cares about performance anyway? ??? Profit!
  22. badreg

    Bios update version

    Generally, only incremental changes are listed, so the newer version supports everything an older version does.
  23. Next option is just to unscrew the standoffs. Once you get the board out of the case, you'll have more options to separate the standoffs from the screws.
  24. Use a pair of pliers or a small wrench to hold the standoffs in place, and then unscrew.
  25. badreg

    Nvme system compression speeds?

    Once you apply any kind of compression on data on an SSD, the limiting factor becomes the compression algorithm and your CPU, not the storage. You're much better off getting a cheap SATA SSD than using system compression.