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    I make music

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    Music Production, Lights, and occasional Node.js/Web Development
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    i5 4440 @3.2ghz
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    MSI Z97 SLI Krait Eddition
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    24gb DDR3 1600 2x4+2x8
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    XFX Amd Radeon R9 270X
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    2x Samsung 850 Evo 128gb
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    Raidmax Vampire 700W 80+ Gold
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    3x 24inch 1080p Westinghouse TVs
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G502
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    Logitech z603
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    Windows 10
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  1. Can't mine here with electric cost. $800-$900 is what they are going for locally. I think I should wait. Really? Post tarif? Microcenter (an hour away from me) shows a 3070 for $775 before tax. That seems like way to much but the local listings are even higher. I thought they retailed for half that.
  2. scalped. The clostest microcenter to me is an hour away, so I will hapily pay $100-$200 to not have to wait in in the cold or drive that far.
  3. I don't want one of the fancy aftermarket cards. Curious what I should be looking for in terms of the ones that retail for closer to $600 instead of $800 retail.
  4. I got a score of 4620, I'm not sure where to look for comparison.
  5. Thank you, downloading right now.
  6. I'm aware that it is not accurate. I'm not suggesting it's a good test to compare pc parts however that doesn't mean it cannot point out statistical inconsistentcies. It's possible there is an issue in their testing method, which we will find out if after benchmarks DX9 results are normal. This has nothing to do with weather userbench is good for comparing GPUs, I know it isn't. It's just the first benchmark I ran because I already had it downloaded and I was stability testing overclocks. What benchmark should I use? I don't want to pay $20 for 3d mark.
  7. Hi everyone. I noticed while benchmarking my 2080 Super vs my 1080ti and other online comparisons, my 2080 Super completely bombs the DX9 userbench test. Here are my userbench results: 1080ti: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/36697183 2080 Super: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/38766127 You can see my 2080 Super is performing at 91% DX9. This is strange as the average dx9 for 2080 Super's on userbench is 144%. On the other hand, my DX10 is 135%, compared to average 133%...card seems to work perfectly fine but this is a significant oddity.
  8. I'd also agree with this. For the most part the i9 vs i7 vs i5 is marketing. Performance differences are all very very small at exponentially higher cost. People fall victim to the marketing because they feel like they want something fancy when they are really just getting marginal performance and wasting their $. Save money on the CPU, focus your budget on the drives.
  9. VM would be best for security, but if you are looking for the dead simplist, easiest soloution you can just use windows no VMs 1. you can do a software raid in windows 10 (its not very performant but for simple redundancy and cost effectivness its easy) 2. Familiar interface, no learning curve 3. Built in defender and firewall 4. Dead simple secure file sharing between windows (and even mac/linux if setup right)
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=1000+megabits+to+megabytes Your 1000 gigabit LAN system will support up to 125 MB/s, which is the average speed for mid-range hard disk drives. SSDs can get up to 500 mb/s. Now, SSDs have a lot more responsiveness, but don't be expecting extremely fast transfer speeds with a fancy array of SSDs. I think you should just get two SSDs in raid 1 at either 2tb or 4tb.
  11. Cat5 can do gigabit. It's more about the router/switch everything is connected to.
  12. IF your local network isn't even gigabit, then your local hard disk drive will be faster than a server with SSDs.
  13. Offerup, Ebay, Facebook marketplace. There are dozens if not thousands. Again, this makes no sense. AT&T has absoloutely nothing to do with your LAN. They provide internet to your building, that is it. The network hardware you have inside your walls is not AT&Ts responsability.
  14. LAN is "Local Area Network" That means everything downstream of your wifi router (in this case from AT&T). When computers inside your home share file data, they do not go into the wide open internet to do so. Instead they stay within your local area network. That gives you much better speed and latency, not to mention security. Your local in home system's speed is independent of whatever you pay at&t for outside your walls.
  15. Given the use case of the computer, I'd really suggest you look into getting all the other parts used so you can get SSDs instead.